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  1. Thanks all. Yes will redesign with just 2 loops, that way it will move away from the edge of the board. Will have another ago, and post updates.
  2. Hi, Not modelled for over 20 years, and even then in OO. So starting again with N gauge on a 6 ft by 2 ft 6 board. In the attached photo I am trying to have 3 inner loops and a branch at a higher level. On the left of the board would be a 2 platform station where the famished box is. The outer left line will be dead end. The track is second hand so a complete mix, seems to be mainly peco set track. I only have tablet, so can not get any of track planners to work. My question is, can I improve the point and track layout, as I am not completely happy - but it fits? Any thoughts, or help most welcome. Thanks, Fer.
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