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  1. Reading the links kindly provided by Purnu's reply to my OP, it seems there are plans to lay a short length of line at the farm and run a "Zyder Express" for visitors. The bizarre paint job has only recently been applied and it seems the hundreds of dots have been applied using a paint that glows when exposed to UV light.
  2. Be careful what you wish for! There's a lot of debate as to how the 769s will perform on the route. Yes, the Turbos did struggle at times but that's because they were geared for 90 mph to take advantage of Brunel's billiard table. That's why the Chiltern fleet are geared for 75 mph to cope better with the hills on that route.
  3. There were two tests last week. On Monday 769946 ran a single Reading-Didcot-Maidenhead-Reading trip on electric only. On Wednesday it did two round trips. They tried running on diesel but there were "issues" so most of the run was again on electric. A third test was planned for today but was cancelled after two of the three units at Reading were declared failures. The current tests, when they run, are being handled jointly by GWR and Colas and appear to be booked off Reading at 11:33 running as 5Q10. As I understand it, they will not change between modes on the move as it req
  4. Morning all, A long shot this, a friend spotted this industrial shunter in a yard whilst passing through Glastonbury a few days ago. Can anyone identify the type and/or its history? Note the suitably "hippy" paint job! Thanks, hopefully... Mike
  5. Looking at a few photos in my collection: 11100 October 1959: Plain black, early crest, no valences. April 1967: D2200 Green with wasp stripes, late crest, no valences. 11101 July 1955: Plain black, early crest, valences fitted. September 1965: D2201 Green with wasp stripes, early crest, valences fitted. 11102 1961: D2202 with small D, Plain black, late crest, valences fitted. 11103 August 1958: Plain black, late crest, valences fitted.
  6. Another preserved box: Romsey. Open to the public on selected dates and well worth a visit if you are in the area https://romseysignalbox.org.uk/ Not in its original position but close by and still almost next to the railway. The group have also made this miniature version of Cowley Bridge Junction which is portable.
  7. Colour Rail DE2177 shows an unidentified GRCW Class 122 at Bridport in September 1964 and I have a photo in my collection (not mine so can't post) showing a GRCW Cross Country unit, Class 119, led by W51067 on an unrecorded date but it is green with speed whiskers.
  8. I would think the annex existed in the 1930s. I can't see it being built to that ornate style after that. Likewise the canopy was probably there then too.
  9. Nice weathering but still rather too clean for most SP locos I came across most of which were closer to black and that was after the black livery had been abandoned!
  10. I'm not sure how viable this would be. There are questions being asked as to the viability of the Okehampton line. Brent's main role was, of course, as the junction for Kingsbridge. It never served a large community of its own and that hasn't grown appreciably since. Would it act as a railhead for surrounding communities? Doubtful, surely they already go to Totnes which has a better service than Ivybridge which would be the pattern for Brent if it were to reopen.
  11. Frome North Box provided the upper works for Frome Mineral Junction at Didcot.
  12. Of the 13 original WR panels only Plymouth remains intact and will probably be "last man standing". Gloucester is reasonably intact (see above) with no short-term plans for replacement. Port Talbot has already been reduced by around half and the rest will be decommissioned during a current resignalling scheme. As mentioned, only a small part of Bristol remains operative. It was a desire to keep an example of this important era of UK signalling that led us to preserve Swindon Panel in such a way that the public can not only see but operate it too - when we are allowed to reopen t
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