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  1. I believe I have this in a magazine at home, if I am recalling the correct one. I’ll bring it to work on Monday and scan it. funnily enough I’m using it as the basis for a layout right now.
  2. I had a magazine from a few years ago with drawings in them but I cannot remember which magazine to try and find it. Anybody got any ideas?
  3. Traintresta

    Slow progress.

    So progress has been slow on the Pinellas Park layout, principally because until the new baseboards are put in place, scenery is a no go. However, there are now two running locomotives on the layout and a chassis being used to test a new motor, that can trundle back and forth with freight cars, all 5 of them! So, as you can probably tell, until the recent purchases arrive, there isn't much to do, but it has given me some time to focus on cleaning up some old loco projects, some of which have been renewed and others will be moved on. Of course, all of this is further hampered by the recent start int he search for a new (rented) place to live. One ideal property is apparently soon to be available and we will be given the inside track, from what I am told, on the new lease. Not only is this just down the street from the grand kids, but it is also nearly identical from what I can tell and will significantly improve the space I have available. So what you may ask, does this mean for Pinellas Park? Well not a lot at this stage, as there can be no physical changes until we do get the go ahead, but my head has been testing ideas, from a simple extension of the current idea, to a three decked, multi-level layout running around the walls of a much larger room. Of course as a renter that may be quashed before it goes anywhere if the landlord/lady is not obliging. However, I will cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, collecting and building rolling stock continues...
  4. Traintresta

    Less is More.

    So as I progressed to wiring up the layout in its test state, I attempted to wire it as a DCC ready layout, only to find that nothing worked. The loco attempted to crawl along at a snails pace, but something wasn't right and I thought I had a current problem, given that I'm using an old H&M flyer for power at the moment. I removed all of the droppers and started again with just three. I'm using insulfrog points so I wired each end of the loop, and the two points that are toe-to-toe at the back of the loop. Testing again didn't go so well, in fact it didn't go at all so I connected my test leads to an isolated piece of track to re-test the loco. Sure enough it worked perfectly fine, one end of the layout to the other, so started the process of elimination to discover the problem. Turns out the Kadee coupler height checker gauge that I had left at one end of the layout was causing a short, removed that and hey presto! So we have a running layout. However, as you can see int he photo, there is one less spur at the front left. I wasn't happy with this spurs location and purpose at it was only there to use a leftover point and represent an eventual industry that I hope will sit at the end of the L-piece. However, the long term intention is to turn this into a U and the track for that industry will likely run off of the spur to the triangular building at the left end, this building then representing a former rail served industry on a now abandoned spur. So in short, I removed one more spur and I am very happy with the result, the track plan looksmore like a railroad in a space than a model railroad filling up space.
  5. Decided to put together some scrapbox parts for a little project. It's not one for keeping as it doesn't fit what I do so will liekly end up on a well known auction site.
  6. That looks very nice, you must be a well skilled painter to achieve this? I can see the board isn;t very deep but my eyes are drawn up to the backdrop so I guess you have achieved the aim well.
  7. So I got started yesterday on a new layout based on the Clearwater Subdivision of CSX but proto-lanced to represent an imaginary spur to an imaginary industrial district in a place called Pinellas Park. Well at least that’s the name I’m using. Its has been laid out using some borrowed code 83 until I can lay my own using copper clad. Baseboards will also be renewed as part of a train room improvement project but this is a concept proving stage as much as anything. Initially this will be an 8’x4’ L-shape with intentions of becoming a U in time. Run-around will take 4-5 freight cars so one train will not switch all of the spots as there is one at the warehouse, three/four at the back and probably three on each track of the (selectively compressed) transload facility. There will be one more industry added in front of the staging once the benchwork is extended to complete the L.
  8. Unfortunately if you want a really accurate sound even that will not be right I suspect. Because these were downrated to 2000hp but still using the turbo I suspect they sounded similar to the ATSF SD26’s and the BL20-2. Nobody makes the correct sound for these, which, is a shame because the so called sloshy sound of the SD26 is quite nice.
  9. So Like any good politician, I’m going to make a U-turn on this subject. I went to operate my Dad’s layout last week: no backdrop; no DCC; locos didn’t even have lights. It was the most fun I’ve had playing trains and made me realise that a backdrop isn’t even required. My eyes were focused on layout at all times, following a prototypical switch list and driving the train.
  10. No, just did whatever I fancied on that given day. I’m using s lot of parts from my bits box rather than acquire specific parts.
  11. If anybody is interested, my copy of Locomotives that Never Were. is up for sale on a well known auction site.
  12. It’s actually a cut down athearn SW7 chassis that was originally modified to take a proto1000 S1 shell sitting on a modified atlas RSC4/5 walkway. I wasn’t happy with the frame showing below he sill so it became this. It it will get a motor and added weight inside but it won’t be the original motor, and at the moment I only have a CF7 as a possible mother unit for it. The CF7 isn’t exactly standard though.
  13. Came up with this out of the bits box on Saturday. It was supposed to be based on a CIC slug but inut the underneath air tanks on the realised I don’t need the cut out in the hood!
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