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  1. Until yesterday there were several buddleia bushes growing out of the retaining wall beside platform 1 at Scarborough (just outside my front gate) - but somebody chopped them all down while I was out at work. View has improved greatly
  2. I've just had a look on old-maps.co.uk and the 1968 map for that area shows that piece of land as a blank space, (and across the road to the east as "ruins") so maybe before the 1980s building it was just waste ground, or an undeveloped bomb site?
  3. We moved into a house in 1997 that had a concrete coal bunker - that was "Oop North" though, so probably a bit behind the times! Fantastic modelling - looking at your incredible work is making my lockdown/isolation quite enjoyable :-)
  4. The 1879 OS map for that area can be viewed on old-maps.co.uk, and shows a siding off the main line, with a spur into that shed. I'd post a link but I'm not entirely sure how...
  5. I used to work in a dental laboratory, and we had small table-top vibrating machines to bring the air bubbles to the surface of the plaster moulds. Apologies, I have no idea what they were actually called - we just called them "vibrators". Probably best not to Google that though...
  6. Street view has a distant view, if you go back to 2008. Apologies if you've already thought of that
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guildable_Manor - according to this, the street was only renamed in 2012
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