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  1. Our Grandchildren will look back in horror at what we failed to do or when we did it failed to do it properly!
  2. The hopper is Liverpool Corporation number 368 that was delivered new post war! It differs to the prewar designs of which number 82 is the only survivor at Cottesmore. There is one at Embsay although cut down to reduce the height!
  3. The whole of British Politics has been based on short sight since the late 1970's and the long term plan forgotten! Using the logic of those opposed to spending on HS2 why was the Motorway network built when there was an existing network of Trunk Roads!
  4. It looks to me that Dapol copied the error on their "oo" model that in turn they copied from the Airfix one! Mark Saunders
  5. On the left is satin black with a rust wash, central is dark grey and right is matt black.
  6. Cambois depot was built new with these which opened in 1968.
  7. Humbrol matt 67 is a good representation of faded black and looks black as a solid colour on a model. Mark Saunders
  8. Are you sure that this traffic originated on the Continent as I understood it was roaded from the Quarry in East Yorkshire to Doncaster and replaced the rail traffic from North Ferriby in the Croxton and Garry PDA's.
  9. ‘All Animals are equal but some are more equal than others’
  10. Railway location names can be different to map locations and can vary by several miles! Stations are not exempt from this. Millerhill as a village is real but try finding it on some satellite navigation systems plus the entrance to the Yard is next to it ( the former signal box/electric depot is elsewhere).
  11. Gas' Wood is back around the corner this is South Milford but not to be confused with the station of the same name further North on the Leeds to Hull line!
  12. The idea behind the Cawoods being containerised was to avoid handling after loading at the colliery. This was to reduce breakage when being loaded into ships and then grabbed to discharge, leading to loss of value when sold as Lynemouth was loading them with high value house coal!
  13. The more recent events in 2014 at Tyne Yard that led to two locals climbing on top of the HOBC barrier wagon in an attempt to show off to their girlfriends! DB were fined £2.7 million for this and another generation makes the same mistake!
  14. The MoD ones are the former Procor/Kellys built by Procor to a different design and was available as an etched kit from A1 many years ago!
  15. Much better value than the difference between the Hattons FEA without two flat containers and with is £18!
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