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  1. Just to resurrect this ancient thread. The missing link on my layout is one of these 4-6-0s. I am interested in After doing alot of research. I was wondering if it would be possible to use a Hornby N15 chassis underneath the body of a Lord Nelson? They have the same driving wheel size. Roughly the same size of cylinder. Only issue is the wheel spacing, valve gear and the bogie length. Any further advice/ help will be appreciated
  2. I shall repost to avoid even more confusion. Page 106-107 of November Hornby Mag is a picture of 18100 approaching Iver in Early black with silver lining with large cycling lion. Behind the loco is at least 5 Hawksworths. Being shot in 1952 I'm thinking the coaches will be in Blood and Custard. But as I said earlier it is a black and white photo.
  3. In the current Hornby Magazine. There is a photo of 18000 I think. Hauling a rake of Hawksworths. Its a black and white photo but the coaches are definetly inether Choc n Cream or Blood and Custard.
  4. Hattons now listing R4406, R4407, R4409, R4411 and R4413. Thank god pay day is tomorrow....
  5. Morning all. I am after some information on the formation of coach sets that came onto the Southern network around Southampton plus over the S n D.
  6. "Goods yards were never electrified and there was no practical mixing of goods sidings and EMU's as all the EMU's ran from dedicated depot to dedicated depot or parked up at a suburban terminus." Goods yards were electrified on the Southern. Hither Green yard was electrified, Norwood yard and a couple of other yards had overhead wires along with 3rd rail in some areas.
  7. A crude rule of thumb the Lighweights had 3 cylinders and the Merchants had 4 cylinders. But with the amount of tenders Bulleid made for his pacifics that rule may not apply all the time.
  8. After much thought, Im going to Keep you all in suspense!! I need to source a spare much better detaied and less chunky looking set of clack valves for the model. Any ideas??
  9. Just a quick thing. The SAI (Stop Await Instruction) board wouldn't be facing the same way as the ground signal. The ground signal is the protection for coming onto the mainline. The SAI board would face the other way round to protect any workers in the yard.
  10. Thankfully its not long until Birmingham Moor Street is re connected. So I'd imagine she will be moved out. Moving back to topic. Alot of roofs may also of had Asbestos sheeting as well as lead sheeting. I am slowly progressing towards building one of my own overall roofs and I am hoping to use brass rodding to create and super structure.
  11. Basically, adding weight. I have had a Hornby M7 now for 3 years. I have made a couple of mods to it. 1, adding a spring to the bogie to push the front driver down, but it still needs a alot more weight. Has anyone successfully added weight to these locos to achieve more haulage power?
  12. Its a Hawksworth tender of Great Western origin. Cant help with the kit though.
  13. Hmmmm no lifting eyes on the front frames under the smokebox, hadn't noticed on mine. I think a small drill will do the trick. This is such a lovely model. I think i will be getting hold of a second.
  14. I have 3 of these from the old HD and Wrenn range but I was wondering are there any 4mm Kits for these? I very rarely run my exisiting HD stock due to running more and more tension lock stuff. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Received my early Christmas Present on Thursday morning. 82016 straight out of the box beautiful runner, managed to get 5 Bachmann Mark1s up a 1 in 55 gradient with 2 3rd radius curves without slipping and inch. Has anyone had any problems with either 82016 or 82005?? Maybe 82029 were the dodgy ones?
  16. If thats the case, Once I get mine and if it has the same problem maybe a new Mashima might do the trick along with some more weight?
  17. I know there was a topic on the old forum but i thought I'd restart this topic. Having seen soo many examples of this loco, When are Hornby going to release a BR Passenger livery 4MT with a BR 1 A tender and a single chimney??
  18. I was very tempted to snap 82029 up today at Warley but I'm holding out for 82016 with the extra 2 lamp brackets! And at ??60 quid it was a very strong temptation!
  19. hummmmmmmmmmm maybe Warley or Wigan will see the first of these appear. Its only standard loco I need for my layout. 82029 was the last out of waterloo. That will do nicely for me
  20. I hope someone can help with this. I am after 6 Hornby maunsell bogies to fit underneath some Kirk maunsells. Does anywhere sell/ offer them?
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