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  1. This was nothing to do with the Pedigree traffic on rail!
  2. The M360xxx series is not LMS but XPO purchased by BR.
  3. There was a pair converted to allow a 155 to go to a trade fair in Germany accompanied by the Brush built class 89.
  4. Remember the days when a model was announced and it was four years before you got one and all the mistakes on it because there was no feedback on design or a preproduction shown before one was shown to the Earls Court Toy Fair for trade only!
  5. Not in traffic use but numbered as an internal user!
  6. I understand that these were refurbished by Powell Duffryn at Maindy before being delivered by rail and later the BR numbers were painted out!
  7. Comparison of apples and oranges as the top one is using Beck’s method and the bottom is actually geographically correct unlike the top one.
  8. Likewise I can do the same with left and right!
  9. It’s something I’ve done since childhood as paraphrasing Eric Morcame, all the right numbers…
  10. Looks just the same wagon refurbished and reallocated with a new prefix to reflect allocated department!
  11. Its not that long ago that most Docks and Harbours were wide open and in places were almost footpaths!
  12. Obstacle deflector as fitted to class 15X series units.
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