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  1. GWR-fan

    Mainline 43XX

    Many thanks. I am fond of the 43XX and the 93XX and have several split chassis Bachmann models or Mainline bodies to which Bachmann drives have been fitted. A few months ago I purchased an early crest BR non-runner model and try as I may I could not get it to run so I removed the tiny ringfield and simply made it a dummy.
  2. GWR-fan

    Mainline 43XX

    The small ringfield motor is secured inside the chassis halves so would not be touching on the sides, but possibly at the top. The chassis itself is tight inside the boiler so perhaps sound is being transmitted through there. The drive is definitely better in reverse as long as speed is limited or else the rear driving axle derails on R4 curves in reverse. There is side freeplay on all axles so it is not the axles binding up. Forward direction there seems a lot of mechanical noise not as apparent in reverse direction.
  3. GWR-fan

    Mainline 43XX

    I purchased a non-runner Mainline 43XX in cosmetically as new condition primarily to utilise the tender wheels for a Hornby Dean single and also because it was cheap and if unable to fix then I would use as a dummy double header. After a little work I was able to get it functional although while the chassis is relatively quiet once the body is fitted it becomes quite noisy in the forward direction and more acceptable in reverse. I suppose I cannot complain as I really just wanted the tender wheels. My query is whether these Mainline 43XX are usually noisy with the body on. The chassis is a very tight fit in the boiler section of the body.
  4. I appreciate that you did state "in my day", but BA could be logically taken back to Imperial Airways starting 1924, nearly 100 years. I did enjoy working on BA aircraft for over thirty years operating to Sydney with the Conway powered B707, then the "hush power" VC-10 and then the various incantations of B747, including the ones painted with brooms due health and safety restrictions. Memories. I believe that KLM being the oldest airline is about due for its centenary and Qantas next year from memory.
  5. A very, very limited operating timeframe and then could be reliveried into Southern livery possibly, perhaps hauled by "Lord Nelson" without his deflectors.
  6. Something special, well SK getting a gold plated watch and being shown the door to me would be something really special. In the past SK was portrayed as the one who was keeping Hornby aligned with its public and yet little changed over his period of tenure. Many saw him as the light on the hill reminding us that he was the one keeping the dream alive, the driving force behind Hornby. Since returning to Hornby I have seen videos of him being interviewed and he displays a lack of interest in the product. Hornby needs to move on and rid itself of the past as there are a lot of skeletons in those cupboards in Margate that need to be cleaned out, along with some ancient tooling that is no longer valid. Edit: further, something special might be looking at the current pricing schedule. A typical MSRP on a locomotive these days is around GBP160.00 - 180.00. A typical coach is around GBP45.00 - 50.00 and a basic piece of rolling stock around GBP20.00 with many items around GBP40.00 - 50.00 each. A five piece set at GBP400.00 powered by a 50 cent motor to me just does not justify the price. Hornby's ancient Dapol tooling of the 68 ft LMS restaurant coach with plastic wheels is marketed alongside a full fat Pullman coach with lighting and metal wheels for the same price. How realistic is this? A typical six coach train these days will set you back nearly GBP500.00 MSRP. This is $1000.00 in my money (a lot higher if sourced locally given the total apathy towards discounting downunder). A goods rake of say twenty open wagons with a steam loco will cost you around GBP550.00 MSRP and this is just a basic train. If you wanted to model a modern image freight set then the price would be vastly higher. Model trains were touted as being for the masses, but today seems the exclusive property of the collector and the devout hobbyist with vast disposable income. No wonder I paw over the pre-owned items lists as retail prices these days on new items are making me consider my interest in the hobby in general. The hobby is never content with what they have, there always has to be something new to purchase. Like many I have more items than I could ever possibly use and yet there are many here who relish the idea of something new to add to their ever expanding inventories. There is always that shiny bright object to get our attention and our money. We criticise women for their shoes and handbags and yet excuse ourselves when the latest model railway release simply has to be purchased.
  7. To Hornby something "special" has to have gold plated wheels. After supposedly 100 years of manufacturing (good for advertising) Hornby still sees its market as "collectables" for the collector. What better offering for the collector but a useless model with gold plating, most likely never to leave the protective environment of its packaging. With the fascination these days for tiny but profitable steam and diesel locomotives, perhaps something of interest there. Hornby sat on its laurels for a generation or more dishing out the same old thing while others made technological progress. It saw its position as the toy trainset manufacturer. It took a long time to improve its quality and venture into Chinese manufacturing even though others had shown the way nearly thirty years previously. I do not see Hornby as a pioneer of ground breaking model development so do not see "something special" as special. Hornby lacks enthusiasm in its management, its development team (look to the demise of the Engine Shed) and its marketing. They need the likes of Jason and company from Rapido to inject life in a supposedly comatose 100 year old body. I would like to be "surprised" but am not breaking out the champagne yet.
