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  1. Nah, thats just the marks from the 3d printing process.......
  2. Nice to see a 55 year old SD40-2 (#8881 - Formerly PRR #6073) leading the CSX Q264 Autorack train through Palmer today.....
  3. The top one of your photos shows ones for VTA in San Jose... ...with Sacramento ones in the bottom photo... I think Sacramento purchased some of the original batch of cars from VTA which would explain why those paricular ones were parked there, as by 2016 VTA seemed to have a fleet consisting of just the type of car shown in my photo. Just checked and they did - now #301-#320 in the Sacramento fleet. They looked like this by 2016.... .
  4. The Canadian Govt. are throwing lots of money at the Port of St John, NB, to enable it to take large container ships, so I think that is what CP are aiming to serve, long term. https://sjport.com/modernize/project-overview/
  5. The Greenville Jn cam is up and running again..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uoa_GR1LMqk Yesterday was the first full day of it working, but all that passed in daylight were these two things... At the moment it is just one CP train in each direction a day, though this may apparently double in the next few months as CP have several new Intermodal contracts due to start. The current train in daylight hours, an Eastbound normally due in the 12.00-13.00 timeframe, duly turned up at 15.30 yesterday due to the track inspection. Shame the train frequency is so dire as it's a nice location.
  6. All the VRF cameras were taken offline at some stage in the past 24 hours due to a YouTube Terms of Service violation. They appealed about it and won their case, but they are only being restored on an individual basis, so will most probably take some time for them all to be back....
  7. It does tend to keep your wits about you when linesiding in the USA, as what might look a "normal" area to our eyes might not neccesarily be the case. Worst place I've been is Delray Jn, south of Detroit, though as I was with about 9 others, there was safety in numbers. Most hilarious one had to be Dalton Jn, south of Chicago, which is a recognised Railfan "Hot Spot" and is actually adjacent to the local Police and Fire Stations. I was there back in 2013 and had a visitation from what appeared to be the local "Boss of the 'hood" (with stereotypical "bling" to excess), accompanied by his two "minders" asking what I was taking photos of. He was interested when I said "trains" and even more amazed when he realised that I was actually from the UK ! After a pleasant chat, he shook hands and wished me a pleasant stay in "his" neighbourhood! Not quite the outcome I was expecting - after working out just how easily I could make a dash for the Police Station!!!
  8. Stockton seems to be a good place to avoid from what I've read online about the area. I had contemplated getting the Altamont Commuter Express from San Jose to Stockton a few years back, and then returning to Oakland on Amtrak, until I became aware of the areas reputation, particularly as the two services use different stations in the City....
  9. They are all going on their website as normal...... https://quornwagonandwagon.co.uk/news-and-updates/
  10. That B&M Railcam at Greenville Junction is a bit of a disaster at the moment as there are problems with the internet connectivity in the area (i.e. the back of beyond..) so it still needs a lot of work, However, this one has gone live today... The elevated tracks in the foreground are the MBTA Green Line light rail service to Lechmere which should restart in December this year as the line is currently closed for major rebuilding and the opening of two significant extensions into the north of the City. In addition, where the two water-level lifting girder bridges can be seen, they are the tracks leading into Boston North Station on which MBTA and the Amtrak "Downeaster" services operate.
  11. The new B&M Railcam is at Greenville Junction in Maine, though there only appear to be two CP trains a day through there at the moment.....
  12. Moreton in Marsh. The Company with the distinctive name ran the local market, which attracted a number of coach excursions to it. I think there was an article in Buses Magazine about the operations sometime in the 1970.s/early 1980's
  13. Just to update this one BNSF #8040 is currently in Massachusetts as it worked as a trailing loco on a Grain train from Cicero, IL, to Worcester, MA . It passed the Palmer, MA, Railcam at 02.35 local time. Surprised they left it on the train, as the other locos were replaced with CSX ones, so they must have been short of power at Selkirk yesterday evening!
  14. This alleged "beer" producer seems to use 8 to pull their demonstration wagon.....
  15. I'm guessing the Guy one was aimed at use in areas of paved track as well - docksides, factories - rather than conventional goods yards. It must have been trialled somewhere after they built it, so I might have a trawl of the internet to se if it gets mentioned anywhere. EDIT: Well this explains what it actually was all about...... http://dave-mills.yolasite.com/stronach-dutton-road-rail.php
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