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  1. Road Transport Images do the Commer QX cab https://www.roadtransportimages.com/shop/product/commer-qx-mkv-single-piece-screen-1958-cab-with-vac-glazing -if you are willing to modify a diecast model that came with a different cab. Alternatively, Base Toys used make this type of Commer as a flatbed and as a dropside. They are now out of production but you might find one secondhand. Hope this helps.
  2. The instructions are here: https://www.bachmanntrains.com/home-usa/references.php Scroll down to 'HO Turntable.' It appears to be the same one in your picture. Hope this helps.
  3. That reminds me of something I saw around 50 years ago. My late father worked for Ribble Motors in Preston as a maintenance fitter. He didn't work on the buses themselves, his job was to maintain the machinery in the works. Because of this, a lot of his work was done on overtime on Saturdays & Sundays, and he used to take me into work with him. On one occasion we were in the body shop and there was a double decker in there which had suffered a similar unexpected open top conversion courtesy of a road bridge. Above the windscreen there is usually a reminder of the vehicle height, supposedly to prevent drivers doing this. On this bus it said 'Height 14' 3".' Somebody with a sense of humour had taken a piece of chalk and altered it to read: ' Was 14' 3", now 10' 6".'
  4. I don't know for certain, but the Disused Stations site makes reference to the goods yard having a 5Ton crane. Perhaps it's the base of that?
  5. The former No2 & No3 are at the Tanfield Railway https://www.tanfield-railway.co.uk/history/our-locomotives/ (Type 'Kearsley' in the search box). I don't know where the third one is I'm afraid.
  6. I don't have one of these Hornby booking halls to measure, but without the canopy it gives the impression of being 1 & 1/2 floors high (see example above). If you look at the Scalescenes site, their single storey station R003b is 55mm high and the two storey one R005 is 120mm high. I think I would tempted to do a 'cut & shut' on the building to reduce it to about 55-60mm height, and reduce the height of the chimneys too.
  7. It's a B30-7, but I'm not sure whether 7806 is its Southern Pacific number, or whether that's its Union Pacific number and they haven't got round to applying the cab side number yet.
  8. H&A Models also sell Gibson wheels. https://www.hamodels.net/wheels-bearings/alan-gibson-4mm-oo-price-per-axle.html No connection, just a satisfied customer.
  9. It was, in red as '25550,' which if the story I have heard is true, was supposed to be Hornby's Margate telephone number at the time. There is a thread here about updating a Nellie.
  10. That's a General Electric B32-8WH. GE's answer to GM F59
  11. There is very little visual difference between an 08 & a 10, most of the differences were internal. EE engine & transmission in an 08 against Lister/Blackstone engine and GEC transmission in a 10. All of the Class 10's had gone before TOPS number were applied (presumably because they were none standard) Numbers were 13137-13151 (later D3117-D3151); D3439-D3453; D3473-D3502; D3612-D3651; D4049-D4094. Source : British Rail Fleet Survey - 7 Diesel Shunters by Brain Haresnape.
  12. https://groups.io/g/IndustrialRailwaySociety Would appear to be this one.
  13. Wizard Models sell the 4mm version (as well as the 7mm ones) https://www.wizardmodels.ltd/3_manufacturer/hollar-models/?orderby=price&ixwpst[pa_1_scale][]=233&title=1&excerpt=1&content=1&categories=1&attributes=1&tags=1&sku=1&ixwpsf[taxonomy][product_cat][show]=set&ixwpsf[taxonomy][product_cat][multiple]=0&ixwpsf[taxonomy][product_cat][filter]=1&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_1_scale][show]=set&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_1_scale][multiple]=0&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_1_scale][filter]=1&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_2_railway_company][show]=set&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_2_railway_company][multiple]=0&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_2_railway_company][filter]=0&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_3_manufacturer][show]=set&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_3_manufacturer][multiple]=0&ixwpsf[taxonomy][pa_3_manufacturer][filter]=1 I'm not sure Hollar have their own website, they used to sell to the public years ago, but I think they only supply the trade nowadays.
  14. According to Jenkinson & Essery's LMS Coaches, no 34 was a Period 2 First class Kitchen/Dining car of LMS design, probably to either Diagram D1718 or D1810, but without knowing its pre 1932/3 number, it's difficult to narrow it down any further.
  15. Yes, it's available from here https://www.railwaymania.net/shop/manning-wardle-16inch-oc Couldn't say for certain how close it is to the C&DP Rly engines, but the wheel size & cylinder size are the same on Merivale & the 2 C&DP Rly engines.
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