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  1. Iv looked to since, says if they were fitted it was in the BR period. Thanks for prompt response.
  2. Looking forward to seeing the feature Andy.
  3. Hi John, Just wondered if you fitted the rain strips for the roof on your brake van? Parkside dont provide a template for it.
  4. Talking of magazines I note in BRM a two page spread on Trebeduc.
  5. I took the spare brackets for the Brake van I had and drove into Hull to 53A models and got some wire at last. The van’s final hand rail can be fixed on.
  6. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist. The NSE is a surprise though and looks great.
  7. Thanks John, sorry you did say earlier.
  8. Thanks Hal really looks the business.
  9. Thats a beauty! Would love an inspection saloon, great for my small layout.
  10. Hi, I need to give Eileens a clue as to the gauge of wire thats required for the brake van hand rail, Brossard can you please help?
  11. Im not a Yorkshireman I hasten to add been up in these parts since 1990, originally and born in the Cotswolds.
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