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  1. That would be true if they were both to the same loading gauge, but they're not. The Bachmann ones are to a larger continental loading gauge than would fit on a UK line. The combination of larger loading gauge/smaller scale (continental) versus smaller loading gauge/larger scale (UK) means they fit quite well on UK 009 layout. As a narrow gauge modeller I have a couple of the older Liliput versions of these coaches and they don't look out of place on a 009 layout. Paul
  2. Where about in Hindley Green are you? I'm in Abram!

    1. Moxy


      I'm just off Swan Lane, not far from Clayhole Park.


      Small world eh?


      Thanks for the drawing, it is exactly what I was looking for.

    2. DK123GWR


      In jest, I once suggested that people would eventually be giving out bank details to the whole of RMWeb by public messages. We seem to be coming closer by the day.

    3. vaughan45


      To PM or not PM, that is the question?

  3. Does anyone have a scale drawing of this L&YR loco please, or know where there is one? My usual Google searches have drawn a blank. It doesn't matter what scale, I can scan & print it to the size I want. Just to be clear this is the Aspinall rebuild of the Barton Wright 0-6-0 tender engines, the last ones of which ended up as Horwich Works shunters. Thanks in advance.
  4. Branchlines make a chassis kit for the Airfix Kitmaster 04, their details are here https://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/suppliers/40005-Branchlines You will have to ring them, they don't have a website.
  5. That looks like a Mainline J72 cab/running plate/chassis with a Hornby Caledonian Pug saddle tank & smokebox. A good idea and well executed.
  6. Nice conversion. Bit worried about the 'population' in the background though...
  7. The Sentinel DH23 still survives, it's working for Ribble Rail in Preston pulling bitumen trains. https://ribblesteam.org.uk/exhibits/diesel/sentinel-10165-1965-energy/
  8. Several links here to Hessel Street, Weaste, Salford. https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/1865568 Photos date from 2000 & 2010, not sure whether there is anything still visible today. This was an entrance/exit into Salford Tram depot, which was last used by trams in 1947. The modern Metrolink runs in front of where the old tram depot was.
  9. It was to serve an iron works founded in 1788, although the tramway dates from 1895. More links here: https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/3469758 And some links to a book about Robert Spence & Co. https://www.helenjohnsonyorkshirewriter.co.uk/2010/07/dalesman-for-august-2010/ https://www.darlingtonandstocktontimes.co.uk/news/5004829.richmonds-men-of-iron/
  10. Good plan, I like it. I have a couple of comments though, which you are free to ignore, but I think the yard as drawn doesn't quite work for me. Is there any access/fiddle yard at the left hand end? The reason for asking is the headshunt appears to be about 18" long, but the sidings it is feeding are roughly 20" to 30" long. That may be deliberate, but to me that would make the yard difficult to shunt, you would only be able remove half the train from the siding. One solution to this might be to move all the yard pointwork about 6" to 8" to the right, to
  11. with the securing chains going through the wheels as well.
  12. Hi Ben If you're looking for GWR inspiration, how about one of the absorbed locos they acquired at grouping? Rhondda & Swansea Bay locos http://www.gwr813.org/gallerysw8.html Llanelly & Mynydd Mawr Avonside https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/File:Im1902EnV94-p327.jpg Don't think the Hornby J83 would make a scale model of either, but it might be close enough. Mind you, the Hornby J83 isn't a scale model of a J83 either! Moxy
  13. What is unusual is what appears to be a Midland box on an L&Y line. Was Aughton Road box moved from somewhere else in LMS or BR days?
  14. Thanks for posting that, I had not seen a picture of it before. I have a family connection to that box, my late uncle from Preston worked there for a few months in the 1960's, before he moved back to Preston, then later went to work for the TSSA union.
  15. HI Steve Try John Day for Ford Transits http://www.johndaymodels.co.uk/our-models/ford-transits/ * or Road Transport Images for for other lorries. https://www.roadtransportimages.com/ I seem to remember the Ford D Series was a common lorry in the 1970/80's * Edit: having had another look at the John Day site, most of his seem to be Mk1 Transits. However, there is thread here : https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/125558-ford-transit-van-mk2-oo-scale/ discussing this very subject. The ABS cab referred to in that thread is now with
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