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  1. Probably thick skinned. Maybe you need to hurl more abuse at it.
  2. My 16 x 6 shed (2 fitted together really) only has silver bubble wrap insulation all round and over/ under the floor and ceiling. There is a 1 inch gap between the outer t&g and insulation, and another inch between insulation and inner skin of OSB board. It is now 6 years old, with no sign of damp - I have 20 or so railway books in there too. A modest space heater has to be turned off after 5 minutes in winter, and it stays warm for ages.
  3. I use a V shaped mini file to file a shallow groove on one side of the coupling tail. Using pliers, I then close one end of the staple tightly around the tail and into the groove. Despite being shallow, the groove seems to help with mechanical attachment, and is then secured with superglue. I have not had any come adrift as yet. John
  4. Is it one of those preferential activities open to Gold members only?
  5. You could try using this..... https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/craft-essentials-corduroy-card-a4-5-sheets/628351-1000 from Hobbycraft. It has a fine corrugated section, but unfortunately it is pasted to a flat backing, so would need disguising. John
  6. With the promised advent of the Hornby TTS sound decoder for the 4mm 08, I have started to wonder whether it would be feasible to bypass the power output element in some way, in order to utilise the sound facilities only, whilst retaining the higher amperage non sound decoder currently powering my Dapol O gauge 08? I do not underestimate the problems that may arise - which decoder would take precedence, would they oppose each other, different number of pins, linking the sounds to the status of the beefier decoder etc. I just wonder if anyone more knowledgeable has already tried this with some of the existing TTS decoders in 7mm locos. I understand that some members do not rate the performance of these decoders in relation to speed etc, but I think it might be an interesting challenge, although outside my own technical expertise. Any comments would be gratefully received. John
  7. Welcome to the forum. You describe yourself as aging, like many (including myself, 68) on this forum, and while I am not the best qualified to advise you on railway matters, I can tell you from experience that the attic is best avoided as the years mount up. I gave up my attic a few years ago because my knees objected to climbing a ladder, and I bought a couple of sheds to give me space in the garden. If I had a garage, I think I would have gone there instead. You will no doubt get some replies advising against the attic on building safety grounds, but I would advise you to think carefully on health grounds - will my aging legs still get me up the ladder in a few years? Sorry to sound pessimistic, but age catches us all : )John Edited to correct spelling
  8. Thank you, Marshall and Spitfire. It looks as if using self tappers are the way the kit manufacturer intended, but a kingpin araldited in would certainly be easy enough to do. I will be pressing on with the topside fittings for the next few days before attempting some painting and weathering, and will decide which way to go after that. As always, so good to get advice from members here.
  9. Can anyone advise please? I bought these 7mm bogie wagon parts on eBay, last year, very cheaply. I can fabricate most of the missing body parts without any problem, but I am uncertain how the bogies attach to the very small holes in the mounting points. I am guessing that some small self tappers may be the answer, maybe with a small spring or washer included for tension? If anyone has one of these and can identify the kit, and how the bogies are attached I would be very grateful for any information. Apologies for the low quality pics. John D
  10. I am looking for an inexpensive rolling road for running in O gauge locomotives, specifically, the Dapol 08 and Jinty. My layout is an end to end affair, so continuous running is not an option, but I would like to loosen the mechanisms up. There is nothing wrong with either loco, just lack of usage really. I have seen this ( https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/O-GAUGE-32mm-SM32-GAUGE-ROLLING-ROAD-CRADLES-SUIT-Hornby-PECO-FALLER-NEW/122065592454 )on EBay, and wonder if anyone can recommend it. Thank you. John
  11. Can’t catch the squirrels that are hiding in my attic. Death to squirrels!

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      There’s a white one in my neighborhood

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      I was going to say, put a cat up there.

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      What do you put up to get the cat out?

  12. Not a clue about the discussion, but very impressed with the title alliteration!
  13. Has anyone else taken to shouting, “Pipes! Silo! Lighthouse!” or whatever, as the scratchbuild items are produced each week? Tonight’s items seemed a lot easier to deal with, and possibly required less imagination than the previous shoes or plungers - although maybe that put more onus on the contestants to come up with something not so obvious. The effect, and importance of weathering ( a dark art to me) was demonstrated tonight when the rusty old industrial gubbins won the challenge - imaginative and showing what can be achieved with everyday objects. This was my favourite episode so far, three entertaining layouts, and another great winner. JD
  14. This is turning into an enjoyable series, even without the gentle controversy of the first episode. I thought all three layouts were good, ( the derailing on a couple of the layouts was highlighted, an inevitable consequence of working against the clock, and happens to mine, and I guess many of us, frequently, until the problems are ironed out over a more generous period of time.) I think the use of train mounted cams highlighted this a lot. The sci-fi layout was a lot of fun, evoking the iconic film “Plan 9 from Outer Space” with the flying saucer suspended from a fishing rod. I also enjoyed the momentary raised eyebrow of Steve Flint, about 7 minutes in, as the Ninjas discovered their lack of track clearances, and the look on Tim Shaw’s face as he was dismissed by the leader of the Sci fi team, being told to go and bother someone else! All in all, an enjoyable episode, with worthy winners and worthy adversaries. Friday night viewing has become much more interesting.
  15. . Indeed, I believe John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn want it completely overthrown.
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