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  1. Maybe Dapol can demonstrate that UK production is actually viable, good luck to them. Then may others follow suit. Perhaps they could promote as eco friendly.
  2. Brilliant, that is very useful and interesting, should give me a good basis for some cassettes. Many thanks for the explanation etc.
  3. Interested in "How did you construct the tubes ? " I need to create something similar. Thanks
  4. You could inflict on those RMwebbers who step out of line !
  5. At least the track won't rust in the garden ! When are the detailing and weathering articles appearing !!!
  6. Mine arrived today, thanks to Kernow for delaying dispatch until I was back from holiday, excellent customer service again.
  7. One small point I found it a bit strange that to find the search option you have to press menu first.
  8. I was wondering if I was having a mad moment as I couldn't find the coaches either !
  9. Pre orders seem to be there OK, had to add address. Does the payment method for preorders still visible to rails does anyone know ?
  10. Can anyone comment how well the self adhesive brick sheets work, thinking of using them to upgrade some plastic scenery items.
  11. Just had my early crest BR one delivered, it seems to have the mandatory rear buffer loose in the box and cab roof detach as its unpacked ! Looks a nice model though, shame about the Lion but when I discovered a picture on my local line (in younger days) of one then I had to succumb !! Maybe those with errors that stay like that will become collectors items, like faulty stamps are in the future. However mine will look good running with a birdcage set as prototypical, but that will have to wait a little while due to layout updating.
  12. Would be interesting to see more details of the construction method of these
  13. It was restored in 1960 and placed in the Clapham Museum. There are apparently photos of it there in the 1960s, although they are on a pay for them website !
  14. 22 days ago Rails said 10-14 days to dispatch all orders, no sign of mine yet, wonder how they are getting on % wise in dispatching ?
  15. That is why people introduce timed entries to avoid such bottle necks. Interesting our local M&S food only seems to limit entry at opening to avoid bunching near the entrance as the early morning queue enters.
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