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  1. This is the Lima one with a conversation kit to be cut to size!
  2. The only two movement of shale/stones in MGR's that I know of are:- Gasgoigne Wood to Welbeck (Goose Hill) and Seaham to Seabanks There were non in Northumberland.
  3. This is the last of the Pollock slag ladles, it is currently at South Bank, business centre, Middlesbrough!
  4. Here are four examples available! The Lima rtr torpedo similar to those at Scunthorpe and Port Talbot The Walthers kit similar to some at Ravenscraig The State Tool & Die, Kling hot metal ladle The Walthers slag ladle as used at Ravenscraig and Lackenby
  5. Looks about right for a special order! English Steel River Don Foundry had specially built 250 ton and 300 ton multi bogie ingot carriers!
  6. That ingot would look better on a Warwell B !
  7. After all that has been said I think Douglas Adams was right!
  8. I would expect him to encourage the use of horses and carts by courier firms to deliver goods that everyone is ordering on line rather than go into towns and cities but then would complain about the excess greenhouse gas the horses produce! I wonder if he believes that with everyone working from home that there will be no need to build new communication infrastructure with all the 5G coming without any additional carbon foot print.
  9. Tynemouth Comes a close second, a good beer trail can be had around the former North Tyne loop, between Monkseaton and North Shields!
  10. The problem with the comparison of the other manufacturers models is the comparison of apples and oranges given also that the Oxford model is as far as I can tell the first that was developed as a tank rather than using a pre existing chassis!
  11. The Air Ministry tank is a serious omission from the current 4mm scale selection as they were sold on to the oil companies after the war and appeared in their liveries.
  12. Passenger trains need points with facing point locks !
  13. Then its not one train working (one engine in steam) if there is a signal box! Another train can use the branch once the first one is clear of the single line at the terminus.
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