  8. Looking back fifty odd years or so (100 years seems more like an advertising wishlist), what is there to celebrate in Hornby's history? Instead of looking backwards to history, Hornby should be celebrating the future with something more current.
  9. Apart from a few notable exceptions, a lot of recently tooled items over the last several years have finished up in firesales or bundled together to reduce stock.
  10. I will be extremely surprised if any new tooling. Hornby needs to be on the black side of the ledger before any concerted effort to introduce new models. Given the many retooled or newly tooled models over the last few years, I can see more reliveries and new cab numbers. Perhaps more of those oddball collections of slowly moving wharehouse stock bundled into a box at a slightly reduced pricing on full retail. More of the same seems my impression of what to anticipate on January 6th. I will wait until the items appear on the pre-owned listings.
  11. I certainly do hope that there is no connection. So soon after the demise of DJM and that many were financially disadvantaged, if by chance there was a connection then this would show a complete lack of empathy for those affected. With items progressed under DJM and possibly onsold as potential projects to others, crowdfunders money was used (or should have been) to progress the work carried out with no return on their "investment". I feel that the manufacturer really needs to empathise that this is a new project and not a project previously commissioned to a Chinese factory and being offered to offset their investment on unpaid for work. Personally, given that even no connection to a previous manufacturer, announcing a prototype which caused a lot of dismay to many, does seem to indicate that the manufacturer maybe did not understand the impact that the closure of DJM had on those who had paid deposits. I feel that there should have been a period of "mourning" before announcing such a product, although I do understand that if a manufacturer sees a business opportunity then sometimes return on investment overcomes any "sensitivity" to the potential market for that item.
  12. Back on March 2nd in the GT3 thread when many questions were being asked about the company, mention was made if there was a middleman involved and given the similarities it was suggested that maybe DJM were involved. This was quickly refuted by the company stating that they were dealing direct with the factory. Odd now that many months later, similarities in the CAD for the King have also raised the possibility that others may possibly have been involved. I do find it an odd prototype to be announced given the previous model history with crowdfunding, requiring the input of a commercial concern in an attempt to lift it over the line. Also, given the timeline on the creation of the GT3 CAD with only basic CAD after many months of work and development, is it not a little strange that the King CAD is so advanced given it has just been announced. Yes, Keith may have learned something from the early criticism on the GT3 development, but surely to get the King to this stage must have taken quite some time.
  13. One of my pleasurable chores is to read the almost daily new items list added to Hattons pre-owned inventory. I do pay strict attention to what is available as I am particularly interested in non-runner items, so it was a surprise to me this afternoon (Saturday) after once again viewing the pre-owned items for the past week that an item was found but not in the pre-owned listing. As I usually do, I search under "non-runner" and included in today's search return was a Hornby R2402 "Hardwicke Grange" for GBP28.00. Last night I did a similar search and the loco was not in the search results which has me thinking that either the search engine does not find every pre-owned item to include in its daily results or that additional items are added to the website later in the day and not just at the usual mid-morning dump. I particularly like the Grange class so I eagerly pressed the buy now button and fingers crossed the reason for not running is a relatively simple exercise to correct.
  14. GWR-fan

    The Engine Shed

    The latest Engine Shed reminds me of a preview of an upcoming Hornby catalogue. Is this how low the once great site has been degraded?
  15. I looked into replacement Hornby motors and thought that the following may have been useful for the A1 - A4 range and far less than a Hornby spare. Looks like a replacement for the Crosti as well. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DC-12V-24V-5-Pole-High-Speed-Rotor-Mini-Motor-2mm-Dual-Shaft-DIY-RC-Car-Boat/113232528640?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 From a different supplier - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DC-12V-24V-22200RPM-5-Pole-Rotor-Motor-High-Speed-2mm-Dual-Shaft-Carbon-Brush/283139835200?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
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