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  1. Hi Ian thanks for your reply and help with my query.
  2. Hi I have a Hornby R965 controller with transformer. Can I cut the plug end off that goes into a Hornby r 8206 power track and connect it to a wired track instead.
  3. Karl you have produced a stunning life wharf themed layout. BTW I do like the crane a lot.
  4. Steve this is turning out to be a lovely boxfile build, the oil and grime looks great.
  5. BenHenry this is a beautiful model and I enjoy the article.
  6. Mike I like the way you have made the terraced houses, great modelling.
  7. Mark I like the way the story enraptures the whole scene. Well done mate.
  8. Mark it’s those little detailed touches that bring a layout to life. Nice work as always.
  9. Marc thank you for the kind words, I like building little cameo scenes like this as I find the larger I go to build the more my mind starts racing and you don’t stick to your planned layout. I find it’s a great way to hone one’s modelling skills.
  10. Hi I would like to say a big thank you for everyone who has taken the time to look at my diorama and for pushing the likes button. I know it’s not a layout but it just shows railway modelling can be achieved in a small space.
  11. Wonderful pictures Alex, it’s great to see how the frost has covered the loco.
  12. I have the GWR version from Hattons and she is beautiful, can’t fault these lovely locos.
  13. Alex truly fantastic modelling. The burner draws you towards the warmth.
  14. Morning this is a little diorama I was working on while the first lockdown was in place. The diorama is about a school boy called Timmy who has a fascination for locos and wagons. Timmy on his way to school stops at a siding to watch a GW van being shunted. I have uploaded a couple of pictures of the finished diorama..
  15. Time Left: 21 days and 4 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - boxed, complete and unmodified

    I have for sale in very nice condition. A Hornby No1 O gauge side tipping wagon. This also comes with the original box.


  16. They look great but I’m out of my depth with brass etched kits.
  17. Hi Mike thanks for the heads up on the grounded coach. It does not have to be identical as long as I capture the theme in this build.
  18. Thanks Mike the Train, it’s a shame the last train and passengers where in 1954. Im looking forward to this build. The baseboard and track have arrived so glueing will start tomorrow.
  19. Nice little video Thomas, the layout is looking great.
  20. Alex I like the affect the lighting gives to the layout.
  21. Cutlers Green Halt railway station was a station serving the hamlet of Cutlers Green. The station area was a raised cinder platform with a railway carriage as a waiting area. I plan to make this a running plank and will be using Peco SL code 100 track. This will be fitted onto a scalemodelscenery photo plank board. I have added a picture of the area I’m planning to model.
  22. Mark it’s great to have some lighting on a layout, looks more atmospheric.
  23. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - boxed, complete and unmodified

    For sale I have a Dapol D70 0-6-0 Terrier Tank loco SR Green Livery 2635. This loco is part of my collection which I am thinning out. This loco is still in perfect condition and running condition. As you can see this still comes with original box and paperwork.


  24. This is looking good Steve, nice work on the concrete sections.
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