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  1. A bit off at a tangent, but when I went to the Whippany Railway Museum in New Jersey back in 2014 they actually had a number of photos photos of railways taken by the Beatles as part of their exhibits display in one of the buildings. It was entitled "The Beatles travel by train" and covered a journey they made from New York to Washington on the PRR in 1964. I think, from memory, most were taken by George Harrison, but several were of the Infrastructure along the line and some rolling stock which gave the impression he had an interest in what he was photographing rather than just being a
  2. As the sun decided to shine today....... From about 1100 onwards the coast was completely free of cloud for most of the time, though there was quite a stiff breeze coming in off the North Sea. Not bad to be able to see 17 freight trains in 5.5 hours, plus the hourly passenger run to/from Felixstowe.
  3. Trimley this morning.... Discovered this morning that the remaining areas where you could get photos of trains on the North Terminal branch from Trimley are now all fenced off with "construction work" in progress, so it's now a total dead loss for photos there. A huge distribution warehouse type building was looming over the trees in one spot, something that wasn't there 2 years ago and it doesn't even appear on a supposed 2021 Google Earth image!!
  4. They do two models, the ED17 is the BoBo version which was built by EE at the same time period (mid 1920's) as the Canadian ones. I've got an ED17 and an ED18, plus an ED57 (I think), from memory, though I can't get to them at the moment due to work underway on the OO layout blocking where they are kept! EDIT - The ED17 & ED18 are Micro-Ace models rather than Kato
  5. The BR version of the steeple cab was mentioned back in December on the N Gauge Forum. Back in the 1980's they did produce some of their larger Japanese electric locos in a variety of North American liveries, as I remember being rather surprised to see them in one of the display cabinets at Caboose Hobbies in Denver in 1987. Conrail and Great Northern were two of them that I remember seeing. I've actually got a few of their Japanese electrics (in JR brown livery) on my US N gauge layout as some of them are very much like ones which were used in the USA. One of the prototypes
  6. I had 26 037 + 27 037 on a Far North service from Inverness in June 1985 whilst on a 2 week All-Line Rover.... After posing the question elsewhere about this, it seems this working may have been a "fix" for someone, given the loco numbers involved and the fact that the previous year when I was there it was wall to wall 37's.......
  7. I forgot this one as well....
  8. You occasionally saw 31+37 combinations on Freightliners... I think everything featured in that photo has gone now, including the school buildings!
  9. The one in Israel looks a bit different to that now. It was mentioned in Steam Railway magazine a few months ago that it was well on the way to being fully restored (as an Ambulance car)....
  10. There is at least one State of Maine boxcar preserved.... ...which lives on the Conway Scenic Railroad. I can confess to owning an N Gauge version on my layout!
  11. But they don't have a copper capped chimney..... .....and they certainly weren't painted green when I was there in 1999 ! (think they were yellow before the orange scheme as I've got one of their callendars somewhere....)
  12. We did get hauled by one of those in the Bettembourg area on an ADL organised railtour of Luxembourg back in July 1996....
  13. Looks like it is still there from Google Earth, which claims to be a 2021 dated Image. Also visible on street view from 2019. There are still a number of former rail exhibits from the Museum stored on-site as well.
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