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  1. 6.83p per day (as 2020 is a leap year)! Sorely tempted - do we have until to midnight (UK time) to think it through?
  2. I believe 8" x 8" is designated as a maximum - I used 7" x 7" in round 1 without any trouble. Of course, you could build 4 small dioramas at 4" x 4" in the allowable space. There is a 6" height limit in a standard cakebox.
  3. Thank you for sharing these - interesting to see them. I agree that the change of day and progressive changes in time can be expected to have an impact, but I wonder if the very different theme given for the first semi-final might also have had a bit of a knock-on effect which can't be quantified? The discussion here on RMweb (and, I guess, elsewhere) after SF1 suggested it took the series further out of the comfort zone for some viewers. Just a thought.
  4. Some years ago, in a different context (work), I undertook what was called a 360 degree appraisal - my boss, some peers and my team all filled in a questionnaire about my work style. Only problem was, all bar one person were happy to add their names to their forms, so I had to gently tell the one person who opted for anonymity that it was him (it was only fair). As it happened, his feedback was all positive, but the point is that not everyone wants to share everything publicly (a lot of RMweb users choose not to reveal their names of course), so I'm happy that Phil chooses discretion here. Where there is a consensus seems to be that all the entrants were very good: there may have been a winner, but no losers.
  5. I notice in the second of these two photos of 9989 (when it is running as a light engine) that there seems to be a hose trailing on the ground, which I assume it shouldn't be. Great photos - thanks for sharing the links.
  6. I wonder if this explains how the wagons in the Railriders' train appear to change their order during the demo? I've rewatched the final this evening, knowing the result, to look for things that weren't highlighted in the edits shown or the commentary: A lot of things that were visible I missed first time! It was worth a second look. * If anything, I think it comes across as harder to judge on a second viewing (perhaps the 5-point scale could be a bit cumbersome in this respect?). I did like the idea of using an Inspection saloon for the demo train, as used by WCR. I'm not suggesting it would have affected the result at all, but I do note from the Oct BRM review that the Western Pullman is one of those models that doesn't use tension lock couplings, so does the chance of decoupling change? In series 1 the same Javelin ran across all the boards, though I understand from the RMWeb discussion last year there were operational issues with that train at the time. My final point, it would be remiss of me to contribute to this thread and not acknowledge "Uncle Nick's" structure modelling and backscenes for consistently delivering for his team. Railmen were worthy winners of a tough competition. Well done all once again. ________________ * Fortunately I missed a lot of the 'puns' too first time, unfortunately I noticed more of them this time.
  7. I don't know if this is a quirk on my recording, but as the final gets into the demo / judging it seems to expect advert breaks that aren't there (I get a "Welcome back" and the programme continues). If that's how it was broadcast I wonder if it suggests two things: 1) If there had been a longer show, the first thing added might have been more ads before more programme time? 2) Perhaps the gradual shift to an earlier time on Saturdays was planned - to lead to the situation whereby the final few minutes of the GMRC Final overlapped with the start of the Hallowe'en Strictly Special on BBC1, in the hope people stayed on Channel 5 (an ad break could have undone this)? Just a thought - I don't know if viewing data would be able to tell if the David v Goliath match-up worked or not: but credit to KBG and everyone involved for a show seen as worth taking on that scheduling challenge, I'd say.
  8. I had a beautiful "satin-silver" finish 4 - valve Sovereign Euphonium, which was a different finish to the standard polished silver. The inside of the bell was polished, so I don't think the sound was any different, but (I thought) it looked fabulous. As for Ivor the Engine, never bettered in my view. Fantastic memories - looking forward to seeing how this model develops.
  9. I've probably missed the conversation on this edition (though it is still October here), but as I finish reading through the mag, two more things stand out: 1. It was only on the 3rd or4th look that I realised the town scene behind St Ruth station is nearly all on the backscene - it certainly convinced me! (I believe the layout will be in Leeds this weekend so that'd be something to look for). 2. Comparing the front end photos of the Western Pullmam on pages 105 and 106 (paper edition), when the lights are on, it cries out for a driver. Some Bachmann diesels have had them fitted I think (Warship?), so I wonder if a future release might be one with a driver - and passengers?
  10. Worth noting perhaps: of the 8 excellent final models submitted, I think 5 are of identifiable prototype locations - when I first came across cakeboxes I didn't see this as an exercise in prototype modelling - more a chance to experiment, but these models show how realistic it can be. The other three models are all also highly plausible and certainly reminded me of my childhood. Well done to all 8.
  11. Might be worth checking again today - I had the same problem but mine appeared last night (although I noticed that Channel 4's still hadn't). The good news: when they did appear the 'Record Series' light was already on, ready and waiting.
  12. The earlier start time (again) is to be noted. If I'm reading this right though, the reduction in broadcast time to 65 minutes last night allows the return to 75 minutes for the Final to be called "extended" when it's actually the same as was used for the earlier episodes? Rather like some "supermarket 'special' offers" ? More importantly, if the standard we've seen so far this Series is maintained (or stretched even further) it could be quite incredible: "Go teams!"
  13. I must admit I couldn't call it this evening - very close and very well done to all three teams. As LNER4479 notes here, the viaduct and backscene were impressive, and certainly seemed to make an impression on the judges, particularly Mr Flint - as with their heat layout, it seems the Railmen's inclusion of some well modelled prototype features has helped, which is interesting to note. Personally, I liked the way M&GN used low relief kits for their film set feature - making the rear of the kits part of the story, not just hiding them. Well done all.
  14. Simply beautiful modelling - thank you for sharing (it appeared a few posts back, but I'm only just catching up). If the absence of water animation hadn't been pointed out, I doubt I'd have even noticed it (it's no more absent than people movement, which I allow my brain to filter out, so I agree with Hroth, though it was good to see the bridge lifted).
  15. I hope it's OK to insert just a quick thank you to the team for the incredible amount of work that goes in. I'm not currently wanting to invest in anything new - so am not voting, in accordance with the guidelines - but would still like to show my appreciation for their investment of time, energy and expertise, all of which helps keep the hobby healthy and supports the relationship between modellers and manufacturers that I believe we all benefit from, whether we're in a position to buy new models or not. Thank you.
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