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  1. Please appreciate that our staff who look after answering your questions, process your orders and send out your parcels are all on furlough. At the moment there is no indication when either Locomotion or York will be able to reopen to enable staff to return to process the orders that have been raised. These will take priority. The Heljan Class 33/1 'Hertfordshire Rail Tours' will require our immediate attention the minute we get back to work and the Terrier is also due to arrive in the country and that will also require priority treatment. At the moment we do not have the resources to deal with lots of APT-E enquiries. We are well aware of the APT-E thread and will revisit it only as and when we have the resources and the time to do so. We are not ignoring it but we have to concentrate of what is being delivered and what is in the production chain for delivery later this year. I trust that this explains our current position. We look forward to getting back to business as soon as it is safe to do so and being able to get your outstanding orders processed and delivered. So please hold off bombarding us with APT-E requests until after this dreadful panademic is well and truly over! Dennis Lovett Locomotion Models
  2. On behalf of the Locomotions Models team, we congratulate Andy and his colleagues on raising an outstanding amount (and hopefully one that is still growing) for a very worthwhile cause in these somewhat stange and trying circumstances. Anyone who has ever been involved in organising or helping with a raffle for their club's exhibition will know how difficult it is to do so! Thanks also to our fellow traders and manufacturers for the support they have given, which is even more difficult with the exhibitions and clubs at a standstill, although thankfully those who provide a mail order service have managed to keep supplies moving whilst the front door to the shop is firmly bolted!. As Andy says it was particularly fitting that we provided a model of 'Hertfordshire Rail Tours' on the day that the sad passing of John Farrow was announced. John was instrumental in taking trains of enthusiasts around the country at weekends in addition to non enthusiasts who just enjoyed a good day out. We did so willingly, although it was only later in the day that we became aware that John had been a victim of this dreadful disease. For those wondering how we could donate a model that had not yet been released, they arrived just before we closed the museums at York and Shildon. They would have gone out had not the situation worsened and facilities such as ours required to close until further notice. To those who have pre-ordered we will despatch these as soon as we are able to return to work and can collect balances (if required), process the paper work and get them packed ready for transit to you. We will then have them available for purchase, so if you don't win the one on offer here, then we will be happy to sell you one on-line or at a future exhibition such as Alexandra Palace, The Great Electric Train Show or Warley, assuming of course that Covid-19 has been well and truly beaten and we are allowed to congregate together again. To the eventual winner, please appreciate that until we reopen we cannot send it to you- but rest assured we will do so once this is possible. Please give generously and above all stay safe and well. We look forward to seeing you all again in the future. In the meantime, enjoy what is left of the virtual event. The Locomotion Models Team
  3. A record breakdown, van loaded and there is no traffic queues on the A64 to contend with. Just shows how we have been living in a virtual rather than the real world during the York show. Dennis Lovett Locomotion Models
  4. As this is the last day of the virtual York Exhibition, we will do something we can't do on our diorama (or in real life at the moment) and that is to open the door and let you have a look inside. Hopefully next year we can be at the Racecourse for real! Dennis Lovett Locomotion Models
  5. Happy Easter! As it is day two of our virtual appearance at the York show - we have provided an alternative view of our diorama created for us by Model Rail's Peter Marriott. A reminder that those planning to take a virtual tour down the road to the Railway Museum at York or to Locomotion at Shildon we are currently closed and will remain so until the "all clear" is sounded. Stay safe and we will see you sometime later this year! Dennis Lovett Locomotion Models
  6. LOCOMOTION MODELS - our virtual diorama For the first time in 15 years I am not on my way up the M1 and along the A64 to York on Good Friday. Arrival time is about now so we would after a well deserved cuppa have been about to set up. We will miss the usual banter with fellow exhibitors and traders as well talking to the many visitors about the National Collection in Miniature. In the meantime the diorama produced for us by Peter Marriott (of Model Rail) below would have been an integral part of our stand and used to demonstrate our growing range of models from the National Collection. Our museums at York and Shildon are currently closed for obvious reasons and our mail order and on-line operations have been temporarily suspended as we cannot get to the stock or the payment processes to send out any orders. Hopefully we can all be at York next Easter and that we will be allowed out to get to Alexandra Palace in August, GETS in October and Warley in November with the Locomotion Models stand. I can only imagine how deflated Mal and his team feel right now. Hopefully you can roll it all over to next year - at least much of the planning will be done for then. In the meantime enjoy our virtual presence on this thread. Dennis Lovett Locomotion Models
  7. Locomotion Models as part of the Science Museum Group is currently on lock down like most other organisations. The museums at York and Shildon temporarily closed on the 17th March and whilst most of us are working from home, we are unable to access our stock in order to send out any orders. Until we are given the "all clear" to return, then I can only apologise to anyone that has an order in the system and who is expecting a delivery from us. I regret that we are unable to process it for the forseeable future. We will catch up on the backlog when we can return to work. In the meantime please heed to the advice we are being given and we look forward to serving you in the future. Dennis Lovett Exclusive Models Marketing Executive Locomotion Models
  8. The retail shop is open during museum opening times. The range of Locomotion Models Exclusive Editions and catalogue items from Bachmann, Hornby etc. are available to purchase. Please ask the retail staff on the counter for assistance if the item you require is in one of the locked display cabinets. Two views of the model area of the shop are shown below. Dennis Lovett Exclusive Models Marketing Executive
