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  1. To try to find a single part water that would be compatible with Liquitex Acryic paint applied directly to extruded foam I tested Liquitex Pouring medium and this seemed to be ok as an artificial water. I used this Pouring medium to make my canal surface. Because the base turned out to be not completely level, it took 5 days for the fluid to become transparent at the deeper end (at first it comes out white). The label says it is non-yellowing, so I hope that it will be ok in the long term but we'll see... I'm happy at the moment.
  2. Thanks for this info which I found while searching for the cause of this same problem. I had made test samples using Aqua Magic on top of Liquitex Basics acrylic paint applied directly to extruded foam sheet and obtained the same short straight rumpling of the surface. It was worse in the samples where some Wickes emulsion paint had been mixed with the Liquitex. if Sculptamold or Hypocal Light was spread on the foam, then the Aqua Magic on Liquitex paint was perfectly ok, so I am guessing that the foam reacted with the Liquitex in some way, causing the problems with the Aqua Magic.
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