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  1. Yesterday, Thursday, at 2.46 pm I sourced and ordered Peco points from Derails in Gloucester. Before I had completed giving my credit card details the items had been picked and passed to despatch for uplift by DPD. Today, Friday, they were delivered at 5.40 pm. How is that for super service ! Top marks to Dan at Derails. He was efficient and cheerful and a great ambassador for them. Well done Derails. Ian B
  2. Hi Dave. Your fantastic layout is very evocative for me, being an old Patrick "Smiddy" as someone once called me ! On many occasions as a boy I walked across the overbridge at Patrick Central station and turned left onto Old Dumbarton Road and over the tunnel mouth looking down to your " snug looking signal cabin. In these days, alas, I was more interested in Blue Trains rather than steam and only much later when a steam buff I was told that the signalman in that cabin had been a neighbour in Hyndland Street, John Sheridan. Life plays little ironies at times and you sometimes would like to hav
  3. Hi Kevin Thankfully I've been using a multimeter and couldn't progress without it. My first meter gave up the ghost on the continuity buzzer but luckily I have two. With hindsight I should have tested each section when laid but I wanted live frogs with relays so that complicated things ! Also I've leds feeding to mimic panels so maybe too ambitious. I hope you have a better year in 2021 and that you get some relief from extreme weather and Covid restrictions. It's a frosty 2 degrees here near Glasgow so perhaps we could swop weather for a day regards
  4. I can now run trains on the whole inner track circle. There were a couple of wiring conflicts, two 3 way points which I'd wired for live frog electrofrog ( but were in fact insulfrog) and two double slips which I re-wired using DPDT switches. Now for the outer circle and wiring live frogs via relays. Plenty to do but at least making progress. Thanks again gents for your support Ian B
  5. Starting to make headway. Have identified polarity conflicts in feeds and Im reversing feeds and returns to resolve. I've one conflict which I think is emanating from relay wiring; will attack tomorrow. Ian B
  6. Some photos to help explain my setup. Pete, with hindsight I tend to agree with you although my research tended to favour a common bus, hence my modus operandi. My section feeds are located as numbered on my earlier layout image attachment. Regards Ian B
  7. Hi All. many thanks for taking the time and trouble to help with my problem. I should have clarified in my initial request 1 Layout is DC with power feeds working through 3 position toggle switches with centre 0ff position. This should enable power from my Gaugemaster dual control. Each main feed from the controller can be isolated by on-off toggle switch. 2 I have inserted insul-gaps at point frogs and other positions where I feel there are polarity conflicts. However, I may be missing gaps which are less obvious to me ! I hadnt shown the gaps on my Anyrail plan b
  8. Hi Folks HELP ! I have built my layout as per attached diagram; connected feed droppers, common return bus wire and installed a mix of old Peco, H&M, Seep and Tortoise point solenoids/motors. I shall be installing servos under the remaining points controlled by Megapoints servo controllers and Multipanel processors. All track is Peco Streamline Code 100 and points are Electrofrog with alterations to enable "live" frogs. Tortoise motors excepted, the old point solenoids have Gaugemaster G500 relays linked to facilitate live frogs and l.e.d's on mimic control panels. Switches for
  9. Mr S Corn 78 misses the point. Hattons could have informed literally thousands of customers or potential customers simply by including an update on their website products page, as they do with many of their future products/projects. I did not expect a personal e-mail and I do receive their weekly newsletters so your rather patronising comment is disappointing. Hattons could quite easily have informed their clientele that unless an improved level of pre-orders was forthcoming then the project might be suspended or cancelled. This might have prompted an increase in preorders. That to me would be
  10. I find Hatton's method of publicising this to be quite surprising. If I hadn't been a member of this forum I would not have been aware of the change of status re the Plasser crane. On the Hattons website there is no mention in the Product News heading. One would have to have gone to the product listing and spotted that pre-ordering had changed to wish list. How do Hattons expect possible buyers to actually pre-order if they're not made aware that production of the crane is now at risk ? Poor marketing in my opinion BLK4 Y
  11. There's no "close" at the chemist shop building ? Former Partick Smiddy
  12. Too late for the Steamie , Dave. Purdon Street is no more :-) BLK4Y
  13. Reference the earlier discussions re Rambler cars, in the early 60's Dinky produced a fire brigade set. This included a Bedford turntable ladder, a Commer pump escape and a Nash Rambler fire chief's estate car. My Mum gave the set away to a young lad in the flat opposite ours !
  14. Not strictly railway but just before Nordhausen is Camp Dora where the V2 rockets were built by concentration camp labour in tunnels excavated out of the hills. This was after the bombing of Peenemunde.There are still many rusty components inside the tunnels and it is a very sobering but fascinating museum. Also check the Harzquerbahn timetable for the chance of riding in an open wagon. Brilliant in good weather and supplement fare was very cheap Blackie
  15. I just read this thread yesterday so apologies if my info is late for some members. If staying in Berlin, at weekends the Harz Express, operated by HEX, runs to the Harz on Saturday and Sunday mornings, returning from the Harz in the early evening. It leaves Berlin Ostbahnhof circa 07.05 and calls at other main stations in Berlin, then Wannsee, Potsdam and onwards to Halberstadt.There the train divides with one portion travelling on to Thales via Quedlingburg and the other to Goslar via Wernigerode. It arrives in Wernigerode about 10.25, minutes before the HSB steam train. In summer on certain
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