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  1. hello, I then went on to weather up the track rails and ballast so the darker stones are now not as much of a stand out. For the ballast on the mainline it is Hattons modern grey blend - fine thanks.
  2. A detailed look at the track laying for the inclines and transition from inclines to the scenic section. The track is code 75 and is pinned down on the inclines whilst the transition to the scenic section track is glued down with copydex. Part 2 will eventually follow looking at the track laying on the main lines and container depot for the scenic section.
  3. Hi Ian, before I used summer green grass mixture between woodland scenic and green scenes long fibres. After I mixed in some spring of both brands mentioned previously and added some darker scatter over the top of the static grass. Much more realistic to have lots of different colours now and a fade of colours on the embankments. thanks, Matt
  4. During recent work for the embankments I made the grass area on top of the tunnel area more realistic in colours and to some extent making it look more weathered with the before and after below
  5. What a difference scenery and a backscene makes from this ... to this - which is a still not finished as yet
  6. You are indeed correct and I may even in future have a single line branch to ‘something’ maybe depot or branch terminus for the 4-car emu /voyagers , yet to be decided on the opposite side of the garage, I also gave space on the very lower level once tidied to also do another scene in the future if I decided to. I also concur baseboard and engineering, track and operations is much more my expertise than the scenery aspects. Happy to have inspired your future layout thoughts. thanks,
  7. 1. if I ever get round to doing any weathering, and doing it good I’d be amazed! Think I might pen weather the outer rails so they are less shiny as a minimum. 2. a combination of both is in progress, for the container depot lines it was easier to create what is in effect a ballast pit . For the mainlines I will ballast before adding the grass , turf areas 3. I have quite a solid foundation of cork thickness to mitigate the murmur of noise but yes ballast outside of the cork area to have a ballast shoulder. thanks for keeping in touch.
  8. How a scene can change quite quickly, more progress below
  9. Been building up the landscape around tunnel portals
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