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  1. Yes, I find the 'Model Air' range of Vallejo are probably better weathering colours but I only have one, the rest are normal Vallejo, I have found they are not completely matte in appearance. For this reason I have preference for Tamiya (on locos anyway) for now. Connor
  2. Very Nice Tony. That oil seepage is a pain, in fact I have turned to acrylics (mostly Tamiya and Vallajo) for the moment to try and counter the problem, so far it has worked, still experimenting though. Connor
  3. Hi Jack, Yes, decoders are becoming more expensive, although, nowadays I get most of my locos fitted by Kernows or Hattons, depending on where I get them or I order the standard Hattons decoder and fit it myself. I think you could get them from DCC supplies at one stage but they seem to have run out of stock. A shop over in New South Wales called Casula Hobbies has them but they are $67 AUD each, bit expensive for my liking. You could get them from TCS directly which are about $37 (US) each but that's my suggestion, I reckon the standard Hattons one is a similar style and would fit too. Good Luck Connor
  4. Good to see that you are back with some more locos Jack, has been a while and it is always enjoyable viewing this thread. From memory, I have fitted a number of M7s with TCS DP2X-UK decoders which are direct 'plug and plays' and didn't involve any weight removing. Hope this helps. Connor
  5. Agreed, no Competition there. a C38 (streamlined) is my choice for the tender variety. British tank wise, probably an A5. Connor
  6. The Most Elegant 4-6-0 has to be a Great Western Hall (with 4000g Collett tender) without a doubt, probably followed by a Castle. For me there are a number of better looking LNER 4-6-0s than the B17, not well proportioned with those big wheels, a Thompson B1 has a much better balance to it. A B12/3 or a GCR 4-6-0 have to be my picks for a LNER based ten wheeler. Connor
  7. I would say that the Billiton E4 is the probably the most attractive 0-6-2 Tank. As a Great Western fan I find it a bit challenging not to nominate a product of Swindon but I just don't think the 56xx are particularly good looking locos, probably because of the intended freight use instead of the more graceful lines of Passenger 0-6-2 Tanks. Cheers Connor
  8. Graceful has to be the GW 2800 but I would say the 2884 is better looking just from the cab perspective. However, the 47xx is the best, just beasts, especially with a Collett 4000g tender. Connor
  9. Atlantic has to be an LBSCR H2 (in Southern Green, not that awful Brown). Connor
  10. Here's my two bobs on the 2-6-0. GWR 43xx best, hands down. Also don't mind the look of the LBSCR Ks, they have a purposeful look about them. Don't mind the look of most moguls that I think of it although never thought much of the LNER K3, too out of proportion. Connor
  11. I found a picture of #4903 Astley Hall at Oxford in 1956 in what is supposedly BR Mixed Traffic lined black but it is unlined with no emblem on the tender and just lining present on the loco, mind you it is in fairly clean, presentable condition. The book is L.Waters 'Great Western Halls and Modified Halls' Thought it might be if interest to you. Connor
  12. Not sure any Halls ran in plain black in BR days as were lined in red and white when painted in black. From the mid 50s they were painted in lined green. In saying that some may have carried the GWR Wartime Black into early BR days with the lettering changed but I'm not 100% sure about that. Connor
  13. Thanks for that, it is only on this piece of track and it seems to stay on the track around the tightest curves (and they are some tight ones!) and the track does drop rather than lift on the derail hotspot ((he other end where it lifts slightly seem to cope better). I might consider something similar to you as you are right the flanges are very fine. Connor
  14. No I haven't, will have a look with a gauge and see if that fixes things
  15. Has anyone had trouble with the pony-truck of the 47xx derailing on slightly suspect track. Mine is notorious for derailing even at slow speeds on the lift up section, unfortunately it is difficult to get this track absolutely perfect because of the need of it to move (lift up and down), temperature changes don't help either. In saying this all other locos behave 99% of the time and I have seen worse track. I have tried adding some weight to the truck in the shape of some small bits of lead sheet but there isn't a whole lot of room and it made no difference. It doesn't derail normally either as it just jumps off. Some solutions would be greatly appreciated Connor
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