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  1. Thanks for all of the kind messages. Its great to see that so many people are interested in what I post here. That's a good idea and I think its what I ought to consider in future when I try to make freelance locos. Thanks for commenting. Hopefully I will soon be able to post another update. I have plans for what to do next with the metro tank and I really want to return to working on the Great Bear. I think I just need to take a bit of time to work out what needs doing, and how to go about working on it. Thanks for all of the interest people have shown.
  2. 33C, your skilful abilities have once again proven to be outstanding. Thanks for sharing these with us.
  3. I think the spikes on the front are for the route indicator discs. Considering that the Hornby E2s have not been manufactured for a long time, perhaps converting Thomas' would be a more sustainable way of making extended water tank E2s.
  4. That looks really nice. I quite like the angular, yet streamlined, shape of its features. The image might seem steampunk, but wasn't that a feature of Great Western engines since broad gauge days? Their management seemed quite keen on keeping to tradition, whilst wanting their railway to seem modern. The logo on the smokebox door seems to fit with this modern image, whilst being traditional in what it represents. I don't see why that streamlined concept would seem ridiculous. I like it.
  5. That's a shame. Thanks for the info, that's useful to know. I think I will still consider downloading it.
  6. I had had plans to get the free version of Fusion 360, but this does not make it seem so great. If I were to download it now, would I have the opportunity to opt-out of future updates, or are they compulsory once the app is downloaded? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the information. If I were to try to modify a Jinty to look like an earlier locomotive now, I would probably do it differently. I think the features that you've pointed out are definitely things I would change. I did not know the side tank keyholes were for sandboxes, so that is quite useful to know. I don't think that making the tanks narrower, like I tried to, would make the engine look like an earlier design, having looked at early 0-6-0Ts. I think next time I try backdating a model to a freelance design I ought to research what early locomotives of a similar design would have lo
  8. This post will be an update for my progress on the Metro Tank. When I removed the splashers in the last update, I noticed that the bottom half of the boiler was missing in order for the original chassis weight to fit in it. Since I had turned the chassis around, the weight was no longer taking up space in the boiler. Therefore, I decided that I ought to fill the gap in the boiler. I first built a basic structure for a thin curved piece of styrene to sit on. Then I stuck a few thin curved pieces of styrene on top before sanding them smooth. I then fitted the lower boiler s
  9. It has been a while since my last post, so this will be a post to explain my plans and progress. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has liked posts on this topic, followed or left a kind reply. It's great that so many people are interested. I have been a fan of Thomas and the Railway Series for basically my whole life and I have recently found it great to see how people like Corbs, NeilHB and Knuckles have modelled it. These people originally inspired me to try it myself, and I want my version of Sodor to be different and original. I really like how Corbs' tak
  10. That looks to me like it's been made from a Kitmaster Italian Tank kit.
  11. The cab design of the Caley 262 class is quite similar to the cab on a Triang Nellie. One could put a Nellie cab on a Smokey Joe to make a model similar to the prototype.
  12. The main part of the Dapol kit which i thought would be useful is the outside frames and possibly parts of the tender. I agree that for the actual, working chassis, a nellie chassis might be the way to go.
  13. The GWR 45xx class has a similar design of running plate
  14. For the chassis you could modify and motorise a Dapol City of Truro chassis or use the branchlines chassis kit.
  15. That looks like a quite recent chassis so the issue is probably less likely to be the motor mount or the alignment. I probably don't know what I'm talking about so I hope someone else can give some better advice.
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