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  1. Andy I like the idea of a lift out backscene where the door is situated. Great looking pub Andy, looks inviting.
  2. A tiny bit of progress was made today. I reworked the grassy embankment along the back of the plank as I wanted an access road for railway vehicles to use. I'm happy with how it's turned out, tomorrow I will add the access road using filler, pva and mix in some colour.
  3. This is looking great Nick, I use pva and kitchen roll.
  4. Hi Andy that was a lovely running session. The sounds on each of your locos are really love like. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I get the same problem with my tablet. At times it does get on one's nerves.
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    I have for sale in pristine boxed condition a Dapol turbot ballast wagon. This wagon has only been out of its box to take photos. Comes with accessories pack.


  7. Not much in the way of progress on my plank but I did receive a Dapol EWS turbot bogie ballast wagon from Hattons today. This will be one of the wagon that will be pictured on my plank.
  8. Richard I do like the construction of your basedoard.
  9. Keith I only used one boxfile for my layout. When you come to lay your track I would recommend glueing some 3mm ply to the inside of the boxfile. This will stop any warping when you add ballast.
  10. Hi first of all welcome to the forum. Keith I have had the same ones from smiths and was able to use my Stanley knife without any issues.
  11. Andy I will have the popcorn and drinks at the ready.
  12. Andy that was a most enjoyable running session. The signals are all looking great and the signal with the feather is a nice touch. Looking forward to watching your next running session.
  13. Looking good MOL, I like where the rust is flaking on the wagons.
  14. Andy I'm looking forward to watching your build progress.
  15. Hi Andy nice work on wiring the control panel.
  16. Look forward to seeing the wagons weathered up, great work.
  17. Great video Andy. I'm so pleased I'm Not the only one that doesn't like kits. BTW I like those signals in your video.
  18. Hi a bit more progress this afternoon, the filler and a dollop of pva mixed have been applied to the rock face and I'm happy with the result. I'm hoping it sets ok without much expanding hence why the pva was added.
  19. This morning I have managed to apply the kitchen roll soaked in PVA glue to the structures of the rock face. Once This is full dried a thin coat of filler will be added to give the rock face it's final shape.
  20. Terry thank you for the kind words and pointing this out to me about coal bins/staithes. There has been a small change of plan, I wanted a rock face on the back of my layout. The baseboard has been built and a coat of storm grey paint has been applied before my track goes down. The basic structure of the rock face was finished yesterday afternoon and today I can add kitchen roll soaked in PVA glue to form the basis structure.
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    Hi I have for sale in boxed pristine condition a Peco 4-wheel first class coach in Glyn Valley Tramway green (as preserved at Talyllyn Railway) - with buffers Will post 1st class.


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    I have for sale in boxed pristine condition a Dapol 4F-052-017 5 Plank George Harwood 9 Ft Wheelbase Wagon. Will post signed for.


  23. Busy building kits today. The little lineside hut will be used as an office, the ratio staithe I have shortened slightly to make it look right as the base is 200 x 200mms. The SL40 buffer has also been built up today and a coat of primer has been applied. As you can see the paper is the exact size of the sms baseboard which should arrive tomorrow. It's all planned out loosely on paper as I now have an idea of what it will look like. More to follow tomorrow..
  24. Hi everyone! I know there are no cakebox competitions at the present. So I thought I would build a cakebox diorama with a coal yard theme around 1940s. The wagons will come into the yard with a delivery of coal, then from there some coal would be shovelled into sacks and put on lorries. The remainder of the coal will be stored in a staithe. I'm looking forward to building this diorama and hope you will like it as I progress.
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    Morning this is the second of my Hornby SR Terrier Cowes No 10 loco in pristine condition for sale. This lovely little loco runs smoothly in both directions. Comes in its own Hornby box with instructions and accessories pack. This item will be posted 1st class signed.


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