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  1. Brilliant news - best I've heard for ages. Something to occupy a couple of days when I should be modelling!
  2. That last one looks to be inspired by the WRs "plywood Wonders" or was it the other way around?
  3. Sorry, no. It was the best part of half a century ago . As far as I can remember they were just ordinary vans. It was the fact they were marooned that caught my attention.
  4. I did find some 12T vans inside the goods shed at Teignmouth once. The only problem was all the track outside had been lifted!
  5. I thought about that but the differences between the 2021 (and other early small wheeled Panniers) and 16xx are so great that it isn't really practical. In addition to the differences above, the 16xx had a drumhead smokebox which would require serious surgery to overcome. I would like to see a RTR 2021 some day...
  6. Except most GWR numberplates were painted cast iron not brass particularly on the smaller and less glamorous locos. Agreed that Railtec are the dog's wotsits.
  7. Are you confusing Culham which is a brick Brunel Italianate structure between Didcot and Oxford, with Charlbury which is a simpler, but still magnificent, timber structure on the Oxford to Worcester line? Paul Karau's book on the Henley Branch (Wild Swan) has drawings of the original station buildings and goods shed at Twyford which were similar in style to Culham and might be useable.
  8. Somewhat surprised at the complaints from Scarborough. When Chiltern switched from 67s to 68s there was a very favourable reaction from the neighbours at Stourbridge Junction who had in the past complained vigorously at the noise levels of the 67s. Perhaps its because those sensitive Yorkshire ears haven't previously been exposed to anything louder...
  9. Were a line subsequently be rebuilt and reopened, most bridge would in any case be replaced to bring them in line with modern standards.
  10. Some from deepest Kernow. Goonbarrow Junction St. Blazey. Par. Incidentally, St. Blazey to Goonbarrow Junction is the last section on Network Rail's Western Route to still employ box to box EKT working although there are many examples of NST (No Signaller Token) working to be found.
  11. All look pretty much the same to me so I'd say generic. Wonder what's being said at a certain retailer right now... ?
  12. The top half of Aylesbury South survives at Swithland Sidings on the GCR. The surviving Princes Risborough 'Box was the North Box and did indeed control all the four routes radiating from the north end of the station. It also assumed control of the London end following the closure of the South Box after the demise of the goods yard.
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