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  1. Decided to weather now and will add other embellishments to another VGA.
  2. Hi David, Do like the BDAs very nice are they PRMP kits? Regards Julian.
  3. I use inox personally also use on the point blades to aid conductivety.
  4. Footsteps on, handrails, lamp brackets picked out in white. Ready for the weathering to hide the poor yellow finish etc. Will wait before weathering for some railtec transfers on route for MOD markings etc.
  5. Hi Paul, many thanks for the pictures and kind comment. Steep learning curve on the build and will get another one to attempt to get it better than this one. Snap I found the said Parkside fret and attached last night. The yellow paint on the end is messy but some judicious weathering hopefully will hide that. Cheers Julian.
  6. Can anyone suggest a supplier of detailing parts for the steps on the end of the VGA wagon. Or is it a DIY?
  7. Im going to get another couple of TTA’s I think and maybe a VGA for my MOD train. I preferred building the TTA as opposed to the VGA
  8. Glad you asked that, no but I was going to ask you where it should go? Its not glued down just loose.
  9. Short clip of the new Heljan 47.
  10. Thanks Al, did struggle with the chassis bending on the ends and heard a few cracks trying to bend it slightly.
  11. Thanks Al motor shop trip tomorrow me thinks. Halfords primer on.
  12. Great news look forward to seeing the wagons and HG progress.
  13. Morning Al, Last question on your instructions its blanked out what colour you used for the main body on the VGA? Regards Julian.
  14. Thanks for that Ian . Hope all is well with you all there.
  15. Marker lights loosely fitted will need a touch of adhesive.
  16. This was more than a challenge. Biggest issue trying to straighten the chassis. Warm water and house bricks helped but it seemed to bend again when I added the sides. Lots of filler on the ends to plug the gaps. Will rub down then spray with undercoat. Ran out of Humbrol primer so will use Halfords. All being well it will have yellow ends not sure what main colour the body is silver would be my guess.
  17. Back from its travels. A rethink on the number as 47631 had a different ETH plug mounted on the buffer beam. Going to order 47436 which had an unofficial tinsley name applied ‘buznak’ hope Steve at Railtec can do it, I can only ask.
  18. Thanks Al, sides and especially the chassis were bent. I have bricks as weights trying to straighten the chassis out over night after a soak in hot water.
  19. Hi Al, Just about to start the VGA, I notice some weights have been included did you find these sufficient? Also the chassis is bent and they suggest really hot water to straighten it out, was this the same when you built yours? Regards Julian.
  20. Sorry to hear your changing scales like others on here was following your build with interest. Good luck with the N gauge layout. Do really love your DMU builds and I too would love a 101 but think what you achieved is beyond me.
  21. Hi Cam, Layout coming along excellently at a pace following progress with real interest. Are the wagons behind the 37 brass kits or resin/white metal cast? Regards Julian.
  22. Everything appears complete. It will stay on the plinth as it will be sent away for the sound install.
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