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  1. To try to go through some of the points above: 'I believe Thomas is really only popular with the smaller children...'. That is just one section of a very busy market. Small children now have a voice - it's not 'mum, I want that one' any more, they actually get it. People spend ridiculous amounts of money on toys for their kids - do a quick eBay search for Thomas and Friends on eBay, and barring the most recent releases you'll see some pretty wacky examples. Add into that a pretty active collectors market and a YouTube market that buys trains to produce reviews,and you've got a pretty healthy d
  2. Might as well - not many actual bargains posted here any more...
  3. Goodness knows how £745 in OO became a bargain... For anyone who does see it as such, or interested in any similar items on the SDR eBay page, if you checkout any item completely free using Topcashback (Link to Site) they are currently paying out as a promotion at 2% vice 1. If you've not used it before, it might not seem like much, but it really does add up over time. I've accumulated around £550 over the course of about six years solely from cashback from mostly eBay purchases and other retailers - hopefully that Pullman will still be on offer when I manage to accumul
  4. Couple from AC Slotcars on eBay - again, one of each but they put similar items on from time to time. Both are used, so would advise to study photographs carefully. Previously bought a used model off them that was in fantastic condition, but as always with delicate models - pays to be careful. EDIT - NOW SOLD Dogbox in GWR livery - £95 (free post with Best Offer available): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hornby-R3662-GWR-Class-153-No-153368-DCC-Ready/143651726794?hash=item21724f65ca:g:CwkAAOSwjWRe6KgB EDIT - NOW SOLD Locomotion R3377 King George V - £120 (free p
  5. AC Slotcars of Eastleigh have recently been listing some competitively priced items on eBay. Typically marked as Second Hand, a number appear to be as new and excellently priced. Here is a link to their items filtered by train items and newly listed: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Model-Railways-Trains/180250/m.html?item=143646670003&hash=item2172023cb3%3Ag%3A39QAAOSwaYle~Fip&_ssn=acmodels2&_sop=10&_sac=1 It is difficult to pull out individual items as they are typically one of each and sell quite quickly, so worth keeping a keen eye on. There is
  6. 31-995 available for £3 under the Hereford price at Footplate models with three left in stock at the time of posting: https://footplate.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=38_60&products_id=5218 It does pay to do just a little bit of research before posting.
  7. I think you missed the point of my post. Not sure whether you have been following this thread from its inception, but in case you haven't, we have been through this cycle many, many times before. We always end up back in the same place, hence it is not quite as simple as you are suggesting and thus the reason for my post. Suggest you check with your local bookmaker for odds on 'stern post highlighting thread is for posting of bargains only, people start discussing bargains, the weather, pricing policies and everything else, bargain police swoop in resulting in another stern post h
  8. Roy - this goes back to the post that I made recently. This will continue to happen no matter what thread iteration or policing you apply to the thread. By the nature of a forum, people naturally want to discuss things - it doesn't matter how many times you point out the so-called 'rules', it's part of being human to question. You can either moan at those who do, or you can provide a platform for them to facilitate it whilst keeping to the aim of the thread in keeping bargains at the top. As previously mentioned, you would need a fundamental change to the structure to achieve that in my opinio
  9. I have used the `Sell Similar item' before when doing this to retain the listing structure and amend the photographs, and have made sure that it is deducted from my total allowance. As per my original post, I was still charged for it as they suggested that the items were actually relists, but I advised them that they were not because there was no ended listing for them to be a relist of!
  10. That was the peculiar thing with mine - they were being deducted from the total as you can see it in the Selling part of the dashboard within the app. However, they then tried to say to me that I hadn't signed up for it because the message they sent through my eBay inbox was showing as unread, as i'd actually signed up via the email link instead. They did accept my explanation, however to be double sure this time, I have taken a snapshot on my phone as proof in case that reason is used again.
  11. Just thought I would post this here for the benefit of the modelling community. Long story short - if you have sold items recently under eBay's £1 max final value fee promotion, just be wary on your invoices that eBay have not charged you the 10% rate. Long story: During the lockdown, I have been quite efficient in sorting through some items in and around the home to sell on eBay. Given their recent £1 maximum final value fee promotional days and the ability for courier services to collect items with a door to door delivery, it seemed an ideal opportunity to clear out s
  12. The intention of posting the video wasn't to that effect. A bargain had been posted for £75 down from an RRP of £159. A similar bargain was posted recently, but after watching Sam's video I opted against purchasing so just wanted to make other potential buyers aware that they knew what they were letting themselves in for. As is the mantra of this thread, the definition of a bargain is decided by the potential purchaser. Personally, I found Jason's comment rather condescending which is a shame, but that is a whole new topic and this should stick to bargains. As I say - video posted
  13. Thanks - saw an interesting (and honest) video review on Youtube recently of a 1361 - link is here in case anyone is interested in purchasing one of them:
  14. No worries - just thought i'd check before doing so. Given the excitement over Ellis Clark and Hereford, I was conscious of the possibility of a number of people calling up to ask the same question!
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