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  1. Yes - They have a fleet of something like 260 low floor trolleybuses operating there now, though I haven't been there since 2002. It's the last place running them in Canada now, as the other operators that lasted into the 1990's (only just in a couple of cases) - Toronto, Hamilton and Edmonton have all closed - Edmonton being the last to go in 2009. .
  2. That Platte Valley Trolley is a replica built by Gomaco in the 1980's using trucks and other parts from Melbourne, Australia, like the ones that run in Lowell, MA..... Was surprised to see how short a run that is nowadays (when it is running again..) as it used to be a lot longer in the past, though the whole thing started operating long after I last visited Denver.
  3. Braintree was quite respectable in 1977 - plus they had just electrified the line, though the catenary wasn't live at the time of my photo....
  4. The Corgi ones presumably didn't encounter any low bridges.... http://corgitoys.free.fr/English/CORGI_503_Giraffe_Transporter.htm I had that vehicle once, but don't know what happened to it. I've still got the Chipperfields Land Rover though (and a my Triang Giraffe Car...)
  5. Transporting a stuffed one.... "The other extraordinary thing is about how a stuffed giraffe once went through Manningtree. It was on its way to Ipswich Museum, and it's still there. The plaque says 'lent by John Hall of Broughton.' I hope he doesn't want it back!” It was some year, 1909. That's when the giraffe travelled from London to Ipswich - concealed under canvas, sadly. It wasn't an easy task. There were fears that, even when loaded onto the lowest rail truck and tilted semi-horizontal, the ears of the 16ft 10ins cloven-hoofed, cud-chewing quadruped would poke up too high. The lowest bridge on its route stood only 13 feet from the ground. Experts were consulted and trials conducted before they decided it would be all right - “ . . . but to guard against possibilities,” reported Great Eastern Magazine with levity, “the inspector was instructed to see the load through and the suggestion made that he should travel jockey fashion on the animal's neck. “The inspector, however, successfully pleaded age, weight and non-training against that method, and was therefore allowed to enjoy the usual need of comfort obtainable in the brake of a goods train”.
  6. If you haven't been to Mason City since 2004, the roads around the UP Interchange yard had completely changed by the time I revisited the place in 2011. There is an extensive flyover for the main road (19th St SW) there now which eliminated the grade crossing over the UP line.
  7. There is some information hidden away in this site, but not a lot...... https://www.historicaviationmilitary.com/BRDsite.html
  8. Some from Trimley this afternoon after going in search of a cooling sea breeze..... Some different locos about today for a change as well!!
  9. I thought I'd got one somewhere of 001 in 1980 taken from a passing train.....
  10. Some Sheddery from Trimley today. None about in fancy colour schemes whilst I was there, which made a change.
  11. Both the 1500's had arrived at Harwich the previous day....
  12. They were another range that Poundland used to stock, though I'm sure they were marketed as Cararama on the boxes. I picked up 9 different Landrovers at the time!
  13. Bit off topic, but that drawing is actually a very approximate one for the coaling plant that was at Ipswich (32B), worked out from photographs. The loco shed, Inspection building and admin block on my layout are all based, rather loosely on the 1950's Ipswich MPD though rather a lot of liberties have been taken. The Admin Block is about half the length it should be, but gives an impression of the original style.... Still a work in progress though
  14. I bought some of those when they appeared in "Poundland" or an equivalent shop several years ago. As well as the tanker, there was also an aircraft starter vehicle, a large US GMC fuel truck plus a German 88mm gun and a German half-track. They weren't particularly good quality, as the tracks on the half-track disintegrated when trying to fit them! They appeared to be cheap versions made using some rather worn original molds, as the troops for the half-track are blobs with limited features! I made up the two Jap ones and the GMC fuel truck, with the starter truck & small tanker are shown in the photo below. I was given a rather battered made up version of the tanker a few years ago and have converted that to a farm truck on my OO layout....
  15. The stop at Martinez has now been moved west to the other side of the level crossing where a new combined bus/rail interchange has been built. The old station has been preserved though....
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