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  1. Hi Paul, Looks great, I take it the OCA is a kit? Regards Julian.
  2. Thanks for that and the kind offer, found it on Invertrain’s site. Being relatively new and inexperienced to kit building is this something a beginner could tackle? Cheers Julian.
  3. Class 03189 deposits two vans in Builder Yard, gateman and shunter waits patiently by the gate to lock up.
  4. Just to add another great service and quick turn around from Steve Bell at railtec for 08641 numbers, which he made up specially for me. Thanks Steve highly recommended!!
  5. Dapol Class 08 which was in two tone grey now in departmental grey and numbered 08641. Numbers added on one side so far with later flashes.
  6. Thanks Andy they are on amazon as fishing forceps will get a 10 and a 12 to be safe and because of my fat fingers.
  7. Hi Paul, The running line for the station has almost fallen into disuse after news of the 122’s being held hostage on the Evergiven. Trying to keep the rails shiny....
  8. Had a response from Vin already regarding the 08 arrows, many thanks for passing his name on, much appreciated.
  9. First wagon I had a go at to build and paint was the Grampus really enjoyed it so much I have four!! Great build Ade they look superb.
  10. More work to be done over the coming days. Numbers data panels ordered.
  11. The Dept. Grey 08 under wraps. I will order the 08 numbers from railtec tonight, hopefully I can get the white numbers with data panel and will look for the double arrows.
  12. Hi Paul, Its an age related thing Id totally forgotten about it. Iv rang digitrains and they are stacked out with work for the next couple of weeks I will send it down next when they can do it.
  13. Thanks Andy had a great day and enough cash as presents to get the 08. Which has arrived and had the departmental grey treatment. Can anyone point me in the right direction for cast double arrows for the 08? Many thanks.
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