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  1. Many thanks. As yet I have not received the loco. The pre-owned description simply stated non-runner so I need to find out the cause when it arrives. I have successfully repaired several split chassis locomotives, however, of late the non-runners I have purchased have all had faulty motors. The images show the quartering to be correct so possibly not split axle muffs. At present the basic shipping cost of anything shipped by Peters Spares to Australia is GBP40.00 plus the cost of the parts, so obtaining replacement aftermarket parts there would be more than the cost of the loco. I
  2. Many thanks. If unable to get the loco running I had intended fitting the drive from one of my spare 57XX DCC ready chassis and then fit the older inop chassis to the now spare body and use it as a dummy loco.
  3. Recently purchased but as yet not received was a pre-owned non-runner class 57XX "L99" in London Transport livery. I would consider that this is a very early chassis and possibly a split chassis design. I have numerous later release DCC ready locomotives of the 57XX/8750 design and thought to re-chassis the London Transport livery model with a later chassis if unable to get the non-runner operating. I am curious if the later release chassis are a replacement for the earlier split chassis design.
  4. From what I have seen of previous unnumbered models from several manufacturers, the typical hobbyist leaves the model unnumbered or simply lacks the confidence to apply the decals. While numbering a loco may be a basic task for many the end result is not always as well done as by the manufacturer. I have seen numerous "damaged" models on a well known store website where the modeller has totally botched the application of both numbers and nameplates.
  5. I have had several derail and found that more weight is needed over the front of the tender chassis.
  6. I do find it amusing that Hornby take such a stance on discounting when in the past they either undersold their retail outlets through their online store and even failed to deliver some items to their retail network while offering those same items online at full retail.
  7. I do find it ironic that while these are intended to be and actually are generic coaches, the livery is being discussed as if the models are prototypical. I can understand the modeller's "need" to be as accurate as is possible, however, these are not scale models. I applaud Hattons for their bravery in releasing generic models as no doubt they knew that they would be in for some criticism, mostly of which is constructive.
  8. I believe the word "bond" is significant in describing a glues success in joining two difficult to attach plastics. To me, bond implies intermollecular attachment giving a superior strength to the join. I really cannot see how a manufacturer can use the term when in all probability there is no chemical interactions at the join surface. I think a more appropriate term is "stick", as no doubt a join is made but it has no real strength and subject to failure when stress is applied to the join. When joining styrene type plastics a solvent is used to "weld" the pieces together. I used to u
  9. Viewing the image of the Mobil version on Rails website, it seems that Oxford maybe have a similar issue to Dapol wagons in that the NEM couplers droop. The Carless version shown does not seem to droop.
  10. Lima actually did release a Commonwealth bogie on some of their RES GUV's. This is a direct pushfit to the underframe. Was the "Dining Car" and Roundel applied to an RBR?.
  11. I can assure you that the non-corridor coach packaging on the OO scale coaches is totally inadequate, consisting of an ill fitting piece of thin cardboard inside a very flimsy outer packaging.
  12. I recently took advantage of an offer from a store on a set of three of these coaches. I added a fourth car to the order. This is not a reflection on the dealer as the goods were expertly packaged. If you ignore the pathetically inadequate manufacturer packaging, the loose broken off vents and couplers in the box and the loose wheels floating around in the box then these are actually quite a nice coach. Even the stock Dapol plastic wheels are too narrow for the bogies at the non-coupler end and were either loose in the packaging or fell off as soon as the coach was removed from the pack
  13. Given that a lot of British these days are descendants of the Vikings then maybe the list of potential applicants is considerably shortened.
  14. As I am between layouts, any items I have have had at the most a gentle test run to confirm operation. I do not purchase to collect but as one previous poster stated, to "future proof" myself. How many times have we kicked ourselves for not buying a specific model only to have a manufacturer no longer reissue that model? How many times has a retailer offered a firesale loco only to later increase the price to full retail when stock levels drop? Many opportunities were missed because of a reluctance to make an immediate purchase thinking that I would buy it later. While not in
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