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  1. going for large scale slab effect which is about the length of a container, effect is provided by laying the plasticard sheets ‘portrait’ next to each other with the shorter sides against each other
  2. All the latest work summed up in this months layout update
  3. Moving on now with scenery area around container depot, been laying more cork sheets and plasticard to bring the surrounding area up to the level of the container rails - eventually creating flat hard standing area for containers, reach stackers and lorries
  4. Hi Ian, great question - the answer being when I did a 3-way point and another point on the fiddle yard the ‘long wire’ for the frog snapped off the underside of the rail and I’d rather be sure for reliability that the frog is always powered that i solder directly to the underside of the frog - also on the scenic section I wanted the wire to go vertically down through a hole under the point out of sight. A little more Effort but Nearer and works well for me
  5. agreed, the single rail on sleepers will mostly be hidden by 'concrete' plasticard to the top rail level of the track. to note also is the crane itself isnt exactly prototypical at HO scale!
  6. Installing shunt signals on the container depot lines (spun round from final position to observe lighting test)
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