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  1. Further thread drift - you may already have seen this, but the 5.5mm Association is here. Well worth joining. Moxy
  2. Thanks for the video Corbs, I will be referring back to it for inspiration when my kit arrives. Being from Preston, this Bagnall is probably my favourite industrial loco, although by the time I became aware of the Docks operation as a child in the early 1970's, it had gone over to the Sentinel diesels, so sadly I never saw the steam locos in service. You showed in the video that you applied several coats of primer. Can I ask please how long you allowed the primer to dry before rubbing down? I'm eager to see this loco up and running (when my kit arrives) but I don't want to spoil it by rushing the build. Thanks in advance Moxy
  3. Guys, I hate to be a killjoy, but could we please get back to the Pugbashes this thread is supposed to be about? There are plenty of other threads to discuss coaches/secondhand dealers/state of the hobby etc. etc. Thanks
  4. Hi Darius According to 'Irish Broad Gauge Carriages' (Midland Publishing ISBN 185780175X), the following Mk2's ran in Northern Ireland: 1970; 8 modified Mk2B's. 1x Open First; 4 x Open Seconds; 1 x Catering car & 2 x Second class driving/brake trailers. (Used with the Hunslet Bo-Bo's) 1972; 5 Mk2C's. 1 x First class driving trailer & 4 x Open Seconds. 1980; 12 Mk2B's. 2 x Brake Firsts. These were converted into Brake Standard generator vans. 10 x Open Firsts, these were reclassified as Standard class. 1982; 1 x Mk2F Dining Car. Some were ex BR & some were newly built by Derby for NIR, but I haven't been able to locate former BR numbers for them. Hope this helps Moxy
  5. I'll guess at 'St Dunstan' https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/avonside-engine-co-works-no-2004-st-dunstan-0-6-0st/
  6. The Science Museum has the archive for Sentinel Road Vehicles, perhaps they hold the loco archives as well?
  7. Welcome to RMWeb! Sorry to disappoint, but all three of those manufacturers have long since gone. I have attached a link HERE to a 2018 list of what was available to L&Y modellers. (It's not my list or my website, but it might give you a starting point.) Regards Paul
  8. Yes, they did, it was R853. Based on a Swedish design, it was only available new in a set.
  9. They are Timber P wagons (dia 1/439), rebuilt from Conflat P wagons (from the 'Condor' service), which had been rebuilt from earlier Plate wagons. (British Railway Wagons, the first half million - Don Rowlands)
  10. If you ran a layout with your 08 in the middle of the clayhoods, nobody would believe you
  11. I must have missed the reissue of that Slater's MR van, but the louvred sides and general Victorian appearance of it has made me wonder if it could be turned into a narrow gauge bogie van, similar to what you have done with the Cambrian LSWR van over on your narrow gauge thread? You're giving me ideas!
  12. Perhaps that's because there is nothing to say? They're not due until Q1 next year. I've checked Hattons site, it still says same delivery date & the same price as when they were originally announced in October 2019. On that basis, no news is good news, it means they are probably on schedule. I am sure Hattons will make an announcement when the coaches are ready and they have a confirmed release date, until then I'm happy to wait. It gives me time to save up for them.
  13. Interesting picture, I was struck by the disused (gas?) lamps, the modern replacements, the DMU and the distinctive OHLE of the Woodhead route. According to the disused stations site, regular passenger traffic was withdrawn in 1959, but it does mention occasional football specials. Was this 1978 DMU on a football special, or was it just passing through on the way to somewhere else?
  14. There were three of them, built Newton Heath 1930, to replace two ex LNWR vans on the Copley Hill to Armley line, and were marked as such. Numbers were 284723-25. There is a drawing and a couple of pictures in 'An illustrated history of LMS wagons Volume one' Essery. ISBN 978 1 906419 33 2 (2010 Reprint) The book shows one withdrawn in 1966 pending scrapping. I don't know what traffic they were used on or anything about the route from Copley Hill to Armley, but it would seem they were surplus to requirement by the mid 1960's.
  15. Moxy


    That's strange, it works for me; It sounds like it might be a problem with your browser. We have similar trouble at work, some of the programs we use won't show the navigation buttons in IE, but will work in Google Chrome, and with other programs it's vice versa. (Above screenshot is Windows 7/ Firefox browser.) Hope this helps Moxy
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