  9. Both Boxhill’s (Locomotion Models and Rails of Sheffield versions) have the same realistic IEG paint finish but with detail differences. The finish is sheen not gloss. A gloss finish was initially considered for the NRM version but it did not enhance the model, in fact it looked unrealistic, therefore we did not progress it. The Locomotionmodels website product description (where deposits are taken) does not refer to a gloss finish. We are sure you will be delighted with the final rendering which is certainly not matt. We will post new images once they are received from the factory. You will appreciate that in the current circumstances in China that will not be possible until the factory reopens and work on the replacement body shells commences. We will of course keep our customers updated as and when we have something to report. Dennis Lovett Exclusive Models Marketing Executive Locomotion Models
  10. LB&SCR LIVERIED TERRIER LOCOMOTIVES AN UPDATE FROM LOCOMOTION MODELS & RAILS OF SHEFFIELD As expected, we have now received the advance production livery samples of the LB&SCR versions that were air freighted to us during the Christmas /New Year holidays. These were received for final approval earlier this week before we authorised the bulk delivery to be air-freighted to us. We hope you will agree that they do look stunning and that they will be worth the wait but we do apologise sincerely for the delays. The firebox glow also adds significantly to the appeal when running smoothly on the compensated chassis. All models now come complete with a factory fitted speaker, with simple push fit decoder fitting for those of you not ordering sound or dcc fitted. The agreement we made at the start of this project with Dapol was that we would produce museum standard, high fidelity models and at no stage have we been prepared to compromise on that despite the protracted wait. That resolve continues and we are not prepared to accept anything short of that goal Unfortunately, a boiler band registration issue was identified on the production batch sent from the factory at Christmas which had not been present on signed off livery samples. They have therefore been rejected and new bodies are to be produced as soon as possible. This cannot be easily rectified with a fully assembled working model. Please note this applies only to the LB&SCR versions for both the Locomotionmodels and Rails of Sheffield ‘Boxhill’. The NRM version is as preserved with the shorter toolbox and some minor livery differences compared to the Rails version which is as built in service livery with the longer toolbox Unfortunately, the requirement to do this coincides with the shut down ready for Chinese New Year (25th January until 8th February). Production will not likely recommence in full until the third week of February and we regret we are unlikely to see these particular versions until April 2020 (possibly late March). As soon as they are ready they will be airfreighted to the UK. We would rather delay delivery than release something that falls just short of the exacting standards we have set the manufacturer and you expect of us. We can only apologise for the disappointment that this further delay to these variants will cause. We hope you will agree with our decision to not accept any compromises after the effort which has been put into achieving the most accurate model of a ready to run Terrier yet seen. Dennis Lovett Exclusive Models Marketing Executive Locomotion Models
  11. We are pleased to share below images of the livery sample recently received from the factory. Please note the model shown is a sample from the factory and is not the final production model (any errors or issues have been reported to the factory as noted on the Rails of Sheffield thread relating to the range of A1 / A1X models being produced by the Dapol / Rails of Sheffield / Locomotion Models partnership). 'Boxhill' can be preordered for a £30 deposit through the Locomotion Models website at www.locomotionmodels.com Dennis Lovett Exclusive Models Marketing Executive Locomotion Models
  12. We have now fully investigated the non delivery of ef57's Stirling Single. The order was processed, packed and collected on 26th June (within two days). The non arrival is down to an issue with the courier company which we are now following up. A replacement was packed and sent from Shildon yesterday (16th July). I can only apologise that the problems experienced by ef57 - which were outside our immediate control. I would appreciate it if ef57 could acknowledge receipt in due course - so that we can bring this one to a close. Dennis Lovett Exclusive Models Marketing Executive Locomotion Models
  13. Once we had established that the date was June 24th rather than a year ago, we have been able to interrogate our system and have established that for some reason the order was not picked up for processing. For this I can only apologise, it is not good enough and new measures are being put in place to make sure it does not happen again. We have ef57's order and payment. The order will be processed on Tuesday when our mail order operation reopens. Again, I can only apologise but if it had been brought to our attention earlier, then we could have resolved it. Dennis Lovett Exclusive Models Marketing Executive Locomotion Models
  14. As a member of the Locomotion Models team, this is the first we have heard of this. We did ask anyone through this forum with any outstanding issues to contact us. My only surprise is it has taken 12 months to make us aware of the issue. Now we are we can resolve it. Please PM with your contact details and I will get someone to contact you. Having thought we had resolved all the outstanding issues from the inherited distribution problems, it is clear that we haven't! However, we can only resolve problems if they are brought to our attention, clearly 12 months is a long time and as the issues were well publicised on this forum and elsewhere, I am amazed ef57 did not scream before today. A new team was put in place at Locomotion Models at the end of last year. Since then we have worked hard to resolve issues and to rebuild the brand to its previously high standing within the model railway community. Stirling Singles are now almost sold out - so if anyone else ordered one and has not received it please contact us without further delay. Dennis Lovett Exclusive Models Marketing Executive Locomotion Models
  15. Rob Firstly apologies for replying to this is the Hornby Dublo thread rather than the Locomotion Models section. Secondly I was sorry to hear about your problems regarding the Stirling Single. I thought we had resolved all of the inherited problems - obviously not. Please PM with any issues outstanding and I promise to sort them for you. In the meantime if you would like a Stirling Single I can sort that too. However, we don't have that many left so please do not leave it too late to acquire one. I can only apologise for the problems you have encountered and I will be on the case in the morning to find out the background to this. Clearly it falls well short of the standards you and I expect and we have badly let you down. Fortunately I have a long standing interest in Hornby Dublo or I may not have picked up your post. Now that I have we can sort it. Dennis Lovett Exclusive Models Marketing Executive Locomotionmodels.com
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