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  1. The NER birdcage is totally changed when the birdcage is removed as on the Derwnthaugh conversion and used as tool a van, which is now at the Tanfield Railway.
  2. When built these had end platforms but were removed after the traffic in tunnel segments finished but was not immediately done!
  3. Many years ago I saw an early copy with MDO types in and the LNER timber bodied Loco Coal and other all steel types were in it!
  4. The Ferry Highs are one of the wagons that are crying out to be modelled!
  5. The White pages instructions are attached! White_Pages_JTA-JUA_i.pdf White_Pages_JTA-JUA_ii.pdf
  6. Not the only one who is suffering because of Royal Mail, mine have gone to Leyburn rather than Northallerton but likewise passé my house on the A1 to go to Low Fell to come crack south!
  7. The orange end denotes the end with the rotary coupling and the plain grey does not have/require one. This allows the wagons to be kept coupled as it is emptied in the tippler house. Hence the one all grey with the orange coupled to a grey! The rotary coupler was not required on the aggregate wagons and was deactivated hence no orange ends.
  8. What is referred to as a slope sided mineral wagon is in effect the Charles Roberts prewar design of all steel mineral wagon and as such is nothing special. In 1939 these were uprated from 14 ton to 16 ton load. They were built as per the Bachmann/Parkside kit for Denaby and Rothervale prewar and during the war for the Ministry of Transport. The MoT ones became the BR diagram 1/100 wagons. During the war Stewarts and Lloyds of Corby had a fleet built but as tipplers. The LNER had a 20 ton version for loco coal. Had the railways not been nationalised these would have bee
  9. A bit like Michael Gove and qualifications to become Education Minister is that he had once been to School!
  10. This book is recommended reading :- MODELLING HEAVY INDUSTRY – ARTHUR ORMROD https://www.railwaymodellers.com/modelling-heavy-industry-arthur-ormrod/
  11. The MoD air brakes Vans have always been camera shy but it is nice to see one in traffic!
  12. How can it be wrong when that is the way it was rebuilt ; you really mean not as the original build!
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