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  1. Il admit to getting a little carried away after the paint dried ....
  2. And now the paints all applied, the final look of the boards. I’ve used ‘First Dawn’ for the backscene blue and Richa Black’ for the sides and fascia’s both are Dulux from B&Q. Now to find a nice timber merchant for the legs and under frame.
  3. The new baseboards have arrived and are slowly taking shape, off the B&Q midweek to get the timber for the legs so for now, they are on the newly assembled workbench. I could never of made these myself, the best thing I did was buy Tim Horn boards, highly recommend.
  4. After knowing my new baseboards from Tim Horn Lasercutting will be despatched next week a frantic weekend of tidying, condensing and boxing the old layout boards up for their new owner has been completed! I’ve managed to do away with all the really useful storage boxes and everything is now in or on the IKEA workbench, the new carpet has also been fitted, albeit loosely for now and the old carpet has been cut into a nice little doormat to attempt to keep this one tidy! Next steps, I need to fit cable holes and management clips into the workbench so another trip to IKEA beckons. Links for the units in case anyone is interested: - Shelving Units: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/alex-drawer-unit-blue-40410340/ - Central Unit: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/alex-drawer-unit-on-castors-blue-40410439/ - Workbench Top: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/linnmon-table-top-black-brown-80251358/ - Adjustable Legs: https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/gerton-leg-adjustable-chrome-plated-60261626/
  5. So with a bit of extra cash spare (at Christmas, I know!) I’ve took the plunge and I’ve ordered new Tim Horn baseboards with scenic surrounds to move the layout onto. I have gone for a slightly smaller set than the current layout so now I won’t need to hire a van to move it about, These new boards measure 6ft x 1.5ft with a 2ft x 1.5ft fiddle yard board for cassette working. Ive admired Tim’s work for a long time but just never had the cash to order a full set in one go, these are due end of January so work on the current boards will obviously be very limited between then and now. Excited! I’ve also attached the proposed plan with the fiddle yard planned to be on the left of the layout (as you face it) the white box is the current shed which will be retained and at the back of the layout.
  6. Concrete Bob’s in for some TLC at Cottesmore TMD overnight, what a stunning model!
  7. Newly acquired TEA tankers get the depot treatment today!
  8. The backscenes from ID Backscene are in, a little frustrating but the use of the 3MM hardboard has made it really simple. It even allows me the potential to chop and change Backscenes to give the depot a different feel should the need arise. Cottesmore TMD | Installing ID Backscenes
  9. Thanks for the feedback, I guess we’ll agree to disagree. The walls at the back will be moved away from the slightly and the hardstanding will be extended into the layout.
  10. I took the plunge and added the “Distribution Depot” from ID Backscenes to 3mm hardboard and placed them on the layout for now and I must say it’s made a real difference!
  11. When Toton meets Cottesmore! With the maintenance hut from Railway Laser Lines & Project Zero finished here’s how I assembled and painted mine.
  12. I’ve omitted a few of the tiny details like the glazing and the smaller door window frames but overall im really happy with this little Railway Laser Lines & Project Zero kit, it will make a nice addition as a secondary building somewhere on the layout.
  13. Making good progress on the Railway Laser Lines & Project Zero “Toton Building” The kit is very quick to come together, I’ve probably spent longer waiting for paint to dry than assembling!
  14. New to the fleet, 60044 with TTS sound. She’s a beauty!
  15. The depot is busy and active in this running session, plenty of diesel units requiring maintenance. Cottesmore TMD | Depot Running Session
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