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  1. I'd replace ALL that track you "roughed up" if I were you as you've now created the perfect rail surface full of scratches to hold dirt and grime, which will transfer regularly to the wheels of your locos and stock causing endless running problems for ever more. Paul
  2. Oh dear, I've done this so many times! Great bit of modelling Paul
  3. Quite the opposite actually, they can live up to 20 years, a long time for a small rodent. Rabbits generally last about 8 years, Syrian hamsters 3 years, mice 2 years if you're lucky. And wouldn't you be a little out of breath with all that rolling around? They have over quarter of a million hairs per square inch, which is why they're so soft, and also stops them getting any fleas or mites - they can't get close enough to the skin to feed! They bathe in sand to clean their fur of grease and dirt, they can't bathe in water as they would probably never dry out I have two, Austin and Morris. They're great pets as unlike most rodents they don't bite unless you REALLY antagonise them, and even then only a warning 'nip' to let you know they could pierce your skin if they wanted to Paul
  4. Last year? Kept my resolution to make some scenic progress on my N gauge layout. This year? My resolution is to make some more scenic progress on my N gauge layout. I don't like to aim too high Paul
  5. I've never subscribed to any of the big name monthly magazines as some issues just have nothing of interest to me. I buy RM when it does have interesting layouts or articles, and I subscribe to N Gauge now as it's only quarterly and all N. Tried reading RM online once as part of a trial offer - never again, paper magazine is much more tactile and easier to read through. Paul
  6. Oh dear, how churlish. It was over twenty years ago, so yes I can talk about it now, and if it influences just one person to seek help before getting to that point then it's worth it. Having been there yourself then surely you appreciate that how you go out isn't a rational decision made through weighing up the pros and cons, just what comes to mind as the quickest and easiest? Paul
  7. Your error of judgment is in the phrase "if they decide to involve me and possibly several hundred people in taking their way out!" Do you seriously think this is a conscious decision? Do you have any idea of the sheer despair necessary to even contemplate engineering your own exit from life? I have. I've been there, twice. And yes, I've sat on a station seat for well over two hours telling myself I'll jump in front of the next non-stopper. That is ALL you can think about. The easy way out. Not what family or friends will do after. Not the mess that will result. And certainly not other people you don't even know like the train driver or those that have to clear up what's left. ALL that you can think about is whatever is causing you such consuming distress, and how it will all end when you "do the deed". Where are the family and friends? Kept in the dark same as everyone else, that's where, because when you're that depressed you keep it hidden from everyone however close they are. Self preservation. Yes I feel for drivers and railway workers that get traumatised by "jumpers", they only went to work same as normal and don't deserve this. I've posted elsewhere that I was unfortunate enough to kill a pedestrian that unbeknown to me stood in front of my HGV out of sight in poor visibility, so I can see this from both sides. It is hard dealing with the fact you've ended a life, be it accidental or otherwise on their part. But equally it takes someone with literally no hope in life to jump, and I can't not feel for someone in that situation. If you've never been to a place that dark and hopeless, then good luck to you. Paul
  8. That is EXACTLY what I want - to watch a layout being operated without any interaction with the operator(s). And in some cases having someone "out front" usually means they are in the way of viewing the layout, with all the distraction of dreary conversation going on in your ear while you're trying to watch what's happening. Just my thoughts Paul
  9. Was there today, always a great show - one of the highlights of the exhibition calendar I feel, especially if the extortionate cost and cattle-market feel of Warley put you off Plenty of variety in gauges and locations, but being an N-gauger the vast expanse of James Street had me hooked the most Paul
  10. Or when it fails to descend before going into the tunnel section from Drayton Park to Moorgate on an old 313 as happened when my mate was a guard on them Had to go back, pick it up off the trackside, and manhandle it into the carriage. Paul
  11. I don't ever intend to sell any of my trains so box gets recycled and all stock is kept in JB Model's boxes with foam inserts. Only packaging I actually keep is polystyrene from bigger purchases to use as contours for future layouts Paul
  12. Resorting to post-count snobbery now huh? We all have different opinions, and so far I don't believe that I've rubbished anyone else's, just thrown my own into the mix which I'm entitled to do. I believe humans as a race are vermin who breed without thought of resources, and destroy other animals' habitats for our own gratification (be that food or simply non-essential cosmetics), because we believe we're entitled to do so. And we're supposedly intelligent? Case in point: On a radio discussion a few months back some woman was crowing on about how much she recycles, how she encourages her young children to do so, and how much she tries to "be green". How many kids did she have? FIVE She had no concept that she has now infected our planet with five more drains on all the resources they're going to need throughout their many decades of life, but it's all OK because she chucks bits of cardboard in a special bin. No thought to having less consumers to start with then. When we're dealing with this kind of stupid what is the point in having belief in the human race? So I stand by my point: the quicker humans disappear from the face of the Earth the better for the other life forms on it. Paul
  13. Without a rapid reduction in the human population of the planet (and that's really gonna happen the way some people are churning out the kids like rabbits, because it's a 'right' to be a parent however (in)capable you are) then a lot of animal species are already doomed to extinction, along with a lot of the insect life that forms a vital part of the food chain. The sixth Mass Extinction Event is already under way and it's doubtful enough can be done to minimise its effects. Happily humans are in that doomed list so keep up those toxic emissions everyone, because the sooner the verminous human race is wiped out the quicker the surviving species and the global ecosystem as a whole can start to recover. Paul
  14. As a confirmed Aspie I can think of little WORSE than having a stranger trying to talk to me on a train!! This little cartoon from "Dinah the Aspie Dinosaur" captures it perfectly . . .
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