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  1. June 1951is quoted in Middleton Press Eastbourne to Hastings volume
  2. Oh well one less reason to go to Swindon ! Maybe though a missed opportunity with STEAM, they could have put a concession in there maybe ?
  3. And I was informed that looks more interesting than your usual engines !!!
  4. seems DPD have it now and on its way, we'll see what happens next
  5. Also received the lanyard and membership card via ordinary post today, but DPD tracking still says we have been notified by Hornby but not yet picked up !
  6. Maybe the DPD pickup van wasn't bigger enough to pick up all the Hornby parcels !!! and ours got ;eft behind !!
  7. check your order status of you joined club at the same time as buying club terrier. My club order has just changed from processing to dispatched and also had the DPD related email which said delivery today but DPD not yet picked up package from Hornby , according to DPD tracker !
  8. There is a previous discussion on RMWeb on these
  9. Those that Rails had ordered ?
  10. If stage payments are made to the manufacturer then the risk is not on the final payment but spread out over time. It would seem a bit strange as other unreleased Dapol products seem to have a price quoted well before release, as do Hornby, Bachmann, Heljan, Kernow etc
  11. I would suggest if you're interested either pick up phone or use their website chat facility. I've used chat facility quite usefully in the past.
  12. Have you tried Sodbury Vale Model Railway Club to see if they know anything?
  13. Would be interested also, was about to order when it closed down
  14. and you even had time to take it through the wash !!!!
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