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  1. piranha230

    Dapol 142

    Hornby got the shape right in 1987 when they first brought out the class 142, it makes you wonder what Dapol where thinking all these years on, they were told the 3d prints had issues with the size of the windows etc, it kind of reminds me of how they got the oo gauge class 150/2 so wrong when they brought that out in 1992, they could of got both these right first time round.
  2. Precision decals do all the variations of the earlier Northern rail livery.
  3. Hi, Does anyone have any James Makin resin Electrostar cab ends they are willing to sell, I am also interested in the resin pantograph roof bay also. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know if the plastic Brecknell Willis pantographs are available as a spare part yet, or if anyone has any they are willing to sell?.
  5. I was also told in 2013 they were developing doing on of these, hope that comes true eventually.
  6. I was told over 5 years ago that they were developing the low profile chassis to power dmu and emu units, that has come true, I was also told we would be seeing lots more dmu and emu units, we will see if this comes true.
  7. They are catching up so its been said.
  8. I have decided to start this topic as someone has for Hornby. I hope 2019 from Bachmann will bring us plenty of Emu and Dmu units and a few more Ac overhead loco's.
  9. The lack of any recent updates on this project hardly inspires any confidence in people parting with their money for this in either scale.
  10. It would be nice if they made this.
  11. It would be good if they did the caf northern Arriva class 195 dmu and class 331 emu as body shells are nearly all similar.
  12. This has gone all quiet, is it still happening?.
  13. The annoying thing over the last 20 years has been duplication of models from different manufacturers for example lots of class 37,47 and deltics, also lots of different mk1 coaches to name a few examples, they all could of done various 1st generation dmu's and emu's and 2nd generation ones, and also the early ac electric loco's such as the class 81,82,83,84, also 3rd rail units, I think they are all finally realising now that they have run the course with duplicating diesel loco's and now they might finally be looking at doing some ac electrics, now that we have the Hornby retooled class 87,
  14. Once this loco is completed Heljan could do a class 81,82,83,84 as they like doing the more rarer diesel locos.
  15. Is it me or do the corners of the bodyside grilles look too square ?, if you look at the old Hornby class 86 and the new Hornby class 87 and also the real class 86 they look more rounded on the corners, the grilles on the original Heljan class 86 looked too big and also square on the corners.
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