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  1. I thought I’d show some of my current work, partly related to the discussion of buying online. I have had a pretty good level of success on eBay, missed some bargains mind! To find a lot of stuff I use ebay UK rather than ebay AU. One such bargain was this Comet Coaches D1938 LMS Restaurant Composite; I got it for just shy of 40GBP including wheels and postage to Australia. I was the only bidder. It’s an ‘old kit’, pre Wizard Models, (instruction sheets are dated 2006) and it’s fine other than the axle boxes, that I’m guessing someone has had a go at. Most
  2. I have finally completed my latest 1980s Hornby Stanier rebuilds: a D1903 Composite Open and a D1999 Third Open – I say finally as these two seem to have taken an age. Mind you I’ve also been doing a GW Auto Trailer and an LMS Restaurant Car, a Ratio SR wagon, and a half dozen or so other little jobs…as well as working, keeping a house, getting the garden ready for summer, having a WA holiday staycation….so I can’t really complain! Here they are, pre the body being fitted back to the chassis. I have probably ‘over painted’ the interiors for what will, and can, be seen through the w
  3. I think this looks quite good, interesting to see if the stock movement will alter the placement of the track. Because of your original post the other day, on my way home from work tonight I went to our local stationery shop (Officeworks) and got a big roll of bubble wrap, thinking I might give it a go. When I got home I asked my partner what I should do with the roll I'd bought. She said 'pop it in the corner'. It took me ages. Kind regards, Iain
  4. I think the image of the Push & Pull trailer approaching Wells Priory Street (p.51 of The Somerset & Dorset Files No.4) is a Period 2 style. I have seen a couple of images of mixed trains on the Wells branch, there's one in Ivo Peters' An English Cross Country Railway and there's another in one of the other Somerset & Dorset Files books. I'll have a look when I get chance. I think there are some in the Alan Hammond series of books too; trouble is many of these images, while great for the stories written and historical content, are of a lower quality. I bought the six So
  5. Thank you! But they're not mine - they are from a Comet Coaches interior etch. I just drilled the lamp hole and soldered them all up. Kind regards, Iain
  6. Hi Stephen, Thanks for putting this forward, its some interesting research. I don't have much on the motor trains on the S&D 'branches'; there's a picture on p.51 of The Somerset & Dorset Files No.4 showing Johnson 0-4-4T 58047 hauling a single Push & Pull carriage towards Wells, I can't make out the carriage number entirely (maybe M24468). The date is suggested as 'sometime in 1951'. More interestingly, on p.53, there's an image of a four vehicle mixed train in the bay platform at Priory Road comprising a 6 wheel van, carriage, tank vehicle and
  7. I agree there are lots of great books being published, on my trips back to the UK I usually stock up with a trip to the Titfield Bookshop; in February I got a few good books, Peter Tatlow’s Breakdown Cranes, Don Roland’s Twilight of the Goods and a couple of the District Controllers Views – to help improve my understanding of how the railways worked – to name but a few. Good job my hand baggage wasn’t weighed… I get the odd book from the Book Depository (when the postage to Australia is free) but their stock is hit and miss. What I do find disappointing is that so many
  8. An update on my builds in progress, I’m doing a former LMS D1999 TO and a D1903 CO which are coming close to completion. I’m always surprised at the ‘number of bits’ needed to complete them – I’m in two minds whether modifying 1980s RTR is an easier/better option than just going for a straight kit build. There’s not much in it, in terms of price – the cost of the donor being the main factor. Most of what I have converted is from old stuff I owned as a child (so kind of free) or I buy damaged stock from eBay; I got five Stanier’s earlier last year for the princely sum of 10.02GBP, s
  9. Hi Stephen, I have read that the tender now with the MR Compound 1000 is the former Deeley tender taken from S&D 7F 53805; this was done in 1959 when (I believe) the restoration of the Compound was undertaken (see Model Railway Journal No 202 p270 for more information). I have images of 53805 in July 1957 with a Deeley tender, no images for 1958, and with a Fowler tender by March 1959. The tenders currently behind 53808 and 53809 are (again I believe) the ones they were withdrawn with; certainly the hybrid tender behind 53808 today, looks the same as the one in phot
  10. Thanks for showing Al, impressive modelling. I don’t have any sort of layout at the moment but this inspires me to give something a go, even if it’s just a fancy ‘plank’ at 9ft x 2ft. kind regards Iain
  11. Being between recently having finished a LSWR 3 carriage set and waiting for an order from Wizard Models to arrive, I decided to do a bit of finishing off of things I’d started. I do struggle having unfinished stuff lying around or too much on the go at once. First up was completing the brake gear and undergubbins of a couple of Parkside special cattle vans that I had constructed during our lockdown, I think in late March, early April. The bits supplied with the kits were quite basic so I used an etch from Mainly Trains that had some GW Dean and Churchward components on. I only use
  12. Postage does seem to becoming more of an issue out to Australia. For many items I buy from UK suppliers or eBay UK, I get them delivered to my sister's house in England and she forwards them on, bless her. What she can't send on (too big / too heavy) I pick up on my trips back. I don't think I'll be back to the UK for a while, so my purchases are massing! I'll certainly need to take full advantage of the baggage allowance next time....
  13. Their Sans Lower nameplates state they’re suitable for some diesel and electric locos. They look similar enough to what I recall seeing in the mid eighties. Not sure how modern City of Plymouth is/was. KInd regards, Iain
  14. I have used Narrow Planet for bespoke plates. Very good they were too! kind regard, Iain
  15. How time flies on this thread…. Over the weekend I was able to finish my build of a LSWR 3 coach set from Roxey Mouldings. Overall, I’m quite pleased with how they have turned out. As a whole (with painted roof, underframes, numbering, and so on) the colour has toned down and is much less garish on the eye. They went together really well, much easier than the Maunsell’s I completed previously. The roof fit is much better too; I took my time and was much more careful in marking, cutting and filing. The only part I didn’t use in the kit was the funny S style hand rails on the guard’s
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