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  1. That's either Annie or Claribel. So a new line of Thomas coaches?
  2. The tender is a preservation tank. Built in the late 80s. The three tanks are vacuum tanks. Air tanks I believe are under the tender. Where did you get that she is returning to the mainline? She is being restored to mainline standard but wont be heading over the fence at Kidderminster.
  3. NP = National preservation forum. Only going on latest updates from various projects. The Patriot and 82045 should be finished (funding and work permitting) pretty close together. 6880 needs the have the boiler and other work done on the chassis. 32424 needs the boiler to be overhauled as well. The G5 has just moved across the road from RRNE in Shildon. Going off their updates and flickr photos. They aren't far off the long run to final assembly. The P2 is quietly but very quickly coming together in Darlington. But the usual caveat applies to any new build and loco overhaul. They w
  4. You could do with having a look on NP where this topic pops up every month or so it seems.
  5. You can also swap the motor out for a Mashima 1420 as I have done with both my STD 5s and a 4mtt.
  6. Sadly, through trains may not be possible due the length of headshunt for the mainline connection and the double shuffle to get across to the RVR. A cross platform connection is more likely but it is a fantastic achievement for the RVR and the town.
  7. There are a good few books on the Swanage branch in that period. M7s were the most common sight, Ivatt 2-6-2s. Std 4mt tanks and 2-6-0s. I think original Bulleids were seen on through trains on summer Saturdays. But I am only working on memory from photos and books.
  8. And my o my didnt BR black suit her.....
  9. Come on people. Please. The GWR south of Stratford station would definitely fit into the "Too difficult category" As has been pointed out above, a cycle route occupies a good chunk of the formation through the town, Then you have a very busy roundabout which is part of the bypass already on the route. The only realistic option the GWSR has of reaching S-u-A is the racecourse. I highly doubt NR and the government would spend what would be a ridiculous amount of money trying to reinstate Honeybourne - Stratford. The landslip is unfortunate and by no means a buggeration as I travel to Leami
  10. Or changing regions with the 4-4-0 chassis idea. Maunsell 4-4-0s. D1/ E1/ L1 to go with the upcoming birdcage stock.
  11. Dont forget the SVR collets as well for the coaches. I too like the thinking here. Maybe a re tooled 43xx-93xx GWR mogul. I can always hope for a Southern U mogul as welll.
  12. Very distinctly Wareham. The white building is the give away. And I would say just to other end of the box is the now defunct level crossing.
  13. There was a photo on the SVR news for winter 1999/2000 with all 5 tanks lined up at Bridgnorth. Having searched flickr and other photo sites. There doesnt seem to be many photos of the weekend.
  14. September gala 1999. I am just going off http://locoperformance.tripod.com/edition28/severnvalley.htm for the dates.
  15. If and when these sets are replaced. God id love to see Mk3 and DVTs with 67s on the longer distance XC services. Getting rid of the bloody awful voyagers.
  16. Dave, Love the photos of the SVR. If you have plenty of them. I know Mick York and a few other guys who started the SVR are looking at getting photos/ artefacts together from the last 50 years.
  17. Without jumping the gun or trying to take this thread OT. If Bachmann are showing samples the GNR C1. Surely the LBSCR H2 can't be far behind? It does look rather lovely though. Shame I am waiting for its Southern cousin.
  18. Im no expert on all things GWR, but I do wonder if the curve and width of the copper cap is too much. 5043 has a much slimmer and flatter curve to the cap.
  19. Dave, I have very fond memories of that footbridge and the walk along the fence line watching the sticklebacks in the stream as a nipper. You have the bridge over St Mary cray but also the short walk down the path to the bridge over Petts wood. Sadly both of these bridges are now encased in mesh and photos are virtually impossible. The last time I was around the footbridges was when the Eurostars had changed from coming up onto the South Eastern to continuing through St mary cray.
  20. I would love to see more HST sets moved back to XC. Sorely missed on the longer distance trains. Chiltern have shown how good the mark 3s still are. All they need are lift up arm rests to ease access...
  21. This article just proves the big railway is a trainset....
  22. Came past Wembley yesterday morning on the 1045. 2 x 68s and 3 67s in the depot along with the spare blue and grey set and one other all silver set.
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