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    Class 07 Diesel

    Yes, there was an announcement on RMWeb last Friday. https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/Heljan-announces-new-runs-of-class-07-14-and-17-diesels-plus-the-waggo Doesn't seem to have generated much comment though.
  2. It's an advertising banner (even if you can't see the advert). It's covered in this thread F UnitMad just beat me to it!
  3. Yes, you can set up a company limited by guarantee where the member's liability is limited to a nominal amount (usually £1). the club's officers become directors of the limited company. There is paperwork to file (naturally!) but I don't think it is much more than you would produce for your current AGM. Both the 009 Society & the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association are so constituted, if you search them on Companies House https://www.gov.uk/get-information-about-a-company that will give you an idea of the paperwork involved. I think other railway societies may also have done this to protect their members. I have no personal experience of doing this, but it seems a small effort for the considerable degree of protection it offers members.
  4. Dundas Models were founded in 1979, so yes it would.
  5. Whilst I agree with Nearholmer in principle, I wouldn't add too much weight to the Kato108/109/110. The older 103 & 104 needed more weight, but with the new versions it has been known to cause the motor to come loose from its clips if you add too much weight. I would start off just with the print on its own and see how it runs, and then gradually add weight until it runs smoothly.
  6. If that were me, I would buy the second Hornby van so you can carry on with your operating sequence. You can always sell the Hornby van later, and replace it with the Hattons one when that appears.
  7. May I suggest, shunter's pole, coil of rope, maybe a barrel of grease, couple of sacks of coal, box of tools ? All things it might need in it's daily duties, those would be the excuse for always it trundling round with the conflat attached.
  8. As Merfyn says, no RTR, but if you are prepared to consider kits, there are a number of cabs & trailers by both : Road Transport Images https://www.roadtransportimages.com/ and Knightwing Models http://www.knightwing.co.uk/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?next=0&cart_id=1630556523.106&product=OO-HO_Road_Transport_Kits Edit: the Knightwing kits are 1:72 scale.
  9. Still a work in progress, but it's at Chasewater, according to this link. http://www.cs.rhrp.org.uk/se/CarriageInfo.asp?Ref=880
  10. It is based on Hornby Bill or Ben, it's a Smallbrook Studios conversion kit https://smallbrookstudio.uk/store/7mm-NG-Eros-Kit-to-alter-Hornby-Bill-Ben-body-to-Peckett-style-saddle-tank-p240064542
  11. Hi Michael, 5th & 6th is Sunday & Monday, shouldn't the dates be 4th & 5th?
  12. That is fabulous, I love it! That 73 really suits Olive green.
  13. According to this link, 1977 & Tanfield Railway https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/black-hawthorn-co-works-no-266-wellington-0-4-0st/
  14. Peters Spares sell Hornby Gresley bogies, although you will need to supply your own wheels. https://www.petersspares.com/Hornby-s9926-gresley-coach-bogie-frame.ir
  15. Hi Kevo Not done this conversion myself, but I think that Giesl chimney needs cutting down a bit. Perhaps the following links might help: Picture of Giesl fitted Bagnall showing the chimney with a short saddle tank https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giesl_ejector#/media/File:W._G._Bagnall_0-6-0ST_No._2_"Florence"_(17592116039).jpg Pictures of Austerity 'Repulse' at Lakeside & Haverthwaite https://www.steamlocomotive.info/valbum.cfm?display=27879 A link to one George Dent made, he doesn't seem to have used the 'plug' http://georgedentmodelmaker.blogspot.com/2012/12/austerity-measures.html
  16. Light Railway Stores offer them. Even if the exact style you want isn't shown there, they have been known to produce bespoke etchings in the past.
  17. They will be the OO ones just rebranded as HO for the American market. Much like they have done with the Thomas The Tank engine range Bachmann sell in the US.
  18. I don't think those are ex-BR, I think they are ex-BT. The openings in the box over the cab were for carrying telegraph poles, and other masts. I am happy to be proved wrong, but I think by the time Leyland brought out the Boxer, BR had more or less standardised on the Ford D Series and the Bedford TK, so they didn't buy any Boxers.
  19. It was at Soham, 2 June 1944 https://ww2today.com/2-june-1944-two-g-c-s-after-soham-railway-disaster
  20. Passing loop on the 4' gauge Colne & Trawden Light railway. Here's an earlier photo when it was less built up. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Colne_and_Trawden_Light_Railway_Company#/media/File:Private_right_of_way_tram_track_to_Trawden_-_geograph.org.uk_-_625245.jpg
  21. 1. Not as far as I know. The only successful scale chopper couplings I have seen have been in 7mm scale and above. Whilst not prototypical, some 009 modellers use ordinary 'N' gauge couplings, which are a little more discreet than Bemo/Peco type. 2. I can't find any sets of plates, but Light Railway Stores do GWR style number plates, and if you can get them details of the nameplates, I'm sure they will be able to make them up for you. https://www.lightrailwaystores.co.uk/collections/number-plate-styles?page=1
  22. Not seen one myself, but perhaps it's the ABS kit? http://www.gwr.org.uk/kits4wagons.html
  23. As the title says, I'm looking for some key dimensions for the above LNER Brake vans. This is to make models of them in British H0 scale. Lima have done a BR 20T Brake van in H0, which is a reasonable model and which I think I can backdate to an LNER Toad D with a bit of gentle model bashing, but for a bit of variety I am looking to see if I can build/bash either a Toad B or Toad E. There are loads of photos online for reference, so that is not a problem, and I have found one drawing online (from the Parkside OO kit, I think), but there no dimensions on it. What I am looking for is the wheelbase of each version, and the length over headstocks or over the body please. From what I have been able to find online, there may be a drawing in one of Peter Tatlow's LNER Wagon books, but unfortunately I don't have any of his books in my collection. If there are any LNER experts out there who know the dimensions, or who can point me towards a dimensioned drawing, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.
  24. A couple from my archives. This one from 2016 is (or rather was) a Wills 4mm scale SS50 platelayers hut. I cut it down to 3mm scale for a layout which has not yet been built. I seem to remember reducing the size of the door, the height of the hut, and shortening the length as well. I left the window unchanged. A small window in a larger scale becomes a larger window in a smaller scale. I think I also reduced the chimney by 3 or 4 courses of bricks. I was going to rephotograph it with a coin to show the reduced proportions, but although I have that photo, I can't find the actual hut at the moment. This one is the Scalescenes Goods Store they used to offer as a free download. Again it's 3mm scale I think the original kit came with a wooden frame, but I have substituted a brick base, and replaced the felt roof with corrugated iron (Slaters, I think). Once again, I only have the photo at the moment, the actual model is missing in action (or more likely in a box I haven't looked in yet.)
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