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  1. Someone is telling the truth at last............. https://www.ipswichstar.co.uk/news/not-enough-greater-anglia-trains-1-6409504 Having had my first ride on the things today, I'm not impressed with the seating at all, and certainly wouldn't want to travel in them on a regular basis...... Annoying, because the ride quality and noise levels (away from the "power pack") are excellent.
  2. Three consecutive departures from Lowestoft cancelled on the East Suffolk line this morning (0614, 0641, 0727) by the look of it amongst those, as one (0641) is being started from Saxmundham (and doesn't appear in their "cancellations" list!), so that is near enough a 4 hour gap in the up line timetable north of Saxmundham.
  3. Yes, I think there was a demonstration trip for invited guests and I think Bury was the destination. I was working for BR at Norwich at the time on summer placement as part of a College Business Studies course I was doing, so that's how I found out about its visit in advance. Conveniently managed to escape from my passenger survey and nipped across to Cambridge to see it using my Norwich Division free pass!!
  4. .....and if you want to go further back than 1984, here is 140 001 arriving at Cambridge on 8th July 1981... It was visiting Cambridge to be shown off to various Council and other representatives, from memory. Don't think it was used in service in this case.
  5. Ipswich to Peterborough service cancelled today due to a "train fault" according to the GA website. As the 153s were supposed to have been taken out of service at the weekend, I would think it is more likely due to a lack of stock to run the service!
  6. Think the LH was already a WYPTE mobile publicity unit, so that could explain the choice of that particular bus type.
  7. It was 142 049 that went to Expo 86 in Vancouver, BC, and this (assuming the link works) is the only photo I could find of it in Canada... Whilst a bit O/T, does anyone else remember this Bristol LH at the 1984 Doncaster Works open day?
  8. No, the railbus at the Connecticut Trolley Museum is not the one used on SEPTA or other locations in the US or Canada at that time. The SEPTA one is RB002 (or 004, depending on what the source of info is...), which also spent some time on demonstration in Denmark and Sweeden, which presumably explained its presence at Colchester on 30th June 1985....(and which caught my by surprise as my train passed through!)
  9. I had never seen any details of one of those Fiat railcars doing a demonstration tour in the US before!
  10. Part of one of the Aerotrains is at the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, WI......(photos taken in 2011) The coaching stock is rather short, and you can recognise its bus origins from the window style. The LEV Railbus is still at the Connecticut Trolley Museum as far as I know, though it was shown on their "disposals" list a year or so back as they no longer wanted to keep it in their collection. (Photo taken in 2004, and is now no longer under cover - last known of on a siding alongside their running line, off the main site)
  11. Don't try that with locos in your hand baggage at BWI airport in Baltimore, as I found out on two seperate occasions. For some reason, best known to the manufacturers of the scanners, they produce the same "signature" on the system as a handgun! Was told that by the woman in charge of the scanner (who was quite impressed with the N Gauge locos in question.....).
  12. I'm assuming that the US North East Corridor layout that featured in a couple of photos on this thread is an HO one? Not seen any metion of that before, particularly as I thought I was fairly "odd" for modelling such things in N Gauge!
  13. A few photos from Saturday, though the light was a bit indifferent at times.......... Class 20 hauled mineral wagons. Jinty on the van train. ..and something a bit different, the blue DMU hauling a trailing load consisting of a BG and a Shocvan.
  14. Yes, the 1975 Catalogue, as shown on that website. Interestingly the July 1975 price list inserted inside my copy describes it as "King class loco with tender, Charles 2nd, in BR blue livery", the price being given as "Later". The previous years catalogue (74/75) described the 4F as a "Flower" rather than a Fowler! Presumably the Italian compiler got a bit carried away in both cases.........
  15. I'm sure I've got a Lima/Wrenn N catalogue that shows the King being available in Caledonian Railways livery! Think that was it's first appearance in the catalogue (1979?) - Will try and find it later..........
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