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  1. it would save a lot time. Ill go to his website and see what i can get.
  2. i have thought about buying a Bachmann v1/3 chassis as i wouldnt need to create a new chassis from near scratch, and i have thought about just buying a standard tender as i wouldnt need to create one from scratch. thank you for the advice
  3. That’s quite a shame, the same thing happened with my Great Western hall, I was able to buy a spare body for it, using an ivatt mogul chassis sounds like a smart idea, I’ll see if I can find one and hoping that adding a rear wheel won’t be a hassle and won’t ruin the quality of the running.
  4. So I’m trying to Build a OO gauge LNER V4 from scratch or more so lit bashing. I live In the US so getting a V4 Model would be hard and I don’t think any manufacturers make a RTR V4 so I decided why not do it myself. I’m going to be using a Dapol V2 Kit as a base for the Loco, I’m going to Have to scratch build a tender since the V4 and the V2 have completely different tenders. I’m also going to try and scratch build a 2-6-2 chassis. Over all this seems like a simple project, only time will tell.
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