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  1. Hi Andy They are no known problems with signing up at the moment, but as I say the software is still updating, so there may still be a few issues that haven't come to light yet. The only thing I can suggest for now is to keep trying. Interesting what Sir Douglas is saying about security 'photos' to click, I got the same security question as you earlier today when I tried it. (Welsh Highland Railway). Maybe the site is now doing random photo OR security question? Keep trying and good luck.
  2. Yes, I am a member & signed in. They have updated the forum software yesterday (to this same version as RMWeb uses), so there may still be some glitches to iron out. I will ask the question about new members & post a reply on here, when I get it.
  3. I'm not aware of any 4mm kits for this particular van, unfortunately.
  4. It's probably an LMS 12T ventilated van to Dia 2103. A clearer picture is on this website.
  5. I was getting the same on my PC, but changing to 2021 Theme has fixed it. Windows 7Pro, Firefox 81.0
  6. I like that idea. I have a suggestion for the 3 tracks at the right hand side. On the centre one, the headshunt (1 x R600) is too short to be of practical use. If I were building this, I would lose the 2 x R8072 points that link the bottom & centre roads. This would make the centre siding a decent length, and you still have the loop on the left hand side to run round the wagons.
  7. There's a couple of blue one's on Ebay now, should anyone be interested. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fleischmann-HO-4247-D818-diesel-locomotive-MJC/143707797943?hash=item2175a6f9b7:g:GfMAAOSwl5hfSWXl
  8. Yes, there were some Bulleid coaches made by Fleischmann, I think in BR green rather than malachite. Unfortunately they were to that rather odd in-between scale, I think they were 1:80 scale. British Trix/Liliput also used that scale for their Western loco & their coaches.
  9. Thanks for the correction, I had misremembered them as Mk1s (in my defence, I don't actually own any of the coaches!)
  10. Yes, I have one bought recently (well, within the last 12 months) from ebay. It is a Fleischmann, they also produced a rake of southern region Mk1s to go with it. They are good models, but being H0, they only managed to sell a few in the UK. The sequence of events is pretty much how you describe it, there was some sort of reorganisation at Fleischmann (takeover possibly? can't remember) that meant a stock check in the warehouse found the remaining stock of these. there was only one batch ever made AFAIK. The one that didn't make it from Fleischmann was a Battle of Br
  11. IIRC it wasn't Heljan's idea, it was a group of modellers who were going to commission Heljan to produce an 'H0' 37, but it never got anywhere because they couldn't get the numbers to make it financially viable.
  12. The answer to 'what?' is probably the CIE Radio Train; https://flic.kr/p/7XQXA2 Where & when, I've no idea. The coach may be ex WLWR saloon 935, there is an undated picture of it in 'Irish Broad Gauge Carriages' D Coakham, ISBN 1 85780 175 x, in use as a mobile studio.
  13. Goods in Transit insurance for UK will cost a certain amount, Goods in Transit insurance for USA/Canada will cost a lot more, for a variety of reasons. Greater distance travelled/more likely goods go missing/are damaged, if a claim is brought in US/CA courts, damages awarded are likely to be much higher than UK. A small business may not be able to afford overseas Goods In Transit cover, or they may do so little overseas business that it isn't worth the extra cost. A larger UK seller with a lot of overseas customers will be able to afford overseas Goods In Transit cover
  14. Thank you for the 'award,' Martyn, but I can't claim any credit for the idea, I learnt it from somebody else, either on here or at a show somewhere. I think every modelling trick or technique in a modeller's arsenal is learnt from someone, then refined and passed on to others. It's what I like about forums (fora in the plural?), and about the hobby generally, is that we all share tips & experiences with each other to help out. I know I've asked loads of questions over the years, both at shows and online, somebody usually has the answer. Happy to have been of assit
  15. Hi Martyn Try soaking it in neat Dettol. I haven't used on a Triang coach (yet), but I have successfully used it to remove the factory finish paint from some Triang Hornby vans, and Lima train set coaches. Once the paint softens, wipe most of it off with kitchen towel, then scrub the sides with an old toothbrush to get the paint out of the door frames. Finally, rinse the sides under a tap and allow it to dry. Paul
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