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  1. Thought I’d share some of my modelling for 2020, by previous year’s standards its got off to a good start! Over the Christmas break I was able to start on a Parkside Dundas SR CCT that I have had for eons. I added a bit of extra detail to the underframe to represent better the components there and used a MJT compensation unit at one end. Painted up I think it looks okay, early BR crimson, home-made screw couplings, additional handrails, steam and brake pipes and some better roof vents round it off. Weathering will wait until I'm a bit more proficient. I’ve also started three SR Maunsell coaches from Roxey Mouldings. I’ve done quite a few Comet and BSL/Phoenix coach kits in the past but are (I think) a slightly higher level – they’ve certainly been a learning curve! The design in some areas is quite ingenious (like how the bogie mountings fold up) and other areas left me wondering….or maybe its just me! The underframes are pretty much done, less the brake rigging and buffers, but I’ll do those towards the end of the build, and the sides have had the tumblehome formed, droplights and vents soldered in, guard's duckets formed and the ends folded up and detail added. Lots of burned fingers…. Next stage will be to form the sides as bodies and build the roofs, but that’ll have to wait as I have a quick trip back to the UK first. In the end they’ll represent SR 3 Coach Set 393 in crimson and cream. Iain
  2. I believe a breakdown train was shedded at Bath in the early 50s, I’m not sure when it was reallocated though. There’s a picture that includes the train (well at least the crane) in Ivo Peters Somerset and Dorset in the Fifties Vol 1 (Picture 1). The crane appears to be a Sheldon Cowan 15T type. The caption mentions that in 1950 a breakdown train was permanently stabled at Bath. Cheers, Iain
  3. I’m guessing you’re referring to the red/maroon/crimson coach that often appears in the background of photos and videos of trains moving around Bath MPD. That coach number was DM198715M – I have a photo with S&D 7F 53808 standing adjacent to it. A bit of research on that number suggests it was a MR BTK coach that was moved into departmental stock at some point. There are a couple of images of it on the RCTS website at Worcester in the 1970s (it certainly seems the same coach). A Google search states that the coach chassis is still around – at the Midland Railway Centre. Apologies if you knew that already. Cheers, Iain
  4. Here are a few of my builds for 2019: A couple of Roxey Mouldings 50ft parcels / luggage vans. I think they're older than me! There was a lot of fettling to these, the roofs and sides were difficult to get right - they're not perfect but they'll do. The under frames are scratch built as are the corridor connectors. I've rebuilt about 9 or 10 old Airfix and Hornby LMS coaches with Comet overlays, scratch built under frames. The corridor connectors stick up but when they are coupled as a rake they provide a good level of pressure / tension between the coaches. A selection include this D1905, D2117 and D1968. Cheers, Iain
  5. Trains4U, Peterborough! Every time I return to the UK.
  6. Hi Jack, I’m aware of a couple of images of Gresley full brakes in trains shown on the S&D. A few examples being: · Up Pines Express on Monday, 1 August 1960 (Mike Arlett & David Lockett - The Somerset & Dorset in Colour, p.122) · 7.18pm Bath – Templecombe goods on Wednesday 22 May 1957 (Ivo Peters - Somerset and Dorset in the Fifties - Volume 2: 1955-1959, p.138) (Also recorded in Martin Smith’s book No.4) · 11.40am Bournemouth – Bristol on 6 August 1965 (Alan Hammond - Heart of the Somerset & Dorset, p.78) (Might be a Thompson one) They were also to be seen occasionally on the 3.35pm/3.40pm Up Mail. So I think a Hornby one would be just fine. I don’t know of any in pigeon specials but I’d be surprised if they weren’t used at some time. From the images I’ve seen of pigeon specials on the S&D they seem to be made up of predominantly LMR 50ft parcels stock (both panelled and steel sided, with the steel sided being more common), GW Siphons (both internal and external framed), at least one standard passenger carrying vehicle (for the train staff) and often a former ambulance coach rebuilt as a D2129/D2130. I am in the process of building a pigeon train (for my yet to be built layout) and intend to include a Thompson Full Brake in my formation! A Gresley one will likely be included too. Regards, Iain
  7. I think that’s quite hard to define and also a limiting factor of your request. Across many publications there are several apparently ‘one off’ images of particular locomotives working on the S&D including WCs/BoBs/9F/Black 5s/T9s etc. But because most recording / photography of trains was done at weekends (and in the warmer months) and not every train every weekend was recorded, we don’t really know if these were the only workings of a particular locomotive running over the line. Maybe some borrowed or visiting locomotives to Bath did run over the line on consecutive weekends or days of the week but simply weren’t recorded because no one was there to see it or document it. Regards, Iain
  8. Hi, I have had a look through my lists of stock for 12 Jun 59, but I have nothing recorded for that date, sorry! Iain
  9. I agree I had a flick through earlier today – a great resource for modelling. Slightly digressing, I’m currently quite interested in the sets of former LSWR carriages that were principally used for the local services prior to the Maunsell sets. While there are a few photos in some books I have, these images by RE Toop are the most numerous in one place I’ve come across – it’s a shame there’s not many captions against them. Regards, Iain
  10. With regard 34105 Swanage on the S&D line, I only have one image to refer to in Alan Hammond’s - Heart of the Somerset & Dorset (p.87), hauling the 9.08am (SO) Birmingham to Bournemouth passing through Charlton Marshall. Image is dated August 1959. Regards, Iain
  11. Also seen commonly I can only add: 34039 Boscastle, 1959-62 And less common: 34018 Axminster, nk, (Alan Hammond – Heyday of the Somerset & Dorset, p.83) 34094 Morthoe, July 1954 (Alan Hammond – Heyday of the Somerset & Dorset, p.75) 34106 Lydford, c.1957 (Alan Hammond – Spirit of the Somerset & Dorset, p.13) Regards, Iain
  12. I would agree, or the ‘shadows’ have been over corrected in whichever software has been used in post processing the image. In the railway press this type of effect seems quite popular. I’m not a fan. Iain
  13. Sorry for delay in replying, work and life got in the way! I have had a casual browse through my books and can’t find any obvious picture of any 2P on the S&D that’s still lined after 1956. I too would be happy to have it confirmed if any were still lined though. Iain
  14. That looks good, it’s turned out well. Iain
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