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  1. Yep, my model of D5509 arrived from Kernow today and looks very nice, complete with a bag of bits to detail the locomotive.
  2. Many thanks, headcodes now ordered from Precision Labels.
  3. Many thanks for the information regarding the headcode panel replacements. Much appreciated.
  4. Totally agree, got my model of D7088 out of the box yesterday and was very disappointed with the quality of the headcode panel letter size and font. Can anyone recommend a more accurate replacement for these please.
  5. Sound fitted versions of the J27 have now been announced by Rails of Sheffield, wonder who's sound package they will be fitting.
  6. Just received my model of D7088 and was wondering if a double dumbo speaker will fit in the space available without any surgery as that is a step too far for my limited modelling skills.
  7. My model of D7088 arrived by Royal Mail from Cornwall this morning and very nice it is too.
  8. My model of 33/1 D6580 arrived yesterday and very nice it is, these new models seem to be selling very well.
  9. Just to let everyone know that Northern will be on strike on the Saturday which will no doubt cause problems for people intending on visiting the exhibition by rail.
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