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  1. Playing about with track plans whilst admiring the new bodied tractor.. Does anyone spot the small change to the layout? It’s subtle.... Video on the boards:
  2. Thanks, it’s a rather photogenic spot!
  3. 37411 joined the fleet yesterday, she replaces 37520. I’ve now got purely EWS 37’s and will be looking for 1-2 more to complete the stock. Also now on the look out for an Arriva 142, another 150/156 & possibly going for the Arriva bubble car.
  4. Getting a little carried away with black and white photography in the shed, I really need to get on with actually building a layout but they are just so pretty!
  5. I’ve had a rediculous reaction to the pictures on Facebook so I published the video early for those who want to see me make a hash of building it. I really can’t recommend this kit enough, it’s been a really enjoyable build which anyone with PVA and spray cans will be able to build. In the video of the description is a code for free shipping with any order, save you £5-10 to spend elsewhere.
  6. It was built over a few nights, I’ve estimated about 8 hours build time though. The biggest time sink is the drying of glue and paint.
  7. After moving on from the retaining walls, I finally got round to building the Railway Laser Lines 2 Road, 4 Loco shed. What a kit this is! I’ve took the decision to leave the side windows off for easy viewing into it at shows.
  8. Finally got round to finishing the filming of the retaining wall, this at time’s has been a real struggle to get finished but totally worth it. I think it works really well and clearly defines the two area’s of operational interest.
  9. Phew! Overall it took me about 6 hours spaced over a few days to get them finished but I’m really happy with the result. I’ve managed to repurpose a bridge set as well at the end that was a perfect fit so I didn’t have to kit bash a wall piece to fit, 8 foot of Metcalfe Models and Toys retaining walls.
  10. So today, I had a little play with the second arch too, here’s how it looks. I agree at the end is best.
  11. Slow and steady progress, I’m still unsure on the arch placement. I might move them both to one side of the layout and make them arched lockup’s.
  12. Metcalfe Models and Toys wall kits from Hattons Model Railways are going up now. First kit assembled in just over an hour whilst I follow the instructions. Il most likely end up doing one or two packs a night just so to break up the task. I’ve also started experimenting with one of the previous tunnel mouths to add a bit or variance into the wall, either will end up as a spares type lockup or an access way into the depot.
  13. Got round to installing the walls for the raised section, left the bottom one out to turn into the tunnel entrance. The raised section now sits 3&1/2 inches higher than the ground level which should leave a nice edge for the retaining walls and still allow to see the tops of things like line side cabinets.
  14. Finally getting back into the swing of things now, in this video I go over the changes, some of the reasons why and what to expect going forward. Cottesmore MPD | New Exhibition Layout.
  15. To catch up, pictures added are the board itself with my first stages of planning, I’m now leaning towards the lower level exiting under the raised section so they both exit at the same point of the board just on different levels. Higher level to feature a passing loop to allow the loco hauled units to run round to the front and will contain low relief buildings to add some detail up there. Yet to be planned in motorway style road bridge to span the layout to act as a scenic break and add further interest on another level.
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