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  1. Hi Dad-1. It’s great to see you back, your modelling skills are really good and I like what you have built.
  2. Stu nice job on the platform area and the dry brushing to the wall.
  3. Very nice the layout is looking great.
  4. Stu nice work on the cake box. Can I ask what scale you are modelling, will be following with interest.
  5. Morning, I’m wanting to buy a couple of coal yard figures and a figure of a railway worker walking home. Must be in oo gauge, if anyone can help I will be grateful.
  6. Morning the layout is progressing nicely. Working telegraph pole with LED light is in place. The home made fence looks better since I painted it. The small garden area with coal frame and plants inside them are a nice touch. Still plenty to do. As always some pictures of the work.
  7. Nice baseboard construction and layout plan.
  8. Very nice Luke. I like the colours you have painted the figures in. The barrels you have painted and captured well.
  9. Keith I have just downloaded them on catch up. So I’m looking forward to watching them while on rest day tomorrow.
  10. Geoff a great looking cake box theme. I like the embankment and the fence with a broken fence panel. Can’t wait to see more.
  11. Thanks for your kind comments. As for the kit mine came with the doors and windows but I had to use a strawberry punnet for the pains.
  12. Hi everyone the layout is taking shape nicely now. The embankment has some ground cover on but needs a little static grass and a few shrubs. The yard office and oval oil tank are in place with the real coal in the staithes. Weathering needs to be done throughout the layout once I have the working street lamp in place at the end of the houses. The bare board at the end of the houses will have a vegetable plot and coal frames as this was a familiar sight. As always a few pictures of my work.
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