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  1. Well progress has been as expected almost non existent through the summer! However with the dark winter nights ahead there should be plenty of time to get things moving. The plan is to have it done by the end of January So the rough plan shall be: All track laid on the 4 boards All track wiring done Test run Scenics What could go wrong ! Operation is currently scheduled as 72xx plus 6 open wagon stone train. 1362 on short mixed goods 81 on milk train 48xx + Autotrain ( xmas pressy)
  2. Called here Wednesday. Easy to find off the m4 and a nice size car park, much easier to park than the old shop. The new shop is large and spacious. A selection of 2nd hand stuff is on sale as well as new Bachmann, Dapol and help an. Lots of other stuff, electrical, scenic reading ,etc. You can even stop and have a tea ( 50p machine) and a chat. While I was there it was great to see Alan doing some repair for a customer and I'm very pleased to see him recovering from his heart attack last year. Prices are always very competitive. Definitely worth popping if if in the area.
  3. Here is the other side. I am putting the loco up for sale so it's going back in the box initially.
  4. This is the board with fire glow attached from a Dapol pannier. I hard wired my chips and the glow effect does nothing for me so I removed it Hope that's of some help??
  5. Interesting and thank you. I shall take the body off and look at what capacity it states on the capacitor. Where does one solder a hard wired v4 loksound, if one wanted to add a capacitor??
  6. I swapped a zimo sound chip into a kit built (O gauge ) 0-6-2T loco as it was stalling occasionally on points. It had a V4 loksound in it which I'm not sure if stay alive can be added to? If so I probably not got the eyes for it these days! As the zimo has a stay alive already attached I presumed it would stop the stalling. However on my rolling road it's still stalling and cutting out completely. So is the stay alive work ?? I noticedar this zimo chip being the latest one I purchased has a different size capacitor to one that came with a chip in bought about 4 years ago. Does size matter ??
  7. Progress has been unusuallying slow for me over the last few months! Not much or as it is nothing has really happened on the Baseboard side of things bar me buying another set of folding lightweight plastic legs and a tunnel mouth. Must finish track laying soon. The loco fleet currentlystands at 4, but shall soon be 3! A Dapol g w r pannier is making way as I spoilt myself with an unusualalternative in 1362. I like different and having this on the branch is a little different. Some will say out of place, but in that case it's in good company with the 72xx! It's brilliant black is to be re-sprayed soon and back dated to "great Western ". A pair of sugar cubes are on stand by to make it sound sweet! The 72xx is back in steam, having come across a v4 loksound chip in no81, which has been swapped . Not sure of the project but it seems dated so will be re-blown with something a bit more up to date and playable? Just a single 3w speaker in the boiler seems to give nice sound. I have to search the Web world as I'm sure I saw that someone does a 1361 sound chip. Hope they do it on zimo !! The 3rd loco that will be staying in paid service is no"81" an ex Rhymney 0-6-2T . This it turns out is a scratch built loco by the late Brian bunce, a former club mate of mine at Barry and Penarth mrc. To say I'm over the moon to get one of Brian's locos is an understatement! It needs some repair and tarting up, work on which started today. A zimo sound chip is installed with a digitrains pannier sound file. Might have to upgrade that with something a bit beefier sounding? Runs well enough though
  8. Saturday 29th June. 10am till 4 10 layouts and trade £5. Under 16 Free. Cf46 6er Been meaning to visit this house for a while, looks like a two birds one stone option here? any one know what layouts are booked?
  9. Am I right in thinking the older v3.5 loksound can't have a stay alive capacitor fitted?? Got a loco that would benefit from a chip plus stay alive, so it seems it needs a newer chip ??
  10. Not much modelling been going on, mainly as I was short of a few legs! So picked these up today. Nice and light. The may even do for operational purposes, saying that probably too low? Still, should be able to get pairs of boards together now and work on them slowly
  11. Not yet but probably will also be doing likewise soon?? What are the options for new plates / where have you ordered from ?? Cheers
  12. The whole reason for building the layout. Somewhere to play with my 72xx! So gotta cut the track to fit this !! Just fits onto the run around if using the station loop !
  13. So will look at flattening the curves as the dukes of hazard would say
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