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  1. SED fantastic historical photos...especially as I model the Erewash Valley Line!
  2. Steve, useful info thanks very much, I'll try and source the book mentioned. The wagons were unfitted but could be fitted with a temporary pipe for operation in a fitted train, particularly in later years. Brake vans were used anyway not only for carrying the guard, but also the attendant load inspector. The info about the headcodes is also extremely useful! I've seen BR loading drawings showing conflats, Lowmac and Loriots acting as runner wagons. Quite often, there would also be bogie bolsters used to return the empty wagons (they often didn't run unloaded). What
  3. Hope RMWebbers can help! I'm after pictures of the BR Dia 150 Girder wagons operating in traffic. Paul Bartletts site has some great detail shots of wagons in sidings, and there are two good shots in the 53A Models Collection, but what I'm really after is photos showing the wagons in traffic showing locomotive types, runner wagon types, brake van types, train headcodes, dates etc. If anyone has any good photos, they would be gratefully received. Pictures of these wagons operating in traffic are quite rare it seems.
  4. Cheers Paul, thought there might be a 2mm kit but couldn’t remember.
  5. Be nice to see the Shark in N, I was very much looking forward to it.
  6. The fact Hattons sold all of their mermaids might mean that the height issue isn’t a problem for joe average modeller. The alternative is a crude white metal lump, the rtr version will look 1000 times better. I have 6 and I’m very happy with them. i don’t think there are any obvious conclusions at this point, if it’s a joke it’s a very odd one.
  7. I don’t know, there’s categories in n gauge diesel locos and wagons but not populated yet, curiouser and curiouser....
  8. What’s this all about? https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklist/3156688/1000589/1000672/0/hattons_dreamlist_n_gauge_electric_locos/prodlist.aspx look at the product codes!
  9. However, such skills would be most useful when reviewing their drawings, artwork and EPs, to make sure there aren’t any “boo boos”.
  10. The Dunning Kruger affect seems particularly apt for this particular manufacturer.
  11. Those who are interested in UK coupling systems may find this RSSB document useful: https://www.rssb.co.uk/rgs/reldocs/sd001%20iss%202.pdf Interesting point, the Alliance and Drophead type couplers as made had no in built vertical restraint. However BR modified them in the late 1980s/early 1990s to incorporate a lower shelf bracket which provides vertical restraint after a movement of about 104mm IIRC. Certainly on the alliance couplers the LSB only has a strength of about 30kN and doesn’t really help in a high speed crash, there were also a lot of problems with knuckle pin fatigue due t
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