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  1. I try to post regularly - I find it helps me with my motivation even if no one is reading it - but the last few weeks I haven't felt I produced anything postable. Tonight I determined to post something! I've painted the Barclay bunker and now need to weather it and the rest of the engine before I attach it permanently. I will be going for late 60's well used condition. I saw (but now can't find) pictures where the idea of safety was coming in so painting key parts yellow but they hadn't arrived at wasp stripes yet and that's the inspiration. I'v
  2. London transport museum are having a sale this weekend. Particularly good prices on NRM calendar this long before new year. https://www.ltmuseumshop.co.uk/?utm_source=ltm&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=menu
  3. I've soldered on some retaining tabs now. Only there for appearence, I'm not actually sure how it will attach at this point. Next step is a good clean and then paint. I'm never going to manage weathering as good as the bloom on the copper so I had some fun with filters too;
  4. Bit more googling and it seems Denbeigh Castle had 2 rail 1/2" variant and Cardiff Castle was ringfield when produced by Hornby. Not sure if that helps but at least you know what you need does exist...?
  5. I think you've got a 1/2" motor body and a ringfield motor chassis. My guess would be that you would be better looking out for a Dublo 1/2" chassis (if there is a 2 rail 1/2" variant). While Dublo did both I think wrenn only carried on the later ringfield so the seller would be correct that it would fit Dublo bodies but only those that has the same motor.
  6. I was wondering if this would be a good swap at beginning of last week. Now I know and without even having to get the tools out! Thanks Corbs ...I now also know where the wheels I was watching on eBay went!
  7. So a wet and miserable day. Good time to get on with the Hudswells no? Well yes but for various reasons I didn't feel confident doing any of the next tasks on those so I decided to do something else that can go in the bin if it was no good. As it happens, so far, it's gone ok. I've had a hattons Barclay for a while and always thought I'd like to try one of the home built bunkers I've seen in a number of pictures on various industrial 0-4-0's. I had some very thin copper sheet that I thought might replicate the rough and ready nature of many of these.
  8. So more on the Italia today. Common with all 3D kits the cab roof is somewhat over scale as supplied. Not the suppliers fault but limitations of the medium. Better to have a complete kit that you can edit than a 'kit' in which it's only 50% there. I fancied some brass practice. I laid masking tape on the roof from the kit, trimmed, and transferred the tape to brass sheet. Once cut I rolled it round a paint jar; All the pictures I have seen show the cab roof edges bent up to act as a drain channel. Initial bends here but it's also good if I want to enter
  9. That's it. It gives the police something to pull it out by after joyriders abandon it in a ditch.
  10. Someone has left their Cosworth outside after dark
  11. Well rocket would lose it's crown trying to get into the shed. 5mm too tall. This discussion has raised a good point though that I shouldn't size the shed just for the pecketts. About the biggest loco I'll have appropriate to the shed would be an austerity tank so I think I will size it to make one an uncomfortable fit. I dug out an old Dapol one this morning to take a look and it's a couple of mm taller by eye so a couple of brick courses less off the bottom of the shed.
  12. @Phil Traxson & @EnterprisingwesternA An excuse to buy tools... well I guess I won't be using any petrol for the next month... @Happy Hippo you make me jealous, apparently we need our kitchen counters for food not for machine tools. How unreasonable can you get? Thanks again all.
  13. Wow, that was a lot of quick replies, lots of ideas to try. Thanks all. I particularly like the pin vice to clamp, obvious when you think about it but I hadn't even considered it.
  14. Hi all, What do people use to cut the nice slide fit fine tubing Albion Alloys produce without turning the profile into an egg? I've got the normal copper pipe cutter but that doesn't go anything like small enough and I haven't been able to find a modellers equivalent. I need to produce a number of repeatable short stubs and I don't feel the jewelers saw is the right tool for the job even with a very fine blade.
  15. After several nights sleep, and contacting the supplier, this has now ceased to be my halloween nightmare and may yet become a bonfire night cracker. After getting the callipers out and measuring in multiple places I realised I'd got the sticking point wrong. Repositioning the wiring of the DCC blank inside and careful trimming in and around the smokebox and it now sits right. 3D prints are new to me so I'm learning as I go but I will persevere. The 0-4-0 is still as it was though I have ordered some bits for it now. Next for both will be scratching some injectors. whi
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