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  1. The shot of the wagon behind the loco is interesting as it is a prewar 13 ton mineral!
  2. For post WW2 the Trunk Roads were nationalised a situation that still exists with the Highways Agency!
  3. Nothing unusual just one of the NCB Ashington locomotives fitted with electric headlights!
  4. Nice to see a Stumec modelled that looks convincing!
  5. Even in the 1980’s there were still many outstation repair sidings and were allocated their own TOPS location. Port Clarence, Marcroft on Teesside being one.
  6. Think about it rust comes from beneath the paint so start with an undercoat of rust and apply the poor paint over it on the model!
  7. Not seen any photos or models but it could be steam manifold if there is a through steam pipe?
  8. In the real world the rust comes from beneath the paint.
  9. Probably worked the way that the NCB Ashington crews operated as they were examined by a BR inspector in rules and regulations, for running on BR metals!
  10. Plenty paraffin as many BR boxes remaining using such til closure. To think I got an hours overtime every other week to fill and trim the lamps at West Blyth yard in the 1980’s.
  11. That’s the best shot of the slab oil ones I have seen as the only one I took is out of focus as I was rushing when I took it.
  12. Unfitted wagons don’t gather brake dust and timber ones don’t rust. Grab discharge is the killer for steel as it causes the paint to crack.
  13. What you describe sounds more like the rails around the veranda!
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