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  1. Though 802s are designed for the south west the 800's are no stranger to the area as well but it's up to you. That would probably be the best way to do it if people want to extend there 800s. My layout won't take a full 9 car but a 7 car would be good with a extra first class and standard class coach. (I know the 9 car sets don't have a composite coach).
  2. no problem. Thank you
  3. Hi, Firstly these models look fantastic after seeing them at Stafford at the weekend. I am looking at the EMT 156 on the website and it says that the rest of the deposit is due in 2018. If I reserve a EMT model with a deposit would I have to pay the rest immediately ie the full £230 or is it be possible to pay the remaining balance on a later date. Many thanks, Tom
  4. It is currently at East Midlands Trains so can be anywhere on there local services. I don't know where it came from before FGW/GWR.
  5. Looks like the following: 4 car: TGFB, TSD, TS(with bike space), TS 5 car: TGFB, TSD, TS(with bike space), TS, TS Information from rail forums.
  6. At the moment only XC03 is in service with the mods completed. XC01 is currently in for conversion at the moment (since late last year) so I imagine they are still the correct formations. Thanks, Tom
  7. I'm really looking forward for these, just a bit stuck on which one set to have now. GWR - TGS, TSD, TS, TS SR - For a 5 car set 1 of each looking at the image. Unsure which vehicle gets removed for a 4 car rake. XC - TGS, TSD, TS, TS, TS, TCC, TFD Tom
  8. Cross country is still the same formation with 1 set going in at a time at Doncaster.
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