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  1. Thankyou all. I have repaired seven T9 previously using the brass gearcase cover from Peters spares. Like Jason, I considered the train pack just for the coaches alone, with the loco being a bonus even if not working. In a way I am hoping that the previous owner substituted the T9 ("312") from the 1938 Suburban pack because if not then my two original locomotives from the Imperial Airways pack might also succumb to the evil mazak rot. At one time I was purchasing the Suburban train packs very inexpensively, due the failed locomotive, simply to get the Maunsell coaches, because at
  2. I am familiar with the Hornby T9 locomotives afflicted by mazak rot, but after buying a known non-runner, "Imperial Airways" train pack with T9 "338", described as gears not meshing with motor, I am curious as to whether this is a new loco to add to the list or if a previous owner has substituted a known T9 "312" (loco only) in the train pack. I already have two "338" and when last tested the chassis were intact. Until I receive the loco and check the running number on the front pilot beam I will not be able to ascertain if substitution has occurred. The loco will be either repaired by
  3. Long ago when GSP became a favourite shipping method of many UK eBay sellers, I restricted my purchases to just Rails eBay site. Then eBay incorporated our local GST of 10% on all purchases from outside of Australia, so now my only overseas purchases (China only) are either through Alliexpress and the occasional eBay China purchase. Our GST is a "goods and services tax" so we also pay the tax on shipping and insurance as well. When Rails and Hattons start imposing the 10% GST on web sales then my overseas purchases will almost cease.
  4. Curiosity got the better of me and so I opted to purchase a few of the multiple packs plus standalone underboard point motors. Approximately half of the accessory decoders purchased will hopefully operate two point motors each. I am not a fan of slow action point motors as I see them as too complex for their intended purpose and actually I like the sound of a solenoid operated point motor as it gives both an aural indication of operation as well as the visual indication. I am almost certain that I will use the accessory decoders for analogue operation only, but accepted the additional cos
  5. As regards new tooling versus older tooling then given advances in CAD and CNC tooling I would presume that the tooling cost on a new model would be considerably less than days of old when much tooling was the domain of master machinists. When Hornby moved production to China then I believe that manufacturing was done from the start by Sanda Kan. Sanda Kan would retain ownership of the tooling and then contract assembly for Hornby, thus would tooling costs have been fully amortised during Sanda Kan's production time? Some years ago with the demise of Sanda Kan, Hornby purchased
  6. I realise that both Gaugemaster and Hattons provide similar setups but I am constantly drawn back to looking at the Rails version. I am not a particular fan of DCC, preferring analogue control in all the scales that I have delved into from "N" to gardenscale. I have used digital sound and control extensively in "OO" and "G" scales and while I see advantages, I seem to always revert to analogue operation. If I receive a DCC fitted loco I always remove the decoder and onsell or place it in another loco and sell that locomotive, reverting the original digital loco to analogue control.
  7. No matter how much you invest in new tooling and products, if you cannot satisfy demand, then sustainable profitability will be a long way off. Consumers are a fickle lot and if one is unable to buy company A's product then they will shift their purchase to a rival manufacturer. The last 18 months has been a perfect storm for manufacturers with hobbyists stuck at home. When the world returns to normality model train manufacturers will have increased competition to attract those with disposable income.
  8. Criticism is NOT "bashing". Yes, your local store may be "more than happy with the tier system and thinks its a good thing", but then how far up the ladder is he. Being tier 1 guarantees him a place at the table, tier 2 reserves him a seat if available as in musical chairs and tier 3 is the food scraps on the floor or the leftovers in the kitchen. The real issue is that Hornby simply cannot meet demand (China's fault not being able to produce sufficient quantity or insufficient capital to meet the demand?) and so rations out their stock, rewarding those who promote the brand and "punish
  9. Reminds me of my dad's old Vanguard panel van with its rotted sills. Come rego time, out with the stale bread to fill the cavity and then some plaster of paris and finally some suitably coloured house paint. This was the late 1950's when fillers such as "bondo" were into the future.
  10. Why do we need to justify why we wish to purchase the coaches? Cannot we buy them simply because they are to our liking and most likely far better than most of us are capable of matching.
  11. I believe that there is an interaction between lead and PVA glue.
  12. Many thanks, I might just be tempted now.
  13. This "fix" may rekindle my interest in getting an S15. I have held off so long because of reported "motor issues".
  14. Personally, while not prototypical, I actually like the livery as presented. It will fit in well with other BR grey unfitted stock. The livery actually "persuaded" me to pre-order two of each wagon.
  15. For several years I have resisted purchasing a Deans Goods due the "bad press" about running performance and the later I believe coreless motors (or did they go back to standard motors?). With stock seemingly getting low at my favourite store (Hattons of cause) I decided to purchase an ROD version in khaki to go with my two Bachmann Ambulance Train Pack locomotives for a WW1 theme. Barely a week later the loco was at my door and it seems that my reluctance to purchase may have been very misplaced. The loco straight out of the box is one of the smoothest and quietest models that I have ever
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