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  1. Wasn't to sure about my Langley bridge but I quite like it now. Great job on the bridge, really impressive.
  2. Got to agree with Alan Andy, Trebudoc is one excellent layout. You captured everything in such a small space, superb!
  3. Scenery and grass coming together.
  4. Cheers Andy, when I can get some gusto together Il try crack the electrics. Cant wait to hear her clatter over the point work.
  5. The embankment has longer grass.
  6. Finally getting to lay some static grass down and experiment.
  7. Looks great, wish I could emulate that, excellent!!
  8. Hi Andy, great vids as always. Can you recommend some O gauge cotswold or stone walling? I noticed on SMS your walling looks great. J.
  9. Great picture from a GWRJ Ade I expect you have seen.
  10. Hi, Thanks for your thoughts, my thought process was to try and break the flat ‘just track’ area up by adding some undulating land in. As its down now with static grass to add I was going to wait and see what it looked like then. regards Julian.
  11. Bit of touching up and hiding glitches!
  12. As peters and whojamaflip sang many years ago..... “welcome home”
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