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  1. Rules on the continent are much more relaxed than over here. On the SVR. Every photographer wishing to go lineside and photograph must now apply for a lineside permit and attend a Personal Track Safety course so they are aware of the risks/ dangers and proper way of behaving when on the lineside. Working members complete the PTS exam every 2 years. And even working members now must apply for a numbered hi vis vest so they are recognisable as working members. There have been numerous occasions I have confronted photographers who are within the 6ft place of safety rule. At any special e
  2. Having received one of these for a birthday present over the weekend. First impressions were very good until I changed the direction on the controller. Its sounds almost as bad as the old pancake motors of Lima vintage. And horrible jerking with the trailer leading. I run DC. Hard wired the decoder and the jerking. Cured it. Upon inspection to see if the noisy gears could be rectified. The gears on the wheels are right handed teeth where as the reduction gear is left handed. By which the gears are always trying to straighten them selves out. I have noticed when a friend dismantled hi
  3. http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/b/birkenhead_woodside/index2.shtml Just to prove a something other than class 4s got to Woodside. A quick search also shows 73139 also brings up https://www.flickr.com/photos/sidlow/7129517777/in/photolist-gDXi9v-bS1Dfi
  4. Apologies for dragging this up from the depths. But http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/business/sunderland-s-seafront-train-carriages-reopen-as-tea-rooms-1-6712871
  5. I'll throw my 2 pence in and hope for flush glazed, scale Bulleids with more variations. Would love to see a U boat 2-6-0. Either way the 20th will tell all.
  6. Its not a tank extension. Thats the coal pusher.
  7. O dear... Another dent. Lovely locos. Shame they didnt continue past '52. Would have possibly appeared in lined green.
  8. It is a question that is often asked "Can we go round the shed?" You have to remember it is a working environment with welding/ riveting and other machinery work going on. Also there are three rather large open holes. And more important is the security aspect to consider. If you would like photos of the 52s and the 42. I can quite happily be used as a "go for" and get any photos you would like.
  9. How about Tiverton Junction? Two through mainlines with passenger loops. Branch line trains with the ability to have a stopping service arrive then an express fly through and the stopper then following afterwards?
  10. As a great news reader once said. B E A UUUUUUUTEEFUL! Lovely work. The eye just begs to follow the curvature.
  11. Have a flick through flickr. Might throw up the odd ball shot of a Merchant on a fast fitted freight. Ive not seen a photo but it doesnt mean it didnt happen.
  12. Just a quick question. Why do you the need trailing crossover in front of the box?
  13. Anybody take note of the GNR C2 Atlantic that is now back at Shildon?
  14. There was a LNER grouping standard tender just outside Doncaster on the Sheffield line but from memory the B17 Sandringham group snapped it up but nothing has been heard about the tender since.
  15. 3083 has lost its teak veneer and now carries BR Maroon. Interestingly, as a coach it has carried almost every BR livery a coach can carry apart from green.
  16. There used to be a parliamentary train from B'ham Snow hill to Stratford Upon avon in the mornings via Dorridge and Hatton north junction. It has been surpassed by a hourly off peak service following the same route.
  17. I hope it is just a trick of the eye but that crest doesn't like straight? She is certainly going to look good on 6 blood and custard mark 1s next weekend.
  18. Don't forget the lizzie lurking in the background. Fabulous site and very much looking forward to seeing 45551 in action.
  19. Tony, What chassis did you use underneath your upgrade? Ive been tinkering with my E2 and would like to replace the chassis as well.
  20. This all reminds me of the cr*p that was dished out when the SVR painted Truro in black. I am just happy to see one my favourite type of loco running. My only picky point would be the lining shouldn't continue under the cab when its coming off the running plate. This argument is raging over on national preservation. If you had a sodding great 9f and could afford to run/ maintain the thing then you can paint it pink or whatever colour you want.
  21. O . I think I'm going to have too many 0-6-0s. 2 Q1s, C class. Now a Black motor. My concern with the model would be the weight over the front drivers. I imagine the motor would be in the firebox which would put all the weight at the rear. Hopefully a nice big lump in the smokebox will appear.
  22. These do look very very good. I just wish Bachmann would retool the OO bulleids to this standard!
  23. Something along the lines of a 4f sound would suit.
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