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  1. Agree mine had a few issues bogies underneath plastic broken, bogie broken inside and bits fell off. The screw plinth is the way to secure them but like the 37 I dont think they have been packaged this way unfortunately.
  2. 08865 moved under its own steam on the goods shed siding. Thought it was about time it was started and moved.
  3. Belated birthday wishes Ade, enjoy your break. Best wishes Julian.
  4. I too look at the layout with plenty still to do but just need a large prod to start on them again.
  5. Talking of depots, hows Hither Green the big build shed building coming along Ian? Hopefully all is well….
  6. That was my original idea, an 08 and a few wagons…..but bought more and more Sounds good, is the 50 sound fitted? The best sound on my three 50’s is the Zimo. Regards Julian.
  7. I wanted to see how the 122 lined up with the 31 in regional livery.
  8. Good point but I think the tide has turned for O gauge as it is becoming more readily available as modellers realise you dont necessarily need acres of room for a layout. I personally would buy one maybe two as I like them, the same will be for the Dapol 66.
  9. Agree, surely Dapol can upscale their oo version as by all accounts it is a superb model.
  10. 68030 Black Douglas just arrived.
  11. 68025 has to leave before our train can arrive. Not even running yet.
  12. A trip on the train to not sunny Scarborough on a 170 DMU. 68031 Felix in the station. First time in the 31 years I lived here Iv been here on the train, shame-full I know. Passed 68030 at Seamer station. A trip out for the Granddaughters.
  13. A couple of shots of Victorious in the station srea.
  14. Forgot to post this last week.
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