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  1. I was looking for UK rolling stock in z gauge, as I only have a small place & wanted to model the trains I grew up with back in the 70's. I was seriously disappointed as z gauge doesn't cater for UK rolling stock. No starter train sets in z gauge for UK rolling stock, either. I have however, just bought my first t gauge starter train set & am really impressed with it! With a 12 inch by 16 inch coffee table, you can do a basic 2 loop oval layout. Despite it's very small size, t gauge is very well catered for. The train set I bought is the BR Inter-City 125 HST. You can get 2 versions of this actual set, whereby one set has track that goes round the track from the other set, giving you you your 2 loops of track & start of a basic layout. You can also get the GNER Inter-City 125 HST train set, which is similar. These sets are no more expensive than n gauge sets by Gaugemaster. There are also other options in t gauge if you follow this link: https://www.tgauge.com/ I do do n gauge at present & am happy with that, but just fancied trying a smaller scale out of curiosity.
  2. A quick question. What are the possibilities of starter train sets in British outline being manufactured in Z gauge? Are there any manufacturers out there likely to be doing this in the near future? 

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      In a word, no.

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