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  1. Hi TechnicArrow it looks great with the LEDs, nice modelling in such a small space.
  2. Hi the ballast was laid and has had plenty of time to dry properly. I’m really happy with the result. Once I start adding the foliage I can start weathering the track with some weathering powders. Here is a picture of my latest progress..
  3. Hi today I have been busy weathering the track with sleeper grime and rust colours. The rocky embankment has been painted and weathered, which I am pleased with the end result.Tomorrow the ballast will be laid and left to dry properly before weathering powders are added. So for now a progress picture..
  4. Yesterday I added the paper mache to form the rocky incline, once this dried I brushed on some filler which has dried nicely. This will be painted and weathered in due course. The track has been laid ready for painting and weathering and ballasting will be completed. But for now a little progress picture..
  5. Hi I know after so many false starts and failures. I have got myself in a better state of mind. Im starting a new micro diorama build to show off my Andrew Barclay loco. I absolutely adore this loco and thought it should have a small scenic diorama.The diorama is 170mms x 60mms, the back of the diorama will have grass and foliage running along the full length. The track will be a standard straight by Hornby. Ballast will also be laid with weathering to both the track and ballast. I have uploaded a picture of my work so far..
  6. Nice little video keys, love the layout.
  7. Thanks for the short but quick response.
  8. Can I use a gaugemaster combi controller to run n gauge locomotives. I’m only using DC.
  9. This will be a small diorama that is able to fit into a box. The theme is GWR and will include a Great Western pannier tank loco hauling one or two coal wagons, which will run back and forth. The diorama is 310mm x 70mm in size. The line will be situated on top of a rocky embankment and will have different types of foliage scattered along its length. The bottom of the diorama will have a small siding with one wagon standing. A building and lineside items will also be evident on the bottom of the diorama. I have added a picture of my progress, the line is just in place loosely to s
  10. This looks like the beginnings of a nice little traverse layout. Look forward to seeing more.
  11. Thanks for the comments, I’m pleased with the way it’s turned out.
  12. Hi Thomas sand paper is a good product to use. I have used it when building tarmac roads. Your layout is looking great.
  13. Hi TechnicArrow the overall affect with the light shining through is just right. A lovely little diorama you can look at while chilling have a drink.
  14. Hi I have just about finished the diorama, I few discarded lineside items added and the track bed has been weathered using powders. Very messy but most enjoyable. Here a some finished pictures..
  15. Such a shame to loose an outstanding source for our railway modelling. Brilliant all round service. You will all be missed.
  16. Mark I do like using varnish which brings out the affect of water on objects. Nice done along with the rods.
  17. Looks promising Alex, looking forward to seeing more of your work.
  18. Thanks for the kind comments, once the weathering powders have been applied is will transform the trackbed.
  19. Morning. Today I have completed adding the remainder of the static grass and the gorse bushes. Really pleased with the result. I will be using weathering powders to make the ballast look as though it’s dirty. As always a few pictures of my progress..
  20. Great use of the mirrors as it gives you the effect of the curve going further. The garden soil works a treat.
  21. The roof and flashing is looking great Jonathan.
  22. Hi today I have been busy applying static grass and gorse bushes along the back incline of my diorama. Tomorrow I will add some weeds along the front of the diorama and start using weathering powders along the track area. A few progress pictures..
  23. Hi I managed to get the track stuck down last night. This morning the track has been weathered with sleeper grime and a mixture of rust and brown acrylic paints. The little incline along the back of the diorama has had some paper mache added. This will be painted brown once dried. As always a progress picture..
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