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  1. I think summer may be at Xmas this year !
  2. Not much has happened on the layout as such of late. I did do some work on the dynamis control box position last week but then the sun came out! In the summer time my activity is mostly outdoors and target airgun related However I was also distracted with a san chen 45xx on Ebay. That went for more than I could treat myself to even though I'm going to try and write it off as next months birthday present !! However as the auction ended this 56xx came up for sale at a more reasonable price. My thanks to Dave Robert's for servicing it today and going through the options on it. Sadly there is too much work for me to convert it to dcc sound so it will probably head to ebay in the coming weeks. Pity as it's running nice after a clean up. However ever cloud has a silver lining. Another san chen 45xx came up for sale and at £125 cheaper than the ebay one I could not say no ! So although monday coming is not my birthday it will seem like it. I hope! Need to source a sound chip for the 45xx now !
  3. My god you have just caused me some trouble and possibly my even earlier demise. Steamline was a sight I'd seen before but could not re-find. I've only got 1 working kidney and am thinking of selling that now lol. Seriously thanks for the heads up.
  4. Who supplies the gwr signs?? All looks good.
  5. Lol no worries. I either get it or I dont Knowing my luck if I do the Dapol one will be " flown" in for easter lol. If I dont it will be next Easter!
  6. Well a Dapol one is going to cost 420 and I prefer the slope tanks. So I've pushed it as far as I dare. Dont think it will be mine tomorrow so just have to hope the Dapol one makes it soon or just keep my eye on Ebay as I dont know anywhere else they come for sale that I can access?
  7. We all have our limits lol I'd love to own it but there is a point at which i will have to hope I live long enough (c) to see the Dapol one !!
  8. I think your right. A san chen 45xx has come up for sale so I'm going to see if I can get that? I dont see a Dapol 45xx in next 6 months and unfortunately time is not really on my side so if I can get the sJ at least I can have the pleasure of that this year.
  9. Rtr looks an option with CRT. Thanks for link.
  10. I like the extra mystery of a headless presenter! I did as a recent o gauge convert have to look twice to see if it was oo or N. Its tiny which ever lol. Sounds great though so well done.
  11. Nice looking little shed scene. I have something similar planned to expand Cwm Risca Halt but will build it so it can stand as a separate layout as well. Nice work.
  12. I'd love to know this is going to be here for easter as I could make it a birthday present. But my optimism is turning towards a Heljan 61xx sadly ! Maybe a nice kit built one will come up on ebay lol
  13. Been a quiet week but some progress on working out fiddle yard operation. Mk1 cassette in development stage and mk2 is on the cutting block ! Plan A is to get fiddle yard powered up today and new dynamis shelf built at rear of layout. Back to modeling this week then.
  14. Will you be adding a sound chip to it?
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