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  1. I do apologise, sorry yes this should be in the 4mm scale area. I'll look to move the post, Thanks for spotting, Andy.
  2. Hi All, Well I've made a start on scratch building an TMD engine shed. In the very early stages and hope to keep you updated on my progress. The scale i think needs some adjustment, after gluing together and placing on the layout it needs a few tweaks. Going forward i will be cladding the building with the inclusion of a brick base around a 1/4 high. Guttering and internal detail/lights etc to be applied. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Andy A small video clip of the cutting https://we.tl/t-oDmtqajXCp
  3. Thanks so much for sharing all of your efforts. The layout looks fantastic, and appreciate sharing all the scratch building techniques. Great Job, and thanks!
  4. Hi All. Is it really that hard to plan your layout? I've now got the baseboards down, I've gone for solid tops for now. The plan was to go with a full loop, i could add a hinged section i suppose but for now i'm going for end to end. I have an idea of a TMD, small station and something else. Not too bothered about lots of track, the TMD will have a few sidings and spurs. Really love some of the layouts on this site and hope to inspire from these to creeat a nice layout. Before starting i thought the baseboards would be tricky that's the easy part. I just can;t get my head aro
  5. What a fantastic Model Railway, not all about full length trains passing. This has given me a real inspiration to a 00 layout i'm just starting. N gauge was going to be my scale due to size but your layout has given me confidence things can be done in smaller spaces. Absolutely stunning you should be very proud!.
  6. HI All, Many exhibition layouts have a curtain/blind to cover hide the undersides of the baseboards. Could anyone point me in the direction of a supplier of the material? Thanks Andy.
  7. Thank you all for the kind response. It's very helpful absorbing everyone's input and gives me confidence in my decision making. I'm looking to replicate to a degree the Peak Forest quarry, albeit some changes to make everything fit. I do prefer near to scale trains, N gauge would really work in the scenario. From your feedback, i think i'm going to persevere and hope over time my technique gets better. I enjoy the hobby no matter how frustrated i get it's takes me away from the hectic daily work schedule. Thanks again.
  8. Hi All, I'm after some advice regarding N gauge modelling. I've recently taken up the hobby after many years of thinking and a spare room in the house becoming available. During the Warley model rail show (NEC) i purchased two n gauge diesel locos a few wagons and some track. The space i have is limited and N gauge gives me a true model with loco's pulling a number of wagons that pleasing to the eye. My main problem is handling the models, I've recently added the detailing kit to the front of a class 66 but found it a nightmare. I have hands like shovels unfortunately and fou
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