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  1. Thought there was a very good selection of layouts there when I called in on Saturday - In fact I hadn't seen any of them before at other shows, but was particularly taken by the "Saltdean" layout. Managed to fit the show in during a day trip to the GCR Diesel Gala, so used the provided (Dennis Dominator) shuttle bus from Quorn. Were about 20 or so other passengers on the bus on the runs I travelled on, so it appeared to be worthwhile. Noted that the Charnwood Brewery "Tap" wasn't too far from the show venue, for a future occasion as well...........................
  2. Group of three available from Aidan Campbell (see item MIN 076 in Modern Image Civillians) http://www.aidan-campbell.co.uk/76catalogue.htm
  3. 37 188 at Oban on a fairly longish train - 4th July 1984. 5 Mk 1's + the very rear coach is the (ex LMS?) observation saloon that was in use on the service that year. Photo was taken during the second week of a 14 day all-line rover that I was on at the time. Did the return journey to Glasgow in said observation saloon.
  4. I've just noticed on the GCR Diesel Gala webpage that a free bus service is being provided between Quorn Station yard and the Model Rail show over the lunchtime period on the Saturday. Three round trips in the 12.00-14.30 timeframe.... http://www.gcrailway.co.uk/special-events/spring-diesel-gala/ That has just made it a lot easier to cover both events in the day!
  5. Click on the "Latest Update" part of the post, or look at https://quornwagonandwagon.co.uk/
  6. At least one of the Cambridge horse trams did survive, and is nearing the end of a long restoration programme.......(photo taken last November) The tram is at the Ipswich Transport Museum and was acquired as none of the similar Ipswich horse trams survive........ It has an interesting history, having started its life in Bath and ending up in Cambridge via Bradford, where it spent some time as a steam tram trailer!
  7. An elderly Pocket Instamatic photo of 50 041 on Doncaster Shed - 12th June 1977. Presumably awaiting movement into Doncaster Works for refurbishment?
  8. I can't remember exactly, but there was oil everywhere on the loco , so engine related rather than anything electrical - possibly threw a piston. It was being "pushed" fairly well on the way back, with a notable high speed run on the section from Reading through to Acton, where it joined the North London Line.
  9. That was during the "interesting" Anglia Railways period when the 50 and a Deltic were based at Crown Point. The 50 was due to be used on a Felixstowe-Minehead excursion the following weekend, so they put it out on the Yarmouth run to check it was OK for the following weekend. It was..........until it failed fairly spectacularly at Hatfield Peverel on the way back from Minehead to Felixstowe! I knew nothing about this operation to Yarmouth beforehand and was amazed to see it leave Norwich that morning as my train from Ipswich pulled in. The 50 was in addition to the booked 47 services running to Yarmouth that day as well. The Deltic saw some use on London-Norwich services, and they also hired the preserved Hastings unit for normal services for a period.
  10. 50 050 working Norwich to Gt Yarmouth services on Saturday 10th July 1999....... Norwich. Gt Yarmouth.
  11. The old EFE flat fronted Daimler Fleetline model could be turned into a half-decent representation of one of these....... I did repaint one of them into its previous Ipswich Corporation colours. If you attack it with a hacksaw, you could even do the open-top version!
  12. A couple of 66 hauled services passing the engineering works to double a short section of the Felixstowe branch to the west of Trimley station - taken in the vicinity of Keepers Lane, Trimley, 14 Feb 2019. 66 520 66 740 66 722 "Sir Edward Watkin" on the climb out of Felixstowe North Terminal on Tuesday 19th Feb 2019
  13. The Garston to Felixstowe North working that passes Trimley around 10.00 was 70 008 on Tuesday....... Was surprised to see it, as it was a 66 the previous Thursday when I was out with the camera !
  14. If you want to widen the field a bit, apart from the obvious pair of A4's and the Terrier, the Smithsonian in Washington DC have the Robert Stephenson & Co 1831 built "John Bull" on display.......... and the local museum in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, have this replica of the 1829 built Foster and Rastrick loco "Stourbridge Lion"..... The B & O Museum in Baltimore, MD have some of the original parts for this particular loco on display. Then there are the two 1830 something Stephenson built 0-6-0's which are on display somewhere in Nova Scotia.......(and a selection of UK trams scattered across the USA)
  15. Three from the metal bridge over the WCML at Winwick, taken on 31st May 1982..... 87 008 on a southbound passenger train 86 103 on a northbound passenger working 86 034 + another unidentified 86 on a southbound steel coil train.
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