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  1. There is a preserved Ruston (Wks #268882) dating from 1950 and ex Pilkington Glass (Canada...) that lives at the South Simcoe Rly in Tottenham, ON......... It might be the one shown in the original photo?
  2. Well, if the Brighton reference is football related, they drew 2-2 with West Ham in the 6th round of the FA Cup on 18th February 1933.... https://www.11v11.com/teams/brighton-and-hove-albion/tab/matches/season/1933/ assuming that could be the "double" referred to. They lost the replay the following week though....
  3. A new VR camera started at the weekend from Fort Madison in Iowa sponsored by a local hotel and available on YouTube... It's a very busy location, with the bonus of river traffic and a swing bridge as well!
  4. Left hand flysheet says "Bandits take city banks mail bags" and the right one appears to say "Brighton gallops high wire in double..." (B&HA FC?) Find the dates of those events, and you have the answer!!
  5. I bought several of the Hornby ones from WH Smith years ago when they were disposing of their model railway range - think they were 49p each! I'd assumed they were a pre-natonalisation livery, so they were eventually sorted for disposal. Will have to extract them from the disposal boxes if they ran as late as 1968! My Mother used to work at Pilkingtons in the 1950's, so there is a Family connection.
  6. Off the top of my head, I cant think of any UK operators that used Birney cars - single or double trucked.
  7. Co-Op coal yard, Derby Road, Ipswich, presumably taken when the installation was fairly new, judging by the spectators.....
  8. The one in the museum in Honesdale would appear to be the 1932 built D&H replica.... https://www.american-rails.com/lion.html From memory, the last time I visited the B&O museum, back in 2009, the original boiler and some other parts were on display in the museum, but as an unassembled selection of odd components.
  9. And then, there is the replica of the "Dorchester", a Stephenson product from 1836 for the Champlain & St Lawrence line in Canada, which lives at Exporail in St Constant, PQ....
  10. I'd forgotten this one which I came across in the NC Museum of Transportation. Obviously a replica, the original was built by C.Tayleur & Co at the Vulcan Works in 1836 for the Raleigh & Gaston Railroad........
  11. Eventually found this reference to it on the Smithsonian website.... The bridge on display is a section of the first iron railroad bridge built in the United States. Constructed in 1845, the bridge carried coal-hauling trains of the Philadelphia & Reading Rail Road across a small creek near West Manayunk, Pennsylvania. Because the railroad threatened to take business away from the Schuylkill Canal, angry boatmen had been making futile attempts to sabotage the competition by burning its wooden bridges. Iron was an unusual and expensive choice for a bridge, but it was stronger and longer-lasting than wood, faster to erect than stone, and fire-resistant. It ushered in a new era of engineering.
  12. Not very easy to photograph in their museum, but a couple of photos from 2011 here.... There are some original parts from the Lion on display in the B&O Museum in Baltimore - the boiler being the largest section still surviving. The other key edarly British built loco in the USA is the John Bull, which has a prominent display position in the Smithsonian in Washington DC..
  13. Vancouver Hunslet.... CN (Ex Montreal Harbours Board) English Electrics (as the photo in an earlier post doesn't appear to work..)
  14. Three of the Terminal Stations in Buenos Aires have them as well. Constitucion.. One of the Retiro termini.. and whilst they are all fully working at these two stations, they were not, but deactivated/still in situ at Once terminal... which didn't help when this happened 5 years after I photographed them... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Buenos_Aires_rail_disaster The inquiry team investigating the crash did find my photos proving they weren't in use to be quite helpful........
  15. If you have a peer at Google Earth and search for Whinny Hill, Catterick.. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Whinny+Hill,+Catterick+Garrison+DL9+3RH/@54.3585765,-1.72055,672m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x487c1e4062fe6e59:0x30063c515e67a34!8m2!3d54.3585765!4d-1.7183613 and then zoom in at that general area, you can see a short section of railway track, with the "objects" very indistinct at the north end of the track, partly obscured by trees. Looks like it could be a training area, judging by the selection of rusting AFV hulks visible in that vicinity!
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