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  1. Hi Roger - yes did the B2 - and followed the same basic route - fitted both the decoder and speaker into the cab - didn't manage the stay alive though - it runs well enough so far without though! Didn't seem to be less room though than in the W4 seemed to be just as small! BW Paul
  2. Hi Roger - checked up last night and the article is in Hornby Magazine issue 117.
  3. Did one of these before Christmas - a bit of filing down of the body mounting pillar under the chimney, but otherwise quite straightforward. I used a zimo micro decoder and microcube speaker and it sounds and runs great! There are a few magazine articles detailing the procedure - I think in model rail? Sounds etc for mine came from YooChoos - just a happy customer! One thing to note is that as space is very tight it is better to remove the Hornby decoder socket and hard wire - to be honest I don't think you could fit it in otherwise. Good luck!
  4. There is an article in Model Rail showing the installation - I fitted one just before Christmas and whilst a bit time consuming it's not too hard to do. Space is very limited and there is a bit of filing back to do on the body fixing at the smoke box end - I bought the sound system on a zimo ( I think! ) micro decoder and used a micro cube speaker. There is a guide on YooChoos site - usual disclaimer just a happy customer. If I remember I'll try to dig out the reference for the article

  5. progers

    TTS reorders...

    Would be great to see Hornby re stock with the 37 and 47 TTS decoders - I can probably find room for another dozen at least!
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