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  1. I'm honoured that you've named your layout after me but a bit worried about the falling part. Do I need to start drinking?
  2. In the same way that your hand laid O scale track looks much better than Peco O gauge track. The short answer is code 70/83 looks much better than 75/100. The question is can you live with the appearance of 75/100.
  3. If you can find code 83, it looks a lot more like US track than code 75/100. The smaller, closer spaced ties and moulded spikes look much better than the chaired flat bottom Frankenstein that is code 75/100. My experience is that it runs better than code 75/100 too. The raised flangeways in the frog area prevent wheel drop.
  4. Agreed. My 2005 and 2010 editions of the Locomotive Rosters both show CSX 4420 as an ex-Conrail GP40-2. The loco in the video looks more like a GP40 than a GP35 - 3 full size fans.
  5. The school are not currently accepting external bookings or allowing anybody but staff and pupils on site so we were unable to start preparations for the new venue. Given this and the uncertainties about how the coronavirus pandemic will progress, we felt it was unrealistic to commit to an exhibition and took the difficult decision to cancel.
  6. Bit late to this one but I have bitter experience of the Peco SmartFrog. After many fruitless hours trying to get them to work, I gave up and went with a much simpler solution. I swapped the single pole switch used to operate the servo for a double pole switch and use the second pair of contacts to change the frog polarity. It needs a few more more wires to the panel but it's much cheaper and, importantly, totally reliable. The SmartFrog appears to be a relay that uses an input from the servo controller to determine which way the point is set and changes the frog polarity appropria
  7. until
    The clubrooms will be open from 10am to 4pm on Sunday 18th August. Come along to meet the members and see the layouts currently under construction. The club's Stanley layout will be running along with a couple more. Free parking available on Garden Street. Free tea and coffee. For more details contact [email protected] WRMS Open Day 2019 Poster V3.pdf
  8. Another vote here for Peco code 83. It looks like US track with smaller ties spaced closer and prototypical geometry. Runs really well. Go for it if you can.
  9. Some of the buses listed above go down Dewsbury Road requiring a longer walk from Westgate End. The buses that go down Horbury Road past the Sports Centre gates are 116, 120, 126, 127, 231 and 232.
  10. That looks rather good. Just like the real thing.
  11. There should be a daily train using restored Schindlers until the end of September.https://www.cp.pt/passageiros/en/how-to-travel/For-leisure/Nature-and-Culture/miradouro
  12. A couple of prototype photos showing the look we trying to achieve. They were taken from a 2014 post on a Michigan Railroad History forum by an engineer who switched the plant for CN (GTW) a few years ago. Unfortunately the post no longer exists so I can't link to it.
  13. Track plan is below. The layout is 20' x 2' 3 on 5 4' boards. The track at the upper right will disappear behind the building to form a connection to the rest of the plant, allowing cuts of 3 cars to enter and exit the scene. The genesis of the idea was an article in Model Railroad Planning 2014. This Google maps link https://goo.gl/maps/jZF1cbJogvk should give an idea of the feel we're looking to create. Lots of large industrial buildings.
  14. Surely not. Mike is very shy about his interest in American O scale and would never engage anybody in conversation about it.
  15. Is it a Proto F3? If so, is it a QSI chip having problems like those described in this thread? http ://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/121741-problem-with-atlas-0-scale-gp7/
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