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  1. I realise this is a rather late question John, are those particular Railtec transfers under the 'Custom' Text transfer product. Hoping to change my set from Birmingham to London Division Connor
  2. Fascinating, would have thought Oxford would have had a division but I guess the proximity to London makes sense to be within the London Division. Does anyone know the appropriate coach numbers for these sets? Connor
  3. No Worries John, completely understand. Connor
  4. Thanks so much John, however, I am modelling pre-nationalisation, is there a chance that is possible with your expertise? Connor
  5. Thanks. I have unscrewed every screw there is in the body and it is clear that the lugs present indicate that the body can be disconnected from the footplate but it is solidly stuck to the smokebox. Connor
  6. Hi All, This has probably been covered before here but I thought I would ask just in case. I am intending on modelling an adaptation of Princess Risborough and Thame and I know Large Prairies (51xx and 61xx) were a common sight on this line with suburban trains (I assume often with these sets) due to the proximity to Oxford and Aylesbury. I have the 4 car set of the Birmingham Division that was released, was there an Oxford Division set that I could renumber it to to make it more appropriate for the layout. If so, where would be the best place to get transfers from? Regards Connor
  7. That is a good point, would be a to remove without removing any lining Connor
  8. Hi Everyone, I am after some clarification in regards to the most recent releases by Hornby of the Bow End Coaches. The new release (see link below) has the different coat of arms to the original release which was the shirt button. I believe this is current release is of the earlier livery i.e. around 1927-33 with the Coat of Arms and 'GWR' below the waistline? Am I correct? In saying this, would this livery be easier to change to the 1945 livery introduced by Hawksworth with 'Great Western' either side of the coat of arms given the coat of arms is visible. Obviously I understand the coaches should be weathered to suit the period (around 1940-47) which I eventually intend on modelling. https://www.hattons.co.uk/431070/hornby_r4680a_collett_corridor_brake_third_right_hand_4941_in_gwr_chocolate_and_cream/stockdetail.aspx Thanks Connor
  9. Hi Everyone, I am wondering if someone can help in regards to the Hornby H class. I would like to get into the cab to add a crew and even into the coal bunker to see if I can fit a keep-alive decoder. I have taken all the screws out of the body and I can see about 8 lugs the body side and can push a screwdriver through the lugs which relieves the back end but the smokebox end won't budge. Has anyone tried a similar thing or have any advice on removing the 'floor'? Regards Connor
  10. Looking beautiful John, I notice the signal in the first photo is lit. Remind me, are they working Dapol signals, with a few modifications? Regards Connor
  11. These photos look fantastic Tony as others have commented. I particularly like the oily look of the valve gear on 'Hale O' The Wynd' and 'Cock of the North,' looks like a real locomotive. How was this achieved? Regards Connor
  12. Nothing wrong with the weathering on the B1, considering your period i.e. 1947 Connor
  13. The B1 looks excellent as does the rest of the stock. Are you modelling the Central region of the Southern Jack to warrant a 6 wheel tender 'King Arthur?' Or is it just for fun? Regards Connor
  14. Was it one of these? I found this on the Comet Models website. It's a Driving Trailer, diagram A44 and build in 1955, so not technically a GW Autocoach. Regards Connor
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