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  1. Coach B is the TSD. This is not shown in the catalogue for some reason. From looking website the other day were in order of the R numbers. Thank you. I couldn't find much up to date info on the GWR sets and the catalogue only showed the four numbers.
  2. The 2020 Hornby catalogue has vehicle numbers for each model except the Scotrail TSD's: GWR: TGS: 49104 TS: 48110, 48131 TSD: 48111 Formation being: 48110, 48111, 48131, 49104 (TS, TSD, TS, TGS) Set GW04? Scotrail: TS: 42561, 42562 TSL: 42046, 42045, 42343, 42184 TSD: No numbers on website, Not shown in catalogue. TGFB: 40601, 40602 From this you can have two sets and two spare TSL's which could possibly be used to make a 5 car set: TGFB, TSD, TS, TSL, (TSL) HA25: 40602, 42292, 42562, 42045 HA26: 40601, 42004, 42561, 42046 Cross Country: TGS: 44021, 44052 TCC: 45001, 45003 TFD: 41193, 41195 TSD: 42366, 42376, 42380, 42371 TS: 42342, 42097, 42377, 42370, 42378, 42036, 42051, 42369 From this you can make two sets and have a few spare vehicles: TFD, TCC, TS, TS, TS, TSD, TGS XC01: 41193, 45001, 42342, 42097, 42377, 42366, 44021 XC03: 41195, 45003, 42370, 42378, 42036, 42376, 44052
  3. The GWR mk3s that came out about a year ago have the same couplings.
  4. ScotRail do post the upgraded sets diagrams on twitter. It is normally around 3-5 out per day.
  5. Just looked and certainly the XC power cars and coaches now say Summer 2020.
  6. EMT 158773 has joined the club at DEMU showcase this weekend.
  7. 43055

    Hornby 66s

    Firstly thank you for your explanation and sorry for not getting back sooner. This gives me a lot better understanding of the use of the 66's and will help me in deciding what I would like and suitable wagons that would go with them. Thank you again.
  8. I think it may be just a early representation of the livery on the coach. Looking at the XC and GWR liveries as well they both have full coaches on the TGS and the 'fade' to the gray on the other coaches. Also if you look closely you can see a first class logo and line on the standard scot rail coaches.
  9. 43055

    Hornby 66s

    I think these 66's have been are really good idea and I am considering in getting one. I would like to make a small rake of waggons with the 66 but I am not sure on what is out there or suitable to go with the 66 and is not to expensive. I am possibly thinking about some tankers or royal mail vehicles. Can anyone point me in the right direction in where I need to look?
  10. I think it is just a very early representation of the designs for the coach. Looking at the catalog the TSD, TSL and TS pictures look the same as the TGFB just with one half without the livery and a very faint first class line on them. The Hattons diagram does look correct from what I can tell.
  11. Yeah. I have done something similar but used the couplings that came with the Hornby GWR MK3's which I replaced and also used a paperclip between the two it does work well but the larger coupling would give you more flexibility on the corners.
  12. Thank you for the very quick delivery of the 156 and for producing them in the first place, definitely worth the wait and cost compared with the Hornby 156. 156405 certainly looks at home alongside 153374 and 153379 on my layout.
  13. There is a coupling under the nose cone but it is fixed which means it could cause problems on corners if they are tight. There is about 4-5 test run diagrams a day at the moment some Have even done some testing between Newcastle and Edinburgh over the last two weeks.
  14. Though 802s are designed for the south west the 800's are no stranger to the area as well but it's up to you. That would probably be the best way to do it if people want to extend there 800s. My layout won't take a full 9 car but a 7 car would be good with a extra first class and standard class coach. (I know the 9 car sets don't have a composite coach).
  15. no problem. Thank you
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