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  1. Just a little something I've been working on when I get the chance: Lynton & Barnstaple Railway coach No.16 as a 3D printable 'kit'. Modelling in 1:35 scale, but it's easy enough to rescale to whatever (see image of 4mm, 7mm, 1:35, and 16mm scales). Not happy with the door vents, those'll need redoing, but it's coming together slowly.
  2. Fool's Paradise - Buddy Holly
  3. I bought a PS3 just so I could play The Last of Us; still the only game I have for that console. Great game. If anyone here likes incremental games (cookie clicker, kittens game, etc.) and also railways (above average chance of that here), I've started writing a little Railway-Builder incremental game. If you'd like to give it a go, it runs in the browser: https://ticklishhoneybee.github.io/ClicketyClack/ Still quite early in development, but some friends have been playing it, so you should get some fun out of it.
  4. Not entirely sure if I'm back, or just lurking for a bit. But hi anyway.
  5. I did the maths on solar panels and batteries here a little while ago, and it'd cost less to go solar than to pay one electricity bill. If I wasn't planning on moving out soon(ish) I'd be on solar already. Admittedly I have very low energy needs, and it'd cost more if I had to include heating a UK house in winter, but it'd certainly be paid for well before it wore out.
  6. Hello you lot, 'sbeen a while; still see a few familiar faces (or nicknames, at least) around though.
  7. I got a surprising 'Your registration is complete!' email from rmweb last night... then another, and another... there's been a few. Came to see what's going on, couldn't log on, had to reset my password... let's see if I keep getting emails.
  8. Morning all. General salutations, commiserations, congratulations, and such, to everyone; seeing as I've missed over a hundred pages in 'ere. The humidity this summer has been horrendous (90%+ a lot of the time), thus, so far this year I've only managed to get into the workshop for any appreciable amount of time once. I've mostly just been living in front of the air-con vent, and sleeping a lot. At least summer is a good excuse for making ice cream; so I made some strawberry ice cream, it was delicious, even dad liked it.
  9. Sort of near me, in an Aussie kind of relative distance way. The area's flooded, so there's a bit of trouble getting to the wreck. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-12-27/freight-train-derails-in-outback-queensland-near-julia-creek/7055686
  10. Indeed, a Taig II (I've never heard of a Taig I, but I'm guessing it must have existed at some point) which dad bought back in the 80's. I also have just about every accessory ever made for it (including the vertical slide so it can be used as a mill) which makes tricky jobs easier than would normally be the case for such a small lathe. Here's the axle bushes, with a close-up that shows that I did not perhaps de-burr them as well as I thought I had. These will get loctited into the frames, normally I'd aim for a light interference (press) fit, but I can just imagine the thin frames doing a banana impression should I try. Next, axles.
  11. Thanks Jock, same to you (and Joanna). Here's a bit of an in-progress shot of the bush material in the lathe, just after drilling. As the spindle bore on the headstock of this lathe is tiny, one can't just chuck the material and start turning, so the fixed steady is in use. Three mostly finished bushes are in front of the lathe, once I've made the last one these will be put in the chuck and faced to length. Then it's onto the axles.
  12. I turned up a couple of experimental axle bushes, the axle material I have is ¼" bright steel, so I was hoping I'd be able to leave the outer diameter of the material as it is and drill the axle bushes to suit. Alas that was not to be. The material is a few thou over ¼", so a ¼" hole is too tight, but they're not big enough for 6.5mm to work either (¼" being 6.35mm). So it looks like I'll just have to turn the axles to 6mm diameter, which is what I was expecting to have to do anyway. So here's a couple of axle bushes, though these are both destined for the scrap bin due to the axle holes being too big, as mentioned. The axle blanks are also visible in the background, along with the bronze rod for the bushes.
  13. That swearing you heard was me breaking a tap. So after a week of not being able to get into the workshop for a variety of reasons, tonight I worked on getting the rear buffer beam bolted in place; and promptly broke the M2 tap on the last hole (it's always the last one). Fortunately I was able to screw the broken bit out fairly easily, with no damage to the stretcher, so when I get another it'll be a fairly simple job of finishing the thread. As no one local stocks small taps (other than in cheap boxed sets that I wouldn't touch if they paid me), the chances of getting one before the year's out is slim due to all the holidays and such; but you never know, I may be lucky. So here's the frames, with both buffer beams, sans one bolt. While the broken tap is annoying (and basically comes down to me being thug-handed), it's not a show-stopper. I can finish attaching the buffer beam when the tap arrives, and in the meantime get on with doing the axle bushes, axles, etc.
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