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  1. This one put in an unexpected appearance at Katowice station when I was holiday there in 2015.... Generally freight seems to avoid the main station so that was another reason I was surprised to see it. Whilst the main reason for my visit was to cover the extensive Silesian interurban tram network, I did find it worthwhile to spend a few hours on Myslowice station platform (east of Katowice) as a fascinating variety of freight services with different operators locos passes through there, including M62 & TEM-2 types.. Even some of the local enthusiasts f
  2. Not a Virtual Railfan run operation, but a Webcam has now appeared for Palmer, Massachusetts...
  3. The new Tacoma station was still a building site when I was there at the end of May 2017, though within a few days of this photo they had opened up the interior of the main building for public use... The Sounder trains were still using the platform, despite all the barriers everywhere!
  4. If you click on the "go to photostream" on the "Crewcastrian" one, there is another 04 at Kings Lynn with a runner not that far away on the photostream. Stuart has a lot of interesting photos on his Flickr pages, so well worth a look for East Anglian subjects.
  5. There is a Yarmouth one here with a "runner" (and side-skirts/cowcatchers...) http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/y/yarmouth_south_town/index35.shtml and one at Ipswich by Mr "Crewcastrian".... https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8561026883/
  6. I thought I had another one somewhere.... Lowestoft - 1979
  7. Naaritch - 1980 Ipswich Station - 1978 The 03 shunting LEV 1 after its arrival in 1980 obviously had one..... But workings to the Lower Yard and the Dock lines didn't.....(no track circuits there)
  8. 47 583 as it appeared at Stratford open day 11.7.81.... ...and as it was found sitting in Platform 4 at Ipswich on Royal Wedding day, 29.7.81, when a lot of people were waiting for the northbound Manchester Boat Train to take us well away from any wedding on the £2 (?) "anywhere on Eastern Region" offer that they ran that day!!
  9. I thought most of the coal, certainly in the 1970's (the Power Station opened in 1971) came over Woodhead from the South Yorkshire coalfield? I've got photos in the 1980's though at both Winwick & Warrington where the MGR traffic is coming down from the Wigan direction and it then reversed at Arpley sidings. Bit off topic for Consett ore traffic though....
  10. Only Carrington I know in that general area is close to the delightful Manchester suburb of Partington, which has a large chemical works but nothing on the OS map to show remains of any mining activity.
  11. I think the San Francisco ones were ex New York Leyland Atlanteans (which were'nt succesful there) some of which ended up in Victoria, BC, after their stint in SF. The only RM I've come across in Germany was this one..... ....which I was surprised to see given that the Germans have maximum height restrictions on buses which is why you generally only find lowbridge bodywork on exported vehicles there eg Bristol Lodekkas. They seemed to get away with it in Leipzig and the roof doesn't seem to have been lowered - particularly compared to the ex Berlin DD
  12. The real one is still around somewhere. I posted this on another Forum a couple of years ago (22 December 2018 to be precise)..... Sitting in the bus at Bridge Street, Framlingham this afternoon, awaiting departure time, I was passed by the KLF liveried American Police car that featured in the "Doctorin' the Tardis" music video many years ago. The registration was certainly the same, but god knows what it was doing in deepest Suffolk today (unless Ed Sheeran has borrowed it....) One of the regular passengers on the service who lived in Framlingham had seen it driving a
  13. Some more recent views.... Cantley Brundall Reedham Swing Bridge Lowestoft
  14. The Co-Bo I have was obtained, mint, boxed, from Hattons for £10 back in around 1975. It was one of the HD locos my Father didn't buy in the 1960's and I think Hattons were still advertising them in the RM at that time. We called in at their Smithdown Road shop and bought it whilst visiting relatives in the area, and they said it was the only HD loco they still had as new stock (though we also bought a new operating mail coach set for something like £3.50). My Father wasn't interested in non-steam traction in those days, so originally the only non-steam HD items on the layout were the 08
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