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  1. I have been interested for a while in the unusual collection of the "signature" series of bundles, however, while there may be a marginal saving on MSRP, when one factors in the usual discounting on these items, they really do not represent value, particularly when one considers the unusual "pairing" of locomotives and coaches/rolling stock. It is obvious that both the "Signature" series and the "Mystery Bundles" are merely a marketing ploy to alleviate potential firesales which Lynton Davies, on taking the helm, declared would not happen again. Perhaps as an "incentive", Hornby should list the actual MSRP of the contents so that a potential buyer is able to gauge whether they represent an actual pricing discount, even if they do not know the actual contents. In the past, purchasing a train pack was a surefire way to get new items at a discounted price rather than the full MSRP of the included items. These days though it seems that the items are no longer discounted, so that the packs no longer represent value and like the Signature series and mystery bundles are merely a convenient method to shift slow moving wharehouse stock at almost full retail.
  2. Alas, these are long term issues with Hornby steam locomotives. I check the crankpin for tightness on every Hornby steam outline loco when purchased, as I learned long ago that when a new loco starts to limp along then it is time to go looking for a crankpin on the trackside. The slide bars are another issue where it seems the bars are retained by magic to the cylinder rear face. The bars just push in with seemingly no friction required. A drop of superglue does give some confidence that the part will stay in position. I am not saying that Bachmann are superior quality however I have not experienced these issues with this brand. Bachmann have their own quirks like the tiny rivets retaining the valve gear breaking resulting in some delicate surgery using brass trackpins and solder.
  3. For larger items exceeding Royal Mail limits I choose DPD for international delivery when purchasing train sets from a popular store in Widnes. Since the later part of the pandemic I have found the tracking with DPD to be useless. Days after I receive the item, DPD tracking will show that they have received information on the item from the store, but as yet the company has not received the actual item from the store in question.
  4. Fairly normal for eBay multiple listings. The one that really irks me is when a listing contains multiple items that constitute a complete item. The listing will show the complete item in the image, however the price indicated will be for the cheapest component in that item. Only by clicking on the item description in the listing will a drop down box appear and then after selecting the item will the true price of the complete item be shown.
  5. I had always thought that my Tri-ang Hornby olive green SR bogie vans would be more than acceptable considering the approximate GBP40.00 replacement cost for the new model. I was more than happy with the three mint models that I have, however, with a local store offering R60020 and R50020A at around 2/3 the price of other eBay stores and well below full retail, I could not resist. I will run the new models with the Maunsell and Pullman coaches that I have and either onsell the mint older models or perhaps run them as part of a parcels train. The older olive green models seem to attract a cult following, holding their value well.
  6. EBay must be getting desperate. I have not sold anything now for around eighteen months and then two weeks ago I received an email offering a $1.00 final value fee on the next two items sold (initially the email header stated that the sale would be free but they then sent a correction email several days later). I ignored it. Now it is up to the next five items listed and sold. I have not received a reduced selling fee email for several years. I am a disappointment to them as I have failed my power seller status by not offering items for sale since early last year.
  7. Surely the Hattons trunk is a virtual storage where "trunk" items are digitally deducted from available stock but not actually picked. Wharehouse storage space is a premium cost and a store is highly unlikely to physically supply "trunk" space simply to save a customer a little cash in shipping costs.
  8. Surely everyone else who has the item on their wishlist would also receive an instock email. If you are not quick enough to be first in then whose fault is that, surely not Hattons? Do you think that the email personally reserves the item for you?
  9. Excellent video on transporting dangerous goods. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zth4RyGJne8
  10. While I prefer to not purchase new items, preferring mint looking secondhand items (at least I was until covid drove up used prices to beyond what I could purchase the same model new just two years ago), I have lashed out on three pre-orders. I have never done so previously so this is new territory for me. At some time later this year, a "Kerosine Castle", a "Fell" and a Kerr-Stuart Victory will be heading my way. I reasoned that with limited production batches these days the chance of an inexpensive pre-owned model in the near future was not possible and with increasing pre-owned prices I might as well bite the bullet and pay retail for a new item. My recent poor experience with two Heljan 1361 class models and several B2 Pecketts has me doubting the value in purchasing newly released models. While the Pecketts were relatively easy to fix, the Heljan small locomotives are not intuitively simple to disassemble and so found their way back to the store in question. The replacement was barely better. So much for used items being below par, one would expect better with a new model.
  11. I have purchased dozens of non-runner locomotives from a well known store over the past few years and in most cases either there was nothing wrong with them or a very simple fix to get running. Some were decoder fitted and analogue running had been disabled, some were a simple wire connection broken or a loco had been rebuilt with the polarity reversed resulting in no power pickup. There was a very, very occasional failure that was not worth fixing but it always amazed me that the store did not have staff to carry out simple troubleshooting to correct an issue and thus double the asking price. One non-runner, a late release Hornby Castle class non-runner, I could find no issue with and yet it was fitted with an ESU sound decoder. Both analogue and digital running were flawless and yet the loco was listed for GBP48.00 (I paid GBP40.00 after VAT discount). If the store had correctly tested the loco then the asking price would have been at least three times the price. Such bargains alas are no more, as it seems that others have realised the value in purchasing a non-runner or as I have seen of late, even non-runners are listed at premium prices.
