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  1. My thoughts were on seeing the first few minutes was it is Political Correctness mixed with Equal Opportunities ! I believe the minor earthquake was actually the late Mr Wells turning in his grave!
  2. Seems a bit of deja vu when the Pacers and Sprinters were fitted with Track Circuit Activators.
  3. Even simpler they could be class 13 as they would have been in 1956 years before 1965 when the 08 locomotives were converted for Tinsley.
  4. Has anyone seen or tried a Hull trains one yet or are they the same?
  5. There was a small number of BDAs were fitted with tall stanchions and coded BTA. BSWs were just BDVs fitted with through air pipes and new stanchions but no other modifications. Mark Saunders
  6. Move on Real Time Trains for Thursday from Heaton to Worksop. https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/K05547/2019-12-05/detailed
  7. No one has thrown any money anywhere as no one has formed the next Government, all are equally useless I they all know the price of everything and value of nothing; plus pander to vested interests!
  8. The Hawksworth BG must be a favourite but I doubt they will go to the expense of retooling it to the modified non gangwayed version!
  9. It is best not to have read the book as it never made any sense to me from start to finish, rather like Edgar Rice Burrows books especially the Tarzan and Martian series! Mark Saunders
  10. There seems to a lot of hype about Permissive block lines but there is an entire Road Network including Motorways that are on the same principle. Mark Saunders
  11. There were three propelling moves that required propelling vans. South Dock to the Petrofina terminal. Seaham Polka to Seaham Colliery and Northallerton High Jct to Castle Hills Jct for the Redmire limestone trains Mark Saunders
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