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  1. showed this posting to my wife as the two labs look like our two. Then I showed her Jerry’s article in May BRM. joanna’s comment, “there are no pictures of the dogs!”
  2. Hello Jol, do you know whether John R. has had time to look at the alternative frames for the 28’ 4-wheel carriages. When I spoke to him last he said that it had come up the agenda because it had emerged that the chassis used on the SW Stock was also retrofit to the Birmingham/London carriages. regards
  3. Watching with interest. Of course as a colliery exchange it could the somerset coal field - modellers license etc, or South Wales. Of course you could also base it in the Forest of Dean and make do with a 22 and 37. btw Andy are you planning to add this thread to your signature? regards.
  4. Well done Rod, glad to see you are able to get on with this. One question, how deep is the insulation which you are using for the baseboard? Is this following ideas put forward by Iain Rice in his Cameo layouts book? How do you in tend to drive the points through such a thickness? regards Philip
  5. Hi Miss until the MTA. Traffic was taken over by Merthyr the Abergavenny trains were formed of ex L&Y Fireproof open stock. Bill does the relevant etched sides. hope you are well. regards. Philip.
  6. Hello Andrew good to hear from you. Yes the trusses are straight. The issues on the Kendon section section is that it is curved, so 1. the outer trusses in each span are longer than the inner trusses, 2. The trusses are perpendicular to the stone parapets, but the pillars are angled this means that nearly every Truss is unique... there are four trusses per span. i was not considering modelling the walkway.... I get the impression it came later but cannot confirm that. regards.
  7. Hello Jonathan. I am very slowly putting together a model of the Kendon section. Though I wish I had decided to do it flat as working out the geometry of the chords in the curve and the interaction with the abutments has been part of the delay. The other has been how to build it. The first attempt using plastikard failed, so looking at brass section. The pillars are also complicated see https://coflein.gov.uk/en/archive/6295610/details/504. I’m now trying to learn a cad package to produce 3D printed parts for the fixings. in terms of the parapet. We’ve discussed those on this forum before. They are similar to the parapets of Crom Estate bridge in Northern Ireland. The NT has no record Of where they originated. A better view of crumlin’s parapet is here. https://coflein.gov.uk/en/archive/6257418/details/504 To me they look like they are cast. ive thought about having them etched though I’m told that they could be 3D printed. regards.
  8. Many thanks for putting together this virtual exhibition. I enjoyed the interviews and the various videos. It was much appreciated.
  9. Sorry. Just seen the picture of the door and noted the trickle vent. They are ok but not wonderful. Leave it open and it should be ok. regards.
  10. Andy, how are you providing ventilation into the space now that you’ve sealed up the garage door? Concerned that if the door is closed you have no ventilation for adequate indoor air quality. regards.
  11. The other option is Middleton Press Cardiff to Cae Harris. It has the profile as far as Ystrad Mynach. While the Rhymney and New Tredegar Lines book has it north of Ystrad.
  12. RW Kidner’s book The Rhymney Railway from Oakwood Press. I was surprised that it did not have a gradient profile but in the appendices it contains ruling gradients between junctions and stations. I’d recommend you try the Welsh Railway Research Circle. They have line specialists who would be able to help. regards.
  13. Looking forward to seeing this when we can gather at shows again. Just glad that you managed to skirt my wife’s family farm and not plough through the middle of it.
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