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  1. Thank you BoD for your suggestion but both ends of the wire are attached with the wire bridging the frog. It was 2012 when I last wired one and I seem to remember that that there were gaps in some of the rails as well so I may dig out a pic of an old point and kitbash a new one to match. Wish me luck.
  2. Hello fellow modellers, Hope you have all had a productive weekend as far as modelling goes at least.. Some help please on wiring the seep pm1 to peco electrofrog points. The last time I wired one up, some years back I admit, the points had a single loose wire leading from the frog which connected directly to terminal f on the seep. I am just about to wire some new points, electro not uni, and see that the loose wire has been replaced by a fixed u-shape wire. Do I just tap off this wire and connect to the f terminal or do I need to doctor the wire somehow ? Thank you in advance.
  3. Thank you spikey, that is really helpful and i may well take a trip to the local pet shop and splash out for a bag and do a few tests. i didn't realise it was so cheap.
  4. Hi guys, New member here. I normally use Jarvis ballast on my n-gauge layouts which I think seems a little bit oversize. Someone has suggested using chinchilla dust and I am wondering if anyone has experience of using this and if so what do they think of it? How easy is it to work with eg weathering and fixing in place? Alternatively, can anyone recommend a n-scale ballast that "looks right". I am shortly to start laying track on a new layout and would like to get the ballast spot on this time. Thank you in anticipation.
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