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  1. Hi George, Andy taught me how to do the DDC lark. I had never done electrics before in my life, other than wire a plug. It is pretty straight forwards. Cheers, Ade.
  2. Hi Julian, I am very pleased with it. Only running it in at the moment on analogue but it runs nice and slow. I think the motor will be pretty quiet once on DCC. The working lights are great. Cheers, Ade.
  3. Thanks Andy. One more shot of the railcar I forgot to add earlier. I am really enjoying doing the scenics. Cheers, Ade.
  4. They are making some alterations to the tooling which is being done in China, to enable ease of manufacture here in the UK. Cheers, Ade.
  5. Hi Rob, it was from here. The shade I bought was the light green. https://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/scenery-and-resin/961-tall-shrubbery-light-green.html No stockists in the UK had any in stock. They add the tax in with the P&P and the total bill was about £35 all in. So about £8.75 a pack. Communication was excellent throughout and got emails at each stage. Cheers, Ade.
  6. Just a few shots of 9659 to end the day. Cheers, Ade.
  7. As the fireman looks out of the cab, I think a good title for this photo would be "The shape of things to come"
  8. Thanks. I am going to have a go at painting on it the back scene which will be fairly high as it will be above the tunnel.
  9. As some of you may have already read in the Heljan section of the forum. I have taken the plunge and bought a GWR Railcar. I will be adding a sound chip to this and already have it on order. There are nine different light combinations (Please ignore the head and tail lights on at the same time) you can switch these on and off but I was just playing around when I took the pics.
  10. Next job was to fit the station forecourt approach fencing.
  11. Then added the ash to the end of the goods yard. The glue is still wet here.
  12. The shrubbery arrived safely from sunny Spain. Very pleased with this product. Usual disclaimer applies. I bought 4 packs not knowing how far it would go. One of the problems when buying online. This is why I really miss the shows. But so far I have only used 2 packs. You tease the stalks apart and then twist them around to the desired shape and cut to length. They are slightly sticky and hold the shape well. Simply afix in place on the layout with PVA. I have also been adding some extra colours and lengths to the static grass on the embankment, hopefully you will see the tones on
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