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  1. Very good, you will not regret it. The 74xx is in early BR guise as it carries a smokebox number plate and shed plate. I have found these can be removed with care if you wish to put it back to pure GWR livery. If you do, it will then need a number adding to the buffer beam. Cheers, Ade.
  2. Thanks Guys. I am going to build one of the Malmesbury allocated locos. Not made up my mind which yet. Cheers, Ade.
  3. Here is a pic of the kit. What is nice is that all the rivet detail does not need impressing.
  4. Hi Guys, thanks for the messages! What's new? Well we are fighting Lez's redundancy, don't think it will be ultimately successful, but we don't give up easily as there are things happening which are not right. My 86 year old Dad also has had a fall this week, so looking after him. Thankfully just cuts and bruises. Two weeks ago we decided to spend the last three days of our holiday in York. We need some cheering up, so we stayed at the "Grand", which is the former HQ of the North Eastern Railway. Very nice indeed! Got a good last minute deal. Naturally, we spent our first day NRM. Covid19 measures were in place, had to wear a mask etc. Most of the museum was open, bar the model shop and model railway. I will post some pics. On the model railway front some progress this week. I managed to purchase the 517 kit. This will be a long term project as it needs motor, gear box, wheels, etc. But at least I have the kit secured. Andy will recall I had a problem with a sound chip, this is now repaired and I have fitted this to my LT Pannier tank. Works a treat now. Cheers, Ade.
  5. Have a look here for some GWR models: https://mm1models.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=108_113 Cheers, Ade.
  6. There are a couple of images of the first factory decorated models shown on Rails website today. Cheers, Ade.
  7. I have not heard of any delays? Rails are saying "forthcoming release". I think end of the year if things go to plan? Cheers, Ade.
  8. Hi Amanda, take a look here: http://www.jimmcgeown.com/0 Gauge Wagons.html Cheers, Ade.
  9. Just returned from holiday and I was very shocked to read this. First met Chris via the phone when I ordered some Iron Minks and had a great chat with him then. He always had time for a chat a shows. My condolences to his family and freinds. Cheers, Ade.
  10. Thanks for all the kind comments from both of us. Been down to the beach and walked along the sea wall. The new sea defences will be impressive once completed. Some Class 43's still running on the line. Sunshine and showers everyday so far. Cheers Ade and Lez.
  11. Hi Guys, well the bad news is Lez is losing her job. So some hard times ahead 11 months on after I placed the order, the 517 kit is now ready. Talk about bad timing. Having a few days away, given the holiday to Egypt is cancelled, no prizes for guessing the location. Cheers Ade.
  12. Hi Julian, not managed to do anything on the railway modelling front since my last post back at the end of June. Been back at work since June 22nd and been very busy getting my sale online but now got a few days off on flexi furlough this week. Lez's job is looking very uncertain and that has been real worry now for the past three weeks. Cheers, Ade.
  13. That's it. You got it. Cheers, Ade.
  14. Hi John, the Zimo chip can be fitted but needs an adaptor board. Have a read here: https://www.youchoos.co.uk/Index-Resource.php?L1=Guides&Item=HeljanOMogul Cheers, Ade.
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