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  1. The scenery stage begins after adding in some containers to the back scene, and now starting on the electrification scheme for the mainlines. catenary masts are by Dapol and still deciding if black or copper for the catenary wires
  2. Running Session - Summer 2020 ~ Trent Valley Railway #43
  3. A few pictures of setting up the Heljan container crane for the layout
  4. DCC Wiring - Model Railway Track Bus ~ Trent Valley Railway #41
  5. Layout Cab Ride - Spring 2020 ~ Trent Valley Railway #40
  6. Layout Update May 2020 Part 2 ~ Trent Valley Railway #39
  7. Trains tested and all working across the completed loops. Moving on to completing the end of the container depot
  8. Next step completed and finally a full running loops , queue major track cleaning session
  9. More progress towards completing the full layout loops need to space the sleepers and smooth out the rail alignment and can move on to second section to fill in
  10. they are the rapido trains uncoupler units which have a set of magnets inside that switch around when on and off. Useful for reliable uncoupling of the kadee couplings and only when I press the button to activate it through DCC
  11. Reading through the rest of the topic i assume you are not running electric trains?
  12. For reference your first point above is why i kept my scenic section to one side of the garage only to avoid the low hanging clearances from an all round the room upper level. Totally agree on the matter that 90% if not more of the work is underneath the top baseboards - plus when the top baseboards go down you still have to go underneath to wire up and add everything else that needs to be out of view. Keep taking your time in the planning out stage as it will come to fruition eventually - like mine now it has been 2 years after starting from the garage floor upwards.
  13. More pictures of the latest work including a view all the way up the scenic section, nearby there after couple of years of work to create a full continuous running loops from lower level to scenic section.
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