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  1. Hi Sam & Richard I like it, always up for a good industrial loco, especially on that Jouef/Electrotren chassis. I wasn't familiar with the prototype, but I presume it is based on YEC 2151, seen here https://www.rocks-by-rail.org/exhibit/yec-2521/ You've asked for suggestions, and you may have already have these on your list of tweaks, but here are mine. The chimney is a bit too big, it needs to be a bit slimmer, and possibly about a 1mm less tall. Also it needs flaring into the smokebox Cab windows need to be a bit bi
  2. Light Railway Stores do custom etching, they might have something suitable. No connection, just a satisfied customer.
  3. The benefit to the Midland Railway would be a big factor. Through their lines in West Yorkshire there were a number of proposals to find routes west of the Pennines into towns already served by the L&Y/LNWR. You have mentioned Skipton to Colne, which was an end on junction with the L&Y. (Despite being in the heart of east Lancashire, Colne was actually a Midland station, not that you would know in its current state at the end of a long siding with a bus shelter on its one platform.) There was also the Preston and Longridge Railway, dating from 1846, which had p
  4. Don't know for certain, but could it be an X2? Peckett 1567
  5. The Kerr Stuart Victory is on its way. I'm sure somebody has recently done a 3D print or a resin cab for a Lambton tank, but I can't find a link to it at the momentt.
  6. HI Tom SECR 353. I haven't been able to locate anything definite about this loco, but I have found this PICTURE (about half way down the page.). This shows a Manning Wardle 'Q' Class as W1 'Medina.' I don't know if that's the same loco that ended up as the Ashford Works shunter, but it shows what it was like in IOW days. SECR 752/ MW 725. That was a 'K' Class built 1879 as a contractors loco. Moved to SECR, sold by SR in 1925 to Northfleet Deep Water Wharf Ltd, where it lasted until 1945. Info from Manning Wardle Works Lists ISBN 0906829089. Link HERE t
  7. I think that might be the Bolton Model Railway Club layout that I was thinking of.
  8. Morning James. That's fair enough, I know what you mean about misremembering things, I clearly remember things that I think as happening about 5 years ago, when I actually find the article or book on the subject, turns out to be about 15 years!
  9. I don't know if this is what you remember, but Bolton Model Railway Club built a Liverpool & Manchester themed layout, but it's more like 40 years ago than 20 years. I think it was around about the time of the 150th anniversary of the Rainhill trials in 1980. I joined the club around 1988 & and the layout had been dismantled by then.
  10. I have similar memories of the Irwell from a school trip to Manchester in 1976. We parked the school minibus somewhere near Salford station (now Salford Central), overlooking the Irwell. The first thing that hit us when we got out of the minibus was the stench from the river! I seem to remember the Irwell was a sort of oily dark grey sludge rather than a river.
  11. Narrow Planet have recently started taking orders again. (They have also changed their trading name). https://www.lightrailwaystores.co.uk/collections/custom-etched-products hope this helps
  12. There isn't an e-mail address, it's a contact form on the website. I'm not familiar with either Safari or iPads, but I've managed to view the site in both Firefox & Microsoft Edge on my Windows 10 PC, so the website is working. Have you perhaps tried a different browser? Might be an issue with Safari. Moxy
  13. Fascinating to see there is still track in Trafford Park, it's over 30 years ago since I was last there, and I think the railway was disused when I was saw it in 1988.
  14. I hope you don't mind the slight hijack, but this is my take on a cut down Airfix signal box It won't be going any further than that because I've managed to get the far vertical, well slightly less than vertical, but it gives the idea of what I intended. The replacement roof is Wills ends (SSMP220 T&G boarding, I think), card roof with a downloaded texture for the slates. The matchsticks under the end are to support bargeboards.
  15. Redpath Brown was at the junction of Westinghouse Road & Praed Road. If this link to NLS Maps works HERE it should show 1937 map & modern map side by side. It was on the site where the Amazon warehouse now is.
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