  12. 100% isopropyl alcohol is apparently an excellent stripper (available online in 5 litre containers). For small areas my son uses "Isocol" mouth wash.
  13. I just had a read through the latest payments terms and conditions. A law degree would have been very helpful. I have no issue with them with holding a payment for an item sold but would not envisage selling goods in another country due the additional currency conversion fees as well as the increase in basic eBay fees. I am indeed thankful that I sold the bulk of my collection earlier last year and will most likely only sell a handful of items in the future. A friend does a roaring trade on eBay marketplace.
  14. Thankyou all. My intention was to throw both tiebars simultaneously, so hopefully with all tracks fitted with insulated rail joiners, my wiring should be just two wires to the outer rails (fingers crossed). As per the Peco header card instructions the power will be by a DPDT switch as the crossing in question will connect two power controller districts.
  15. Ian, many thanks. I need to experiment with my single slip to find out why it seems so complicated to wire up. Is it necessary to power the short rail sections forming the frog?
  16. I also found this thread where the OP seems to be as confused as I am regarding wiring the crossing. I prefer analogue but may decide on DCC at some point in the future. As shown on the packaging my intention is to use two controllers so understand why the crossing would need to be insulated.
  17. I found this response to a question on the reliability of the single and double slip crossings. Quote: "................................. An "insulfrog" double-slip will create a back-feed of current to all routes unless it is insulated either with plastic joiners or by the use of insulfrog points or both. ..................................."
  18. As I prefer code 100 rail I decided to use an insulfrog single slip crossing. The instructions on the back of the header card show insulated rail joiners and wiring for frog polarity. As the insulfrog frog is unpowered then I assume the instructions given relate to an electrofrog installation. My intended installation is to insulate all rails in the crossing from the rest of the track and independently power the crossing. From reading I have seen reference to treating the insulfrog as if it were an electrofrog installation, however, with an electrically dead frog why does the Peco header card give confusing information? Does the insulfrog single slip really need to be isolated from the rest of the layout?
  19. A missed opportunity. I wanted a couple of 47XX, a Garratt and an O2, but alas, after my experience with two small Heljan class 1361 locomotives, I came to the realisation that Heljan do not seem to be able to manufacture a user friendly, reliable steam outline model. My experience with their diesels and class 128 models are a very positive memory.
  20. Hopefully, this applies to Australia. Previously, with Rails taking an automatic payment sometimes several days after the purchase was made, the cost of postage was only apparent after the money was taken.
  21. For many years I had largescale trains from LGB, Bachmann, Aristocraft and USA Trains. To this day LGB still prides itself that the majority of its locomotives and rolling stock will negotiate four foot diameter curves (the equivalent of R1 in "OO" scale). This impacts on the design of the item requiring design compensations which impact the look of the item. Almost twenty years ago Bachmann decided that detailed realistic models simply were not suited to R1 curves and produced exquisite locomotives that required a minimum eight foot diameter. Aristocraft and USA Trains followed suit for their steam outline models and five foot minimum for diesels. These days where fidelity is essential to many R2 is an antiquated design limitation for a model and the end result is a toy.
  22. Remember when Hornby supplied their streamlined Coronation class locomotives with a spare pilot truck that had larger diameter wheels fitted for those not using R2 curves. They did it in the past, so a swivelling trailing truck inside the Cartazzi frame should have been a possibility, however when your target market is collectors who display their models or toy trainset layouts then Hornby takes the easy way out. Hornby make toys, not models.
  23. Perhaps check for buffer lock between the tender and the coach.
  24. Assume $54.00 Aud and assuming the retailer discounts the 10% GST, this gives you a purchase cost of $48.60, At the current exchange rate around GBP25.00. Add to this airmail postage including the ever popular signature on delivery that most private eBay sellers require of Aussie customers of $35.00 (GBP18.20), assuming no retailer handling charge for an international sale. Total of GBP43.20. Multiple purchases would lower the per unit postage cost.
  25. There are still bargains to be had on the Hattons pre-owned site. I have seen prices rise dramatically the last 18 months on pre-owned items, but occasionally gems do appear. On Saturday, listed under the search heading "train pack", was the A4 loco "Andrew K McCosh" from the Hornby R2435 "The Northumbrian" train pack. This is a DCC ready super detailed model with the reversing rod separated from the model (to be refitted) and the front lower cowl slightly adrift (I can see a little light shining through where the cowl adjoins the front "buffer beam"). The price for this gem GBP48.00 (GBP40.00 after VAT discount). With just GBP9.00 shipping I think that this would be a bargain buy. As usual with all my purchases from Hattons, they get my gold star approval for service and quality.
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