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  1. Which is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/109619289726001/ Richard
  2. I'm not sure of the source of that particular map, it's clearly from one of the many pieces of LNWR publicity printed by McCorquodale . I suspect it has been selected for the LNWRS website because it's relatively compact There are many others, for instance: http://www.lnwrs.org.uk/Sales/map.php The answer appears to be that keen to make the LNWR look as impressive as possible, railways that included through working for LNWR carriages is included. It's much the same for any of the pre-grouping companies, a GWR map would similarly extensive R
  3. There's a similar product but fibre based that B&Q sell, green stuff in packs. I have used that - under the flooring in my modelling room Richard
  4. I have also posed the question on the LNWRS Facebook group, which is rather more active
  5. My understanding is that the thin lines are where the LNWR had running rights. I'll ask on the LNWRS forum Interesting question Richard
  6. And be aware, you are teetering on the edge of a scary aspect of any modelling. What's going to happen is this: You search for appropriate decals and find a really attractive scheme. Only then you find it is for a different mark/block/series of aeroplane to the one you are modelling. But there is an aftermarket resin kit that will correct the model to be the mark/block/series you want. And the kit also includes some other part to 'improve' the accuracy, so you'll fit that too. Meanwhile you found an aftermarket cockpit/landing gear/missile pack/gun installation/ejector seat/pilot t
  7. If you design a 'left hand' one and turn it over, you'd have a right hand one. Only it's likely the material finish is different side to side. So one board with the components fitted either side and you have what i think I'm seeing Richard
  8. Isn't it the same board, turned over with the components mounted on the underside?
  9. Off the wall suggestion Call in at your nearest Games Workshop when it is relatively quiet. They are keen on getting people to make things and are usually happy to get you doing something. Yes it will be fantasy wargaming, the skills are very transferable They'll get you using acrylics with water - very versatile. I much prefer acrylics Richard DO NOT buy any Empire/Catachans/Space Marines - you'll end up in a whole new world of modelling that way
  10. Was it BRUTEs that were made up into trains and hauled down the slopes and under the tracks at New Street? Richard
  11. Their website: http://www.cs.rhrp.org.uk/se/CarriageInfo.asp?Ref=5628 Richard
  12. I'm not sure it was that clear cut at the time. There was a lot of scepticism that a metal wheel on a metal rail could provide enough traction to move a train. Brunton's horse uses existing technology* to provide the contact with the ground What I think is more obvious is the limitation of the design because it has to rely on the weight of the loco. The model lifts the rear wheels off the ground, the full size one would almost certainly do the same when the load got too great Richard *you know what I mean
  13. I'm now waiting for a detailed analysis of £ per class per linear foot of model Enquiring minds need to know! Richard
  14. Do you know about this?: http://lnwrs.org.uk/Modelling/4mm.php Richard
  15. Bus? http://www.lnwrs.org.uk/Map/index.php Richard
  16. I've avoided being norty and asking for LNWR Commode door handles...
  17. Do you want to borrow a Megger tester? Richard
  18. It isn't you that started this myth, Craig. It's somehow got into this thread that LNWR carriages are exceptional With my L&NWR hat on, this is obviously true. With my 'generic' hat on, I could probably find as many Midland/GWR/GER carriages that are as exceptional as the LNWR The L&NWR is not a special case* Richard *except in all the occasions when it clearly is, of course
  19. Not so, if you go back to my post just after Cliffs, you'll see the expectation was the lead was part of the equipment. Kettle leads post date his (and my) anecdote Richard
  20. Where has this come from? If you are 'into' this stuff, all the pre-grouping carriages are significantly different to each other. The L&NWR is not exceptional, apart from the livery. They are all the same in that they are all different I can sense a new pre-grouping myth taking wing here Richard
  21. When worried about the effect of PAT testing on our computers, we kept an eye on the tester. We eventually caused him a problem by pointing out the new SUN machines we had had separate leads, so labelling the plug was a bit pointless He stopped testing and went to ask for advice, I don't remember seeing him again Richard
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