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  1. Nice progress Jerry. I think the office looks well against the engine shed.
  2. Hi Marly51 this sounds like an interesting cakebox build and you have some nice bits already.
  3. Malcolm it’s great to see colliery layouts. You have captured the scene really well and you have good modelling skills. Thanks for sharing this lovely layout.
  4. Nice start Steve you have got the main part of the layout sorted.
  5. Morning a little more work has been completed on my boxfile sidings. All brick walls have been fitted and a sloping tile roof has been added to the front of the warehouse. The tops of the remaining walls will have some rendering added to finish them off properly. Here are a couple of pictures of my work so far.
  6. Sounds interesting Luke. The Hornby Peckett is great to have on any layout and I can’t wait to watch the build.
  7. Thanks Jerry. I hope to spend some more time tomorrow on my boxfile.
  8. TechnicArrow a like the shunting operations video and the working wells crane kit.
  9. Some more work commenced today on my boxfile. Some of the brick wall is glued in place and the goods platform is fitted in place.
  10. Can I ask why the forum does not have smilies for us to use when replying to posts.
  11. Nice work Geoff. I like how you have broken a fence board for the trainspotters to get through. Look forward to more of your work.
  12. Kevo nice work on the coal hopper, great modelling.
  13. Jerry thanks. I have just finished glueing down the track and glueing the supports ready to accept the walled area of the goods building.
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