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  1. Its good to see the new painted samples with the new BSI couplings etc. Although a bit odd 150232 being numbered 150216 in the painted samples, hopefully will stay as 232 so it doesn't clash with the Kernow ltd edition FGW 150
  2. It depends on the type of coach as alot of Hornby coaches use the old Lima tooling which are fixed together differently. Usually you can tell the difference between the Lima tooling mk3s and Hornby as the Lima have a texture on the underside and Hornby are smooth. Anyway the Hornby mk3s are held together with 4 clips, two either side of the coach. With the Lima tooling mk3s the roof unclips with the removal of the coach ends and lightly pushing the windows in until they can clear the bodywork. I believe that's how it's done but it would be best to wait for
  3. I filmed it at truro on its third day of testing, can't seem to copy the link from YouTube tho
  4. The powercars tend be swapped around every so often, think the first 2+4 set was run with 43093/016 which I'm assuming is why Hornby opted to do those powercars in the pack released last year along with the SD mk3s
  5. Thanks for the reply Mike Can I suggest some large logo MRL JNAs for a possible new livery? (Not my pic)
  6. Noticed the VTG blue JNAs have almost sold out on the website, is there any chance there might be another batch in the future?
  7. Bachmann did 57603 in GWR a few years ago, the new one is 57602
  8. Need local lines on the 150s too!
  9. Would love one but looking at some of the issues that have been brought up in not actually sure one would run around my Clay Dries without derailing, considering it uses alot of set track curves and points, plus a fairly steep incline to get to it. My Bachmann 66s seem to navigate it fine now but even they required me to make a few changes to the trackwork at first.
  10. I defo would, same with a pair of GWR 150/0s
  11. Bachmann website now has October 2020 as the ETA for the 150s
  12. I understand tooling that is why it's taken so long, tempted to get myself two GWR ones instead of just the one now though
  13. Does anyone know if any progress was revealed on the upcoming class 150s from Bachmann yesterday? Thanks
  14. You forgot the "At that price they can keep it!"
  15. Just pre ordered 66118, hopefully not long until she'll be joining 040 & 065 to work my clay
  16. Brilliant! Was hoping someone would list the coach numbers just written down the numbers for XC03 so I know what to order. Gonna be getting two GWR rakes anyways so don't have to worry about the numbers for them, just buy one of each.
  17. Wishlist from Bachmann: Class 150 in both Wessex Trains maroon and FGW 'local lines' Class 158 in Wessex trains/ Alphaline and FGW 'local lines' Retooled class 165/166 turbos Another run of Class 57, 57604 'pendennis castle' with updated GWR logos under the cabs. Obviously I doubt all of these would be announced in the same year but even one would be fab!
  18. Very pleased with this announcement! Defo getting an example in both GWR and FGW to join my fleet , may even get two GWR ones to double them up!
  19. My mistake, I live in Cornwall so just assumed it was the entirety of the south west that didn't get 5 car 800s anymore, although since I made the original comment I have known of 3 or 4 of them to have come down here
  20. Now some of the XC ones are showing spring 2020
  21. Does anyone know the current due dates for the GWR and XC versions please? The Hornby website is in a bit of a muddle with different coaches saying either autumn 2019 or Winter 2019-2020 and hasn't been updated for a while. Many thanks
  22. Cheers guys, expect I'll find a way to get enough money for them, was gonna get two GWR 2+4 rakes once Hornby release the sliding door MK3s but I don't mind forfiting one for a couple of these, got a colas 70 I can part with too! That'll be enough to get me 5 JNAs at least
  23. Hopefully the VTG blue ones won't sell out too quickly then, Need to save!
  24. Can't wait for the GWR one, fingers crossed for a FGW 'local lines' one to appear somewhere in the next few batches, maybe even some 158/9s in the GWR/FGW liveries
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