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  1. My interest in the images comes from working in an auction house. Poor images, lack of images etc can make or break a sale. Cheers, Ade.
  2. I had a guided tour of Hattons last month by manager Richard. The photo set up for the pre owned stuff is most impressive. The items arrive for photography with the box lid open. The photographer places the item in the photo cube light box. The image is shown on a PC screen on which lines are superimposed to guide the photographer how to line up the loco for the picture to be taken. This ensures every image is taken from exactly the same angle. I was most impressed. So having seen this, I would think the pics would have been correct. Cheers, Ade.
  3. Hi Andy, Rich is correct. Here is one at Malmesbury station in the late 1920's. Hence me getting the kit. You can just make out the station name on the wagon. Cheers, Ade.
  4. I know this is a very old post, but I have just started building one of these too. You can buy them here: https://www.walsallmodelindustries.co.uk/ Cheers, Ade.
  5. Tonight's little Cordon kit build up date. Started on the first two of the nine gas tanks. White metal ends fitted to the frames for the tanks too. Cheers, Ade.
  6. Hi Simon, the kit is by WEP Models. I am happy with it. Maybe the brass is a bit thinner than big Jim's kits but all folds up nice and the fit seems good. It is fairly complex for a beginner like me, but I am taking it easy and I think it will be work out ok. Some things, like the brakes, seem over complex having to solder two halves together then add the brake shoe. https://www.walsallmodelindustries.co.uk/ Hi Chris, I was surprised how easy it was, only burnt my finger once and only just a quick "ouch" and not real burn. It is worth having a go at as it opens up a new world of models. Cheers, Ade.
  7. Thanks for the likes etc. Spent an hour or two tonight cutting out more parts and folding up. Not done any soldering yet. Luckily the gas tanks are plastic tubes, so no rolling out and joining them up. Just have to cut them to length. Cheers, Ade.
  8. Now the dark nights are here I have made a start on the Cordon gas tank wagon kit I bought back in September. Frame, chassis, solebars etc embossed with the rivet details and folded up. Just dry fitted together so far. Cheers, Ade.
  9. I think you have made a grand job of it. Cheers, Ade.
  10. Here is my work in progress in O gauge. Done as described above but built around a laser cut kit. Cheers, Ade.
  11. Hi Andy, I am just going to add a lot of dirt and ash. I don't think the pit was ever electrically lit as Mike Fenton's book mentioned that the cleaners who worked the night shift in the shed had oil lamps issued to them. Cheers, Ade.
  12. Hi Peter, thank you. Charlotte and Arthur have gone home today. I have done the track on the engine shed inspection pit tonight. Cheers, Ade,
  13. No layouts, just a test track. But plenty of O gauge traders. http://www.guildford0gaugegroup.org.uk/RTS2019.html
  14. Hi John, next year should see the Teak Gresley coaches from Hattons. I know there are issues with the drop lights on these. Darstead have got some Thompson's in the design stage. Cheers, Ade.
  15. Looking really great. Well done. Cheers, Ade.
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