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  1. Looks to be in the correct spot and closed by Arriva about five years ago!
  2. eBay is amazing it will let me buy but not leave feedback without logging in !
  3. Last years Hartlepool Exhibition one trader had Railroad ones for £5 new unboxed and could not give them away!
  4. Hence the invention of Coronation Chicken in 1953 !
  5. There was a traffic in Deep Frozen pigs lungs from Holland to Melton Mowbray for Pedigree in normal ferryvans, they were loaded frozen and defrosted en route and were ready to use on arrival!
  6. Handbags at fifteen paces has been going on forever!
  7. Anything under a 12’ foot wheelbase as overhang is not a problem!
  8. If they are the same they were used on the Railways to raise doors on MGR wagons when the Daleks failed to raise them or after maintenance!
  9. If you remember those were the days when ‘balance of trade’ was a political point!
  10. Elizabeth now resides at Middlesbrough Goods being used by Cobra, with Emma at Lackenby Beam Mill.
  11. This topic has strayed on to the 32 ton vacuum fitted Airfix kt (TSV) rather than the Airfix rtr 20 t0n unfitted one now available from Hornby and previously Dapol!
  12. She is currently doing a spell as Scottish, First Minister !
  13. It never stopped Peter Brough!
  14. I was In Sainsbury’s earlier and they now offer a self scan app to use as you shop according to their tannoy announcement!
  15. Probably cheaper to buy a non runner or invest in time and patience and filler and reconstruct the body and drill fresh holes